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Psych 2810 Notes on Love

by: Emily sunshine

Psych 2810 Notes on Love Psych 2810

Emily sunshine
GPA 3.6
Human Sexuality
Professor Sheldon

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About this Document

This is the entire week of notes on love and will most likely be making up a good majority of our test #3. it is well organized and easy to follow and should help a lot with the exam.
Human Sexuality
Professor Sheldon
Class Notes
mizzou, human sexuality, psych 2810, Psychology, university of missouri, sheldon
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This 6 page Class Notes was uploaded by Emily sunshine on Thursday October 22, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to Psych 2810 at University of Missouri - Columbia taught by Professor Sheldon in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 37 views. For similar materials see Human Sexuality in Psychlogy at University of Missouri - Columbia.


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Date Created: 10/22/15
Love 102215 424 PM o insanely in love head over heals Helen Fisher amp Arthur Aron Focuses on mating Regulated by testosterone and estrogen Feels like a craving for physical attraction wanting to touch have sex Men at puberty immediately have an interest in sex Testosterone level goes up when someone is turned on and is changed from social challenge and social reward Human males have way more testosterone then any other primates Testosterone levels drop when they get married and when become dads Testosterone levels go back up when they re trying to get pregnant Estrogen levels impact women s sleep happiness health when they drop we act totally different This is universal mammalian system Dopamine makes you happy and gives you a high Norepinephrine feeling of sleeplessness lots of energy Serotonin If this is low this causes OCD and anxiety Romantic love does not last Its purpose is to create a pair bond This is only in humans not a universal mammalian system Evolved for bonding individuals together Regulated by oxytocin triggered by a touch released by orgasm causes contractions when having a baby peaks after giving birth released every time you lactate Autism social bonding disorder lack of oxytocin Vasopressin hormone that is similar to oxytocin regulates water balance but can be applied to bonding especially in males Attachment time course lasts about 3 years Agape nonsexual selfless generous love Storge nonsexual affection powerful bond family Eros erotic intense Philia non sexual liking Mania wanting to be mysterious didn t last all feelings including love are rooted in arousal Example face of belovedgt increased breathing and heart rategt love complicated maleoriented no data to support writings we don t pay a ton of attention to his love theories hierarchy of needs being love vs deficiency love we have a need for love whether or not you had the need of love met love is unneeding and unselfish love is a need for love or a selfish love love is an action or a behavior not a feeling erotic love is a craving for perfect and total union it is a behavior that drives you we disregard this because love is a feeling one of the earliest self report measures of romantic feelings he influenced Sternberg the colors of love love maps 1980 pair bonds are figments of mutual projections Secure attachment in infants studied how babies attach to their mothers Bowlby had dimensions and a test that hazen and shaver improved Applied 3 attachment styles to adult romantic relationships 1 secure 2 anxious ambivalent 3 avoidant secure more stable relationships more satisfying preoccupied have the most sex feel the greatest need for intimacy dismissing have the least sex poor memory for relationship events Fearful short stormy relationships lots of passion blow over quickly Commitment is very complex but it is you wanting to maintain relationship explain relationship commitment 1 Satisfaction how satisfied are you with your partner 2 Alternatives are there other partners available Would you be better off without your partner 3 Investment shared experience children family ties shared property Together these 3 things produce a feeling of commitment On average it takes about 90 seconds to decide if you re attracted to someone Your impression of someone is based on 55 body language 38 tone and speed of the voice 7 what they say How to be attractive Be hard to get signal choosiness Match their moves called mirroring copying each others gestures Make eye contact Aarons eye gaze study Keep your stance open don t cross your arms turn towards them play with hair Be dangerous Romantic love dopamine norenephrine serotonin P PWNT Making love last 1 Rekindle romance do something new try new things 2 Touch each other touching oxytocin bonding 3 Be healthy for sexual desire your body needs to be at the optimal physical health 4 Keep the 5 to 1 ratio for every negative interaction you need 5 positive ones 5 Grow up then love more likely to last if the couple is educated neither has children before marriage wife has a jobcareer couple has religious affiliation older then 20 6 Talk about it everyone disagrees about stuff learn effective conflict resolution skills and use them 7 Have good role models people who grow up in 2 parent homes are more likely to not get divorced 102215 424 PM 102215 424 PM


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