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Honors Seminar

by: Dr. Angel Fisher

Honors Seminar LEGALST H195A

Dr. Angel Fisher

GPA 3.7


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 10 page Class Notes was uploaded by Dr. Angel Fisher on Thursday October 22, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to LEGALST H195A at University of California - Berkeley taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 22 views. For similar materials see /class/226627/legalst-h195a-university-of-california-berkeley in Legal Studies at University of California - Berkeley.


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Date Created: 10/22/15
1 FunctiL 131 IDICCtiL u culato y bystem a nd wam intake m en intake 4 Function Component 39 H 11 mm elimina nn rapid rmnspnrl nmml and rum all mum il culatmy System Pan of the 11 culat01y System FluidrbloodJlem 1p coelomic uid Tub an 0 2w nhean in remm mhea Pump 7 new or pul ting A 0 functiox in temperature and pH con Phyla an y quot Tm r hilxmmhe quot K W a 1 Numbmum 5 quot39139quot wmum A 39 Anhrop oda your teart Blood ret39ur L arge I t Circulation L 24 er I l ge diameter 1012 mm diametert un um Arteries 9 r l Oxygenrnch blood El Oxygenrpoorblood I Small diameter 0 4 thin wall I Fit one RBC through at a time RBC Blood Volume and Composition 0 water and Inolecul 2 Cellul 1 Ition I 4050 percent of olurne hrocytes ort oxygen from aner 1nd defender 7 engulf damaged o aerobically re iring ce 8 and 39 11d all hlng taggEd from them i 39 em to Inount a enough p1 ote11 indicate to Phagocyt ngult ldcell infection Red Blood Cells in a Clot There are hundred of tho circulating in blood They live for The d to injury by rele39 ing chemical that initiate blood clotting Macrophages Lymphocytes and Sickle Cell Anemia Red Blood Cells 7quot 39 Blood Vessels The Venous S stem Arteri nain Blood flL om capillaries into venules transporte of then on to veins 03 gelmted M w H V g M 39 in ire largediameter v L lameter is th muscle in i all ed to regulate Venous Pressure 5 m m vam r J Dummy aw 391 391 Bland stennir 0008 10300 Billion 600 6 sumquot a nr mu bland nlume n n n quotn39 n v mm m 125 1 12 520 m m m m Analogy Ve ebr ate HeaITs and Circulation ml and mamm Zdmmberedheart 3chamberedhem 4chamberedhem 1 1 Fl les 139 I quot The Heart The Heart 0 en mr blood to heart The Heart The Heart Pulmo D L en ch or npmr blood to body blood to lung The Heart The Heart Le atrium Le atrium Right atrium Right atrium Le ventricle Left ventricle Right ventricle Right ventricle Lc atrium airium Right atrium Left Atrium iii 1 i at Right Atrium SA node in right atrium ls pacemaker Electrical signalquot cause contraction of atria V Fulmnnarx vu39ns F Ilmnnar art Oxygmrnch Oxygmp Bur Bland m heart Bland m lungs ontraction Animation fr Am ar Oxygmrnch Bland m may 1 M f w mum xv nculatia 1 Animati 1 away mmm mm mm Mm S temic g culatu 1A111mat1 1 1Icult Lonzer loop that cam bloodto and from body unnon mm WM Cal iac C Is W W V 39 SS 39 Du ectlon of BIL BIL L d Ple me 1 Contraction pl 019 7 WI nmcl are making 11113 contracted mam Lgn amum tn Aneriole B10 1 Pr 39 ure Mea 1re B10 1 Pr p 39emea u nmimum m me and lizMolic blood mF hxadual m 39elzwet mn39ca eb 1mm an mm 7 m1 me m 0 mm Hw 1 me In the ollcpx 39e In olic millimetex ormercm how far pr mepu Hginagla column 1s and Au erosclero illardening of the alter elastic 39 depo tion oftat and nan ow the t lqot 0 make cell membran It s eroid hmmone39 1 clmle erol for all ofthe39 mt we inge extra cholesterol and the body ha deal with 1 Human heait with coronary blqotl i bound to protei LDL A nalt amount i 3 6 1e w an r iosis i3 laque buildup I Heart Disease 37 I Cancer 29 El Stroke 9 Other 25 J a i an 39 I J Cause of Death mum duets Ri k Factor for New H3311 BYP surgery Method leo Clip Old age Lym tic System 1 The circulat tin uid ltei IL and remm it to the circulate 1em Lym vid Org an 1 Located an intel 1 Cemral tothe bod Iph e15 2 Ton Ada a lterfor 3 spleen 39 Contain nphoq 4Thyml gland can recognize a foreign invader


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