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Economic Theory

by: Dr. Janiya Bernier

Economic Theory ECON 101A

Dr. Janiya Bernier

GPA 3.77

S. Dellavigna

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About this Document

S. Dellavigna
Class Notes
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This 21 page Class Notes was uploaded by Dr. Janiya Bernier on Thursday October 22, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ECON 101A at University of California - Berkeley taught by S. Dellavigna in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 25 views. For similar materials see /class/226700/econ-101a-university-of-california-berkeley in Economcs at University of California - Berkeley.


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Date Created: 10/22/15
Economics 101A Lecture 23 Stefano DellaVigna April 21 2009 Outline 1 Dynamic Games 2 Oligopoly Stackelberg 3 General Equilibrium Introduction 4 Edgeworth Box Pure Exchange 1 Dynamic Games 0 Nicholson Ch 8 pp 255 266 better than Ch 15 pp 449 454 9th 0 Dynamic games one player plays after the other 0 Decision trees Decision nodes Strategy is a plan of action at each decision node 0 Example battle of the sexes game She He Ballet Football Ballet 21 00 Football 00 12 0 Dynamic version she plays first o Subgame perfect equilibrium At each node of the tree the player chooses the strategy with the highest payoff given the other players strategy 0 Backward induction Find optimal action in last pe riod and then work backward 0 Solution 0 Example 2 Entry Game 1 2 Enter Do not Enter Enter 1 1 100 Do not Enter 05 00 0 Exercise Dynamic version 0 Coordination games solved if one player plays first 0 Can use this to study finiter repeated games 0 Suppose we play the prisoner s dilemma game ten times 1 2 D ND D 4 4 1 5 ND 5 1 2 2 o What is the subgame perfect equilibrium o The result differs if infinite repetition with a proba bility of terminating 0 Can have cooperation 0 Strategy of repeated game Cooperate ND as long as opponent always co operate Defect D forever after first defection 0 Theory of repeated games Econ 104 2 Oligopoly Stackelberg o Nicholson Ch 15 pp 543 545 better than Ch 14 pp 423 424 9th 0 Setting as in problem set 0 2 Firms 0 Cost Cy 2 cy with c gt O 0 Demand pY a bY with a gt c gt O and bgt0 0 Difference Firm 1 makes the quantity decision first 0 Use subgame perfect equilibrium Solution Solve first for Firm 2 decision as function of Firm 1 decision rnygx a by2 byiquot y2 cy2 Foca 2by 2quot by lk c O Firm 2 best response function a c 341 2b 239 y2 o Firm 1 takes this response into account in the max im ization my xw by1 bka y1y1 Cyl or b W D max a c yl 91 2b 2 91 91 oFoc a 2by1 by1 CO or a c and 0 Total production c a Y5y1ltygt2k3T Price equals blt3a cgt 1 3 a a c p 4 b 4 4 0 Compare to monopoly a c yM 2b and ac PM 2 0 Compare to Cournot ygtk gtlt 2265C D y1y2 3b and 1 2 a c 131 3 3 Compare with Cournot outcome Firm 2 best response function 24 2 2b Firm 1 best response function a c 2b y1 Intersection gives Cou rnot a c yl 2 y 2 2 Stackelberg Equilibrium is point on Best Response of Firm 2 that maximizes profits of Firm 1 Plot iso profit curve of Firm 1 l a C 741 by1y2 574 Solve for yg along iso profit a c 1 y2 b yl byl Iso profit curve is flat for dyg dyl 5041 or 91 Figure 3 General Equilibrium Introduction 0 So far we looked at consumers Demand for goods Choice of leisure and work Choice of risky activities 0 We also looked at producers Production in perfectly competitive firm Production in monopoly Production in oligopoly 0 We also combined consumers and producers Supply Demand Market equilibrium 0 Partial equilibrium one good at a time 0 General equilibrium Demand and supply for all goods supply of young workerT wage of experi enced workers minimum wageT effect on higher earners steel tariffT effect on car price 4 Edgeworth Box Pure Exchange 0 Nicholson Ch 13 pp 441 444 476 478 Ch 12 pp 335 338 369 370 9th 0 2 consumers in economy 73 12 0 2 goods 1 2 Endowment of consumer 73 good j w 1 2 1 2 0 Total endowment wl 0J2 wl wl 002 002 o No production here With production as in book wl 0J2 are optimally produced o Edgeworth box 0 Draw preferences of agent 1 0 Draw preferences of agent 2 0 Consumption of consumer 73 good j o Feasible consumption gmmwi o If preferences monotonic w for all 73 0 Can map consumption eves into box 5 Next lecture 0 General Equilibrium o Barter


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