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by: Kavon Feest
Kavon Feest

GPA 3.93

V. Harrison

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About this Document

V. Harrison
Class Notes
25 ?




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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Kavon Feest on Thursday October 22, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to MATH 1A at University of California - Berkeley taught by V. Harrison in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 20 views. For similar materials see /class/226588/math-1a-university-of-california-berkeley in Mathematics (M) at University of California - Berkeley.


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Date Created: 10/22/15
AssomTE VALUES FACTORle swam POLYNOMIALS I ma Sim um x Rug x F x20 AZ 82 ABXA B X70 X Ho 5 IF x xlto A3B5 AgeAZABFBI IXMI X N gtlt 20 3 3 2 l xvnig XHKO A 3 CABXA A5B yq4LkL Rx 34 Hth u and anus iF Jmiig 90 LiMns nao 39Im Ft oo whzn Um o awj 0670 ukmn x q I M l3 5 M x90 xqai de xamcbo xgtoh SM CMoa um liw EL m and xlto mm xgtq Dlvws EACH TERM 3 Tue 7 X90 quot5 HIGHEST poxlea at x LIMIT LAWS FOR as m moors E f Nok qm 39 l I D x 00 3th X39X Had l mag liM A L For mug o mu com and 0 C9 Izm H 3 c 3 I39 X WWW 0me X m x 3 1 gym 39x g jm Oltx ql6 m lcmakz Sowing or 6 ants 6 5mm 4mm Mu win work N NM NM xM C x1 c Mm cm Pnugcs d 3k HM HM R l IM x90 66360 x901 A xm am e39 Amati A gnu u lim LE 39 39 DI MUWU m luv 1 x n Hquot p hm Mi o L Xyq 360 quotITEM xnj fn f f X xM 8 T 4quot q 5 d m vL fa t DQRWMIVE BY D FNTON swoohuwwrmak N 9o m4 slovz comHan or quot wlm Fonm on I A x a valm xxpnxxhqn Mn mus com um VH0 h F x x 3 lt M 3 51 um Mover 5 Mexa3 5 or Hm 3 Cq usaWbFirsf on 405 S o hrhhn soquot 5 b x 0 1 MCx q 1cm lt C iFmgm F39m om rtxxg39m y rm xb 39m d dx 3 dquot 500 away 12 SM F 3 mm M Iwratzmamme VALUE mamm sauasze meow Su9v0z w is murmus 1 A 5506 5 km N x Q quot9 quot hr M WW 0 We dosed mama mm 1 zxwvpossiblg altq and and la N be an MMBDV Hm Rx UM U x 11quot W x L SrloHj bolrwmm 62 Md Rb x 9 h L X39N QMWTK FORMULA mm mare exiss number c m thb Such39HnaH Fa N n I hn x Z a b b o 10 ngonam l ry DEGREES as m MAN 3 quot 39 113 z g39K ISquot A 1 1 D Rad sz COSMB TnngzM39 a 5 3o 11 05 62 VG 5 quot 4 quotE quotE 0 3 0 E 90 rut1 l 0 AND no Z35 51 O5 3935 3114 l fi vl 1 3950 S lIb 05 431 Aquot 1 60 7f 0 l 0 mo 117 o 5 452 G 115 617 quot quotquot11 240 tr3 31 390395 5 710 3171 0 ND39 300 5 5 61 395 6 35 W4 quot41 quotquot7 quot 330 Va 395 67 quot 6 mm W 0 l O CAH TOA ngrns Rad ums n n fforA 212 J XIR Yx mo 5quot 9 Rodums ngrus rumm W39rad mo SAmlm A Sma 30 60 110 46 445 qo DERNATNSS BF ems TRIG FMNoTleNS c x is Inmdiqns muss Westrm quotqm 471 Shot cosx aims sinx 5amp5 schklmc 513942 AHQ m 3 miquot W1551x c quot r x gsinumsuul ammmtuw isuwsecuhnMM TIME CDSG x 905 u s39m4u39 Mus csc uu cscu 05cquu39 has lb NTlT Sl 1L Sinzx Haszx 1 Sm 1 Fm WW Sjmusw Cosxsma sung 9 Case 411mm 4 guzx 2 Sun X11 sunx cos 3an SMS Costneysme 2 1cozx csch 5095 luosx cos 3 agwog sumsma 4n 393 0 1 0 oC B 51n2 25inxoosx km J l co cos XIJCOSXcon S39mxsm 1 3 cost cos xslu x 23J Hm 9 WWW mg maLAuoccosmss Logix2p x z a u cquotzncmsl Q S cos I lsihix in x 2sz l mnx him1 Emil c zocus3 C c max 2an ms X l as u am X1 qmlt Ann 3 c1 nubgzabcasc quotNquot X 1 H 11anan A T LAW OF EINES CSCx ST VTX sacxC 0X l anx 32quot cox l C Sgtlt We 005x omx S mX T TE T


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