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Eighth Week Of Notes

by: Mary Kate Murnen

Eighth Week Of Notes Com 295

Mary Kate Murnen
GPA 3.0
Communication Theory

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About this Document

Notes and discussion topics from "The Oppositional Gaze: Black Female Spectator" and "The Loss Of Creature". The best way to get the most out of these is to use them as a supplement when you're ...
Communication Theory
Class Notes
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This 5 page Class Notes was uploaded by Mary Kate Murnen on Thursday October 22, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to Com 295 at Grand Valley State University taught by Zhang in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 14 views. For similar materials see Communication Theory in Communication Studies at Grand Valley State University.

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Date Created: 10/22/15
The Loss Of The Creature Notes 0 Block out your own nature we have platonic way of looking at things I can t experience how it actually is we have preconceived notions of how things are I What keeps us from having immediate experience of things 0 expectations 0 language we have the ability to tell each other about experiences and it creates expectations 0 quotSymbolic Complex I like a crust covers the thing I synonym of communication 0 EXAMPLE Leaf it s a concept we are blind to the inexhaustibility that is the actuality of leaves I we have this anxiety that reality will not live up to our preformed notions of reality we often ignore whatever doesn t fit our images 0 EXAMPLE visiting paris but only seeing monuments and popular sites not actually seeing the city 0 Communication a simulation of the real thing we re talking about we re looking at instead of through more often than not even without realizing O The heart is a lonely hunter 0 film character is having genuine experience of music as opposed to those in the room with the music 0 Flusser I sedentary people hoard and possess things nomadic exist and have few possessions I lets them be closer to elements of life instead of experiencing secondhand or not at all I go experience the world without any forms of mediations 0 three strategies to deal with this Symbolic complex I Leaving The Beaten Track I pretty self explanatory see things in different ways than people normally experience them I The Familiar Revisited O returning to beaten track but being aware that you are on that path and experiencing it in a new way I Accidental Encounter O experiencing without mediation because of something that happens to remove that symbolic complex 0 experiencing something when you least expect to experience it 0 EXAMPLE getting punched and passing out then when you wake up the first thing you see is a spider in the palm of your hand 0 As Communication students 0 take words and images seriously but take words more seriously so as to recover the Reality of life 0 Pg 53 This is it and the picturesquequot O platonism in this 0 measure actual experience against a prototype is platonist 0 our experience is a less perfect copy we have anxiety to be as close to the prototype as possible 0 this is not correct shrug off these ideas 0 Pg 59 idk that list thingquot 0 the preconceived notion precedes the actuality of the thing 0 equating the unequal the word idea is the primary and the thing itself is the secondary specimen The Oppositional Gaze Black Female spectators Notes I There is always a speaking position in writing and language 0 where what is the speaker s perspective 0 who are they speaking for O theory behind this reading Persona 0 how other people see your representation of yourself like self image I literally a mask we wear many throughout our day to day and in life 0 in this context The author s voice 0 Second persona The intended audience I Meet Me In St Louis everyone is white about bourjois family life I intended audience white middle class not made with other social racial groups in mind I invites the audience to become a certain kind of people I constitutive an ideological power in films narratives 0 works rhetorically to shape people 0 Third Persona Whatever is excluded from the narrative I the people whose existence is out of sight and neglected excluded from the narrative I Absence do not have a voice or presence in the narrative I important to study what is absent in addition to what is not 0 EXAMPLE misrepresentation of minorities in films not showing the full spectrum of their culture emotions issues treating them as caricatures of themselves a false reality I shows that the absence doesn t have to be physical in order to exclude people I If we don t challenge this way of society we are complicit in it s ways 0 Black Females O the world is set up for middle class white males not entirely true but some reality in this statement I given superior position to others I looking at it in this way only neglects other dynamics sexality class etc I WMgtWFgtBMgtBF 0 films propagate this power structure in their narratives O Hooks trying to challenges this even if things are different they should be represented equally Gaze 0 Power in The Gaze I movie goers often are made to see White Females as the object of the gaze can be painful to watch when you are not targeted audience 0 BF spectators have to forget who they are to enjoy these narratives since they are often the 3rd persona I oppositional gaze is when you realize that 3rd persona is missing I looking at it as a critical gaze instead of complicit I quotThe Otherquot I no matter when referenced BF placed at the bottom of the hierarchy the quototherquot is who gets that suppression and oppression I Pg 122 When I returned watched hollywood films I if the film was not made for you excludes you can still get and alternative pleasure by looking at it criticallydeconstructing the film I Pg 122 Looking at films highly circumscribed waysquot 0 reading against the grain can get additional pleasure from critical gaze and engaging with the text in other ways I like the last quote tbh that is what happens when you source from the same page I Pg 120 Conventional representations of coming home hardquot 0 SN quote is an example of minor literature living dialect of english I if the movie is painful you either look awayavoid or as Hook s suggests watch anyways with critical attitude I shutting down critique analysis is looking through communication 0 cannot should not shut down critique on sexism racism gender bias etc I in quote she assumes the second persona despite it not being her reality not oppositional gaze though as she closed down her own thoughts 0 Hooks wants there to be more constructive viewing analysis I Pg 117 Every narration places by the spectatorquot 0 social relations are acted out in every story and addressed to diverse audience 0 you identify with a certain character gives that character power to in uence 0 through that identification we take on those characters and they are given agency I also in how the camera is used 0 hidden ideological work not always obvious O we take the camera s eyes direction angles focus of lens gives narration attributes that we couldn t suss out from straight plain shots or characters alone 0 EXAMPLE first person shooter games you are the shooter duh the 2nd persona puts is as shooter treating others as targets I Pg 131 In this sense invent the futurequot 0 about identification and our relations 0 identity is within communication created through it 0 this is also an example of looking at communication not just transmitting information 0 when looking at you can actually shape people information alone does not achieve this 0 just another layer of the quotonionquot 0 Article very well written a classic 0 brings together film and other comm theories 0 get on the line and search can show many examples of stuff idk my brain fell asleep


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