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Undergraduate Colloquium on Political Science

by: Jamison Crooks

Undergraduate Colloquium on Political Science POL SCI 179

Marketplace > University of California - Berkeley > Political Science > POL SCI 179 > Undergraduate Colloquium on Political Science
Jamison Crooks

GPA 3.83

A. Ross

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About this Document

A. Ross
Class Notes
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This 5 page Class Notes was uploaded by Jamison Crooks on Thursday October 22, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to POL SCI 179 at University of California - Berkeley taught by A. Ross in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 32 views. For similar materials see /class/226645/pol-sci-179-university-of-california-berkeley in Political Science at University of California - Berkeley.


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Date Created: 10/22/15
Kamala Harris Democratic Candidate for Attorney General currently District Attorney 2003 reelected 2007 Graduate of Howard University and Hastings law school in SF Mom did graduate work in science at Berkeley Was named one of america s 20 most powerful women by newsweek magazine Has been on oprah Time when people said students won t vote change in 2010 now it s that students don t care but in such a large class such as poli 179 it s not true Parents met as grad students at Berkeley when they were actively involved in civil rights movement in that environment the heroes to many were of course the lawyers thurgood marshall Charles Hamilton Houston Charles motley they translated passions of the street to court rooms Decided at young age wanted to be lawyer Was summer senate intern for allen Cranston then senior senator from California Spent weekends protesting at capital and protesting Reagan Came back home because to attend law school uc hastings college of law in SF n law school she made decision of what to do as her career prosecutor had to defend her decision to her family Law enforcement has such a profound on direct impact on the most vulnerable and has responsibility to be the voice of the voiceless as well as give dignity Went to work with one of reputable alameda county District Attorney 9 earl warren who went on to chiefjustice supreme court and author of brown v board of edu Was second class of integrated Berkeley public schools 9 that s how long it takes for brown and board In civil society must be consequences when one harms another Then joined her office under her predecessor didn t think eh was doing job so wel Asked by Louis redding to head up the children and family division of the city s attorney office Mostly policy work Then encouraged to challenge incumbent District attorney who was in his second term in office from an old political family in SF nickname KO because he was known as being boxer who knocked people out But still felt she could do better job First polls started out at 6100 points in polls But not deterred Put together a coalition of people who seemingly have nothing in common but have everything in common when we talk about what we all want When we want a community where children can be raised in safe place and seniors and elders among us can live among us free from predatory practice and if youth enters the juvenile justice system we can cycle them out before they can become a criminal Ran on slogan put aside a tired and old conversation of criminal justice policy that you re either soft on crime or tough on crime Instead of asking are we smart on crime On January 2004 when she walked into office she realized that in 2004 23 of her lawyers did not have email No filing system The fundamental and basic structure that should exist in a law office that has responsibility of being voice of victims and putting people in jail lacked the basic infrastructure expected Taking office meant dealing with the mundane but necessary type of work attention to detail that must be done if one can change the world It meant getting a computer system up and running training and recruitment policy putting a gun policy As result of early early focused attention we have increased conviction rates in sf to highest they have been in 15 years twice as many felns to state prison 43 to over 90 for gun convictions To best achieve public safety we shouldn t just focus on reacting but we must also focus on preventing crime 9 created reentry unit in her office one of only reentry units in DA s office in country Called Back on Track designed around 1824 year old first time low level nonviolent drug sales offender Why 1 A lot of them clogging a lot of resources in system a gateway crime that can result in someone having a lifetime in criminal justice system 2 In college we were 1824 and were called llcollege kids but when you re 18 and you re in the system you re an adult PERIOD Without any regard that we have invested billions of dollars in colleges Prime time to mold into productive adult She got on phone and called friends at chamber of commerce leaders in building trades unions faith based and nonprofit folks and addressed fact that in population many needed to get a ged and get into city college Almost none had employable skills so employed them in apprenticeship programs Addressed that most of them are parents who have desire to parent but not skills 9 have reduced reoffense rate from 54 to less than 10 for this 39 national district attorney s association and us dept ofjustice have designated it as model for innovation of law enforcement in us one of reasons she is runnig for Attorney general On avg we release 120000 prisonersyr because they have served their time Within 3 years 70 reoffend recidivate highest in country Any system with a 710 failure rate is a system that NEEDS REFORM It is also EXPENSIVE anywhere from 1025 B a year in a state on verge of bankruptcy And also a threat to public safety Also believe that beyond traditional role of attorney general looking at capacity of attorney general she recognizes and believes that it is she that she can make very clear the direct connection between public safety and public education Did analysis of who homicides victim under age of 25 in SF Included fact 94 were high school dropouts Went to superintendent of few who they have in sfvpublic school system 5500 have been designated habituallychronically truant 2400 elemetnary school students 60 80 days out of 180 school year A child without education is