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by: Dr. Janiya Bernier


Dr. Janiya Bernier

GPA 3.77


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Dr. Janiya Bernier on Thursday October 22, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ECON 151 at University of California - Berkeley taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 15 views. For similar materials see /class/226721/econ-151-university-of-california-berkeley in Economcs at University of California - Berkeley.




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Date Created: 10/22/15
Econ 151EEP 171 Fall 2004 Results of opinion poll on important economic development issues Number represents class handout where this will be addressed 1 In general taking the non economic elements of development like Sen s concepts of freedom from fear etc more seriously 5 Extreme Poverty Studying who so many humans on this Earth live on less than 1 per day is important to humanity s future The number of people living in poverty is growing even within developed countries so poverty is no longer a problem for developing countries 5 Other than these huge world organizations how do you tackle poverty 5 Poverty Studying poverty one of the main concerns in developing countries would help us understand the classic question of quotwhy does poverty exist and how we can avoid itquot I would like to study the factors that make a person fall in the poverty trap and possible policy implications How income distributions can occur st everyone can benefit and bring people out of poverty 6 Income Distribution This problem has caused a lot of controversy regarding whether or not it s good for the economy Given the fact that there are countries with a relatively high per capita income but a high percentage of people whose income falls below the poverty line income distribution is definitely an important issue for economic development that we should be addressing 6 InequalityPoverty At some level I think this is THE problem in the world today Most other problems seem to follow from this 6 Inequality Inequality both across nations and within nations would be interesting to discuss in terms of whether or not countries see this as an important issue and if so what steps some nations are taking to alleviate inequality 6 Growing gap between North and South Addressing the issue of the rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer Is the relationship between countries necessarily zerosum and thus do richer countries lose from allowing the poor to mainstream 6 Income inequality Income inequality within countries is just as important as income inequality between countries 7 Growth What determines GDPpc growth How can countries improve growth How does the spread of technology impact growth Examining Different Trajectories of Development Where development is more than just growth in GDP I m concerned about using the term quotcatching upquot because it suggest this theory of convergence of a unilinear path of development which Professor Hart seems to have proven reductionist If we re going to use a term like quotcatching upquot please present an argument for it 7 GDP growth GDP growth issues would be a very interesting topic as a solution for development I would like to see different policies that work for Latin America Africa and Asia given the diversity of its economic features including those not taken into account in economic models such as corruption and quotpirateriaquot in Latin America FailureSuccess of IMF and World Bank Policies Alternatives to development 9 The IMF and World Bank and IFC have very important downfalls and criticisms What are they 1 01 Q A 9 The role of international organizations in the developing world Including IMF WB and various UN organizations Look at the pros cons of these institutions including their ethical and economic legitimacy 9 Debt amp Stabilization How can we rate the job of the IMF and World Bank How can we improve the current debt situation in poor countries 10 Sustainable Development The role of agriculture The role of globalization How this is effected potentially by HDI levels in the population 12 Demographics What factors affect fertility rates Is population growth a problem 12 Population growth with regard to sustainability Because of finite resources how are nations dealing with this issue in terms of population quotcontainmentquot 14 Health Including especially water and sanitation issues 14 HIVAIDS crisis Understanding how to best eradicateminimize this disease from the planet is essential to every human39s wellbeing 14 International Health Skyrocketing health care costs and the increasing number of people without health insurance is an important issue around the world 15 Globalization Good or Bad 15 Trades link to development 15 Implications amp effects of Free Tax Zones What countries are benefiting Any extemalities 15 International Trade Policy The ways in which this works including its effects on the different players and the environment The role of corporations in this How should global corporations behave within a system of international trade laws without causing harm to the countries in which they operate 15 Why have India and parts of South Asia failed in development and why has East Asia China and South Korea succeeded 19 Agricultural Issues Subsidies sustainability self sufficiency 19 Debate around subsidies ie the argument that the Us is being hypocritical in its subsidizing of farmers while it demands governments in other countries to stay out of their economies 20 InstitutionalPolicy recommendations for develop What model do we follow in encouraging development and what set of domestic and international policies must the developing county and the International community adopt in order to facilitate development 23 Opportunities for Economic Reform through Microfinancing What successful programs have been implemented and where eX Grameen Bank How can this concept be repeated internationally the strengths and weaknesses 28 Cultural Backlash to quotwestern developmentquot I think it s important to address the cultural reaction to quotmodernquot development in LDC such as clashes stemming from the change of traditions of cultural priorities ie money vs family 28 Cultural Issues How does quotdevelopmentquot affect local culture Should preservation of local culture be a development goal or is that only to glamorize poverty 7 01 Q A


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