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by: Declan Runolfsson


Declan Runolfsson

GPA 3.87


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 7 page Class Notes was uploaded by Declan Runolfsson on Thursday October 22, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to PSYCH 164 at University of California - Berkeley taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 27 views. For similar materials see /class/226689/psych-164-university-of-california-berkeley in Psychlogy at University of California - Berkeley.

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Date Created: 10/22/15
1 of7 cRWqum jdoc 200401 9 Monday p 164 lecture social neuropsychology how the mind relates to other things funcationalist perspective on mind Games angell dewey social c adaptive value of mind 0 purpose of perception is action 0 Jerome brunner aphorism jba mind in context 0 every act of perception is an act of categorization jba mind in body 0 the mind is what he brain does ognition and functionalism adaptive value of mind 0 behavior as social I getting along getting ahead 0 cognition emotion motivation o purpose mind in context 0 social structures and processes 0 self and others 0 social context 0 stimulus and interpretation mind in body 0 Until recently nothing much to say here Aspects of biology and social behavior behavior genetics evolutionary psychology psychoendocrinology o emotion important in cog I endocrine important in emotion social cog neuropsych 2 of7 cRWqumffjdoc o soc cog neuroscience o affective neuroscience 0 how understand other people Via brain 0 didn t used to think about brain much two Views of brain View one general purpose info processor 0 learning 0 associationism View two doctrine of functional specialization o localization of function I auditory Visual etc 0 brain systems 0 maj ority View 0 more than just info processing localization of function phrenology in Viena o gall o spurzheim in Scotland 0 combe in the united states 0 fowler o fowler o sizer 37 faculties many faculties were expressly social about 12 social psychologists modern phrenological head almost not personality or social psychology here see slide of nyt comparison 3 of7 cRWqumffjdoc milestones in functional specialization broca 1860 wernicke 1874 Harlow o Phineas gage I Tamping iron I Rutland amp Burlington railroad I Survived Focal damage Phineas gage premorbid personality 0 efficient capable shrewd smart energetic persistent post morbid tful capricious impatient of advice obstinate lacking in deference 000 00000 CHANGED personality Attempted to return to work epileptic seizure traveled around new England barnum s museum livery stable new England south america sf farm worker died here laurel hill 4 of7 cRWqum jdoc o colma exhumed skull in Harvard gage s damage where were phrenologist said problems would be problems with gage s problem were social problems fodor exampl Garden Theory argume modularity of mind input systems as mental modules domainspeci city a particular domain input systems process only domainspeci c information processing is automatic 0 re exive fast mandad 0 limit see slides es of modulatiry language visual perception social cog er of multiple intelligences linguistic math special musical body intrapersonal o ability to gain access to one s own internal emotional life interpersonal o ability to notice and make distinctions among other individuals nt that these are independent and separate 5 of7 cRWqum jdoc methods for identifying multiple intelligences identi able core operations 0 impressionformation causal attribution psychometrics o Vineland test of social maturity experimental tasks 0 detection of deception I this is entirely social exception cases isolation by brain damage exceptional cases savants intrapersonal intelligence 0 freud o marcelproust I memory interpersonal intelligence 0 Mohandas k Gandhi o Lyndon b Johnson Isolation by brain damage case studies 0 phineas gage I lost interpersonal skills 0 zazetsky luria 1972 I man with a shattered brain I nice but lost non social cog skills neurological syndromes 0 alzheimer s disease down syndrome 0 pick s disease frontotemporal dementia I social domain lost here ergo modules for social behaVior 6 of7 cRWqumffjdoc emotional problems in sm amygdala damage no amnesia no dementia emotional impairments o recog in facial expressions 0 production of facial expression HM Analysis of hippocampal function learning and memory shortterm V long term shallow V deep processing hardly studied wrt to social behavior 0 how build relationship wo memory declarative V procedural episodic V semantic explicit V implicit discussion automaticity much of eVeryday thought and behaVior is though to be carried out automatically outside awareness without intention uncontrollable cognitiVely efficient syn Unconscious nonconscious implicit not Freudian unconscious not mindless instinct acquired 7 of7 cRWqumffjdoc introspection seeking cause of own behavior through mental introspection is often insufficient can only access causse we were aware of processed consciously helps explain advertising amp marketing effectiveness methodologies causes known to experimenter o recency recent 0 word priming o mere exposure participants lacking explicit memory 0 due to amnesia delays sufficient to cause interference w source memory 0 feeling of being watched subliminal priming


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