tantamount to have a crime Decided to prosecute parents for truant kids Staff went crazy when she wanted to do it before reelection She outlined elementary school truancy high school dropouts to crime to every parent Also created DA mediation program Signed prosecutors to met with president when they met with hundreds of parents Literally took volunteers from her office First in line was gang and homicide prosecutors During course of interaction with questions They learned of case of women holding down 2 jobs with 2 children homeless By shining light of public safety they were able to ask those questions get her access to services 9 33 improvement in attendance CA is seen as leader innovator But we are facing a crisis a state on verge of bankruptcy In that environment we should see opportunity to see the broken systems that are obvious at this point We should not defend status quo We are a state that should be open to law enforcement and government That is not oxymoron Need leadership F QUESTIONS In light of her background being born in civil rights movement and discussion on law enforcement being voice for voiceless aren t there still inequalities in living and the way law enforcement works mlk s wife said that fight for civil rights must be fought and won with every generation We will continue to see failures and we must be prepared to fight for equality prop 8 basic issue of fairness and human rights and civil rights Her opponent in defense of prop 8 She agrees w Schwarzenegger and brown who stand with the federal judge who ruled prop 8 was unconstitutional Opponent called her a radical at republican national convention She believes in civil rights and reform of criminal justice Public education is connected with public safety Of all African American and latinos today less than half with graduate high school An emergency room and jail numbers are reflected Regardless of social economic status need equal access to healthcare and education Opponent said California s resources argument will be argued for against health care system How should state prison system deal with illegal immigrants let s be real there is a certain level of anger that is taking place especially brcause economy has really beat up people Combine that witht eh fact that at federal level failure to act with illegals and also the Arizona law that popped up It is basically scape goating Is not doing best interest in law enforcement Why law enforcement as well as she are against it We have apx 12 M undocumented people that have to be transitioned in legal way They can t stand in front of te line but need to put them in place to gain legal status We cannot guide immigration policy by emotin Fed gov has responsibility for immigration policy Those in prison system must be process where they can be extradited once convicted here Not in support of guarding anyone who has commited crime regardless of immigration status Position on legalizing drugs opposed to it In favor of medical marijuana and prop 215 Drug crime is not monolithic Mistake to treat it that way Back on track focused on firsr time drug salesman In support of drug system Not in support to wholesale legalization of drugs Personally opposed to death penalty but will follow the law Has been position of 45 attorney generals Opponent is using it as soft crime approach Mandatory minimum sentencing must be reform Does believe punishment should fit crime Not necessarily suggesting reduction The other convo should also be what kind of discretion should we give to judges No two crimes are the same How is prosecuting as progressive solution to crime gets back to how we agree that there must be consequence for crime Most people running for office will nto talk about criminal justice policy if they don t have to Public appetite for tough talk Believes democrats for too long have ceded public safety to republicans Democrats are running around with llbuild more schools less jails but does not address why she has 3 padlocks on door It si a progressive principal that there MUST BE A CONSEQUENCE THAT IS SEVERE WHEN A PERSON IS RAPE CHILD MOLESTED CHILD KILLED If only solution is letting everyone out without consequence that is not the solution Smart criminal justice policy is reacting but also prevention Rehabilitation program is a hug a thug program California avg prision sentence is 24 months So average person isn t being sentenced for life for rapists etc also means that they are all coming out it costs 10000 everytime to prosecute a felony 51000 to house a person in state prison As attorney general any way to asddress public education program she belives so May consider it to be radical We need to move out of our office and find out what s going on The office holder has responbility what is needed but also what is necessary and what can be done that is given with bully pulpit of office Third important part is POWER TO CONVENE Chair for obama s campaign in California Top five concerns of person 1 Personal safety Not in top 100 will be the education of other people s children Have to see connection How will deal with overcrowding and position on 3 strikes overcrowding early release of prisoners probably read that in paper Those are symptoms The problem is that we have a revolving door 70 recommit a crime We need a reduction of recidivism like her program that was successful three strikes her belief and office is that the last sentence should be a serious or violent offense that could warrant 25 to life Address foreclosure problem added a mortgage fraud unit in her office Saw many people who did everything they did to live American dream who bought ahome who worked 1 and 2 jobs and then found out theyw ere out of work Then predators brokers and financial institutions have stripped them ofall their diginity 3 areas of focus for her technology financial crimes environmental crimes incredible amotn of power prosecutor has that is not part of traditional roles especially at local level communities where babies grow up with asthma in areas with high industry financial we don t handle problems of small ones and just big ones Attorney general has responsibility Opponent refuses to take stance on prop 23 whichi s being funded by texas oil companies and is beign sold and peddled about something that is helping the economy Quite the contrary because they know that Ab 32 goes in effect theywill roll across country crimes through use of technology need to address identity fraud


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