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Computer Security

by: Mr. Hayley Barton

Computer Security COMPSCI 161

Mr. Hayley Barton

GPA 3.93


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Mr. Hayley Barton on Thursday October 22, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to COMPSCI 161 at University of California - Berkeley taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 33 views. For similar materials see /class/226665/compsci-161-university-of-california-berkeley in ComputerScienence at University of California - Berkeley.


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Date Created: 10/22/15
Large Botnets and Distributed Denial of Service Attacks CS1611941 Anthony D Joseph October 28 2005 Outline What is a botnet How to create and use a botnet The money trail Distributed Denial of Service Attacks Examples Odaher 25 ms 25151 Fall ms 2 JasePhTwarNazimniMBgner What is a Botnet A network of compromised machines See last lecture for compromise techniques Zombies connect to servers Typically one or more IRC servers running on mbies Some botnets use custom encrypted protocols Zombies await commands or perform pre determined actions eg send spam Some botnets require authenticated commands Commands can be scripts or executables OdaherZB ZUDS 25151 Fall zuus JasePhTVEBVNamanMVagner Creating and Using a Botnet Odaher 25 ms 25151 Fall mas o JasePhTwarNazimniMBgner Botn ets Typically rented to users Cost depends on metrics of botnet Important metrics bragging rights Number of machines 1000 s 100000 s Aggregate bandwidth gigabits terabits Can be rented for campaign or for time OdaherZB ZUDS 25151 Fall ms 5 JasePhTVEBVNamanMVagner Uses for Botnets Send spam spyware adware and phishing email Also hosting phishing websites Clickfor pay fraud Distributed programming Example password crackln Distributed servers to control the botnet Distributed Denial of Service DDoS attacks Overwhelm server andor network links Political msgs famebragging Extortion pay or your site and business diequot Odaher 25 ms 25151 Fall ms 5 JasePhTwarNazimniMBgner Outline The Money Trail What is a hornet Popup ads start appearing on Joe s PC How to create and Lise a botnet For wellknown brands Chrysler Expedia The money trailm Microsoft Priceline and Travelocity Distributed Denial of Service Attacks Each has border saymg ms from Auroral Examples Aurora is adware from Direct Revenue But Joe doesn t remember Installing it The adware industry has a 200 million to 2 billion a year revenue stream How does the ad go from Priceline to Joe ombmmms em all m 7 omwwm em all m a inspllyygaywamammwy insepmmwazrmrwggnm Company 0 0 AI 0 the Money Malicious Af liates Most adwarespyware vendors claim they prohibit drivebydownload and virus based installs SW Bu er But there s a strong profit incentive since Am I they get paid based on the number of lmakevlruses tn eyeballs Some even sue adwarespyware detection companies for labeling thing as suchll install adware or u riverbyr downloads Adware Makers EVquot Af liate omermuus csisi Fall zuus You Omaherzsjuu cslsi Fall zuus 1D JosephWEBVNamaniAVagner JasEphTwarNazimniWagner Outline Attacks What is a bmnet Overwhelm server andor network links Typical target is web servers 39 HOW to create and use a bornet Try to consume all resources BW disk space CPU The money trail Simple same req for large imagescomplex action Distributed Denial of Service Attacks Might be able to create packet lter to block Might also be able to block source subnets Examples Have to put lters into the network at upstream lSPs Complex Vary requests rate zombie set Harder to create packet lter esp if requests look real Rotating set makes source subnet blocks hard Only choice may be to add more and more HW and BW Odaberzsjuu 25151 Fall zuus M Odaberzsjuu 25151 Fall zuus 2 insepmrvgawammwagnev JasEphTvgarVazimniMBgner Toxbot Trojan Oct 10 2005 Three Dutch crackers 19 22 and 27 Used Toxbot Trojan aka Codbot to infect machines Installed adware and spyware on user machines Conducted DDoS attack against a US company for extortion pay or crash your site Conducted phishing attacks to hijack PaPal and eBay accounts then bought goods with accounts Estimated network size of 100K Investigators later discovered true size gt15M ombevmuus 25151 Fall ms 13 JasewWgavNamanWVagnev Microsoft Decoy Zombie Intentionally infected a machine with zombie code Within 20 days PC received gt 5 million connections Tried to send 18 million spam emails containing ads for 13000 unique domains October 27 2005 filed 13 John Doe lawsuits against spammers Enables them to subpoena ISPs and domain registrars for identities Odahev 25 ms CS1B1Fall2EIEIS JasePnlwavNazimniMBgnev m


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