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Existentialism in Literature and Film

by: Dianna Roob Sr.

Existentialism in Literature and Film PHILOS 7

Marketplace > University of California - Berkeley > PHIL-Philosophy > PHILOS 7 > Existentialism in Literature and Film
Dianna Roob Sr.

GPA 3.76

H. Dreyfus

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About this Document

H. Dreyfus
Class Notes
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Dianna Roob Sr. on Thursday October 22, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to PHILOS 7 at University of California - Berkeley taught by H. Dreyfus in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 20 views. For similar materials see /class/226742/philos-7-university-of-california-berkeley in PHIL-Philosophy at University of California - Berkeley.

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Date Created: 10/22/15
Philosophy 7 January 24 2008 Hubert L Dreyfus Philosophy vs Existential Thinking Greek Platonic Philosophy as understood by Existential Thinkers Epistemology Theory of Knowledge What is knowledge Theory is highest kind of knowledge Disinterested attitude reflection self criticism and reason enables one to discover objective universal timeless truths This is still the goal of natural science and every discipline that claims to be scientific Non Greeks are called barbarians because they don t speak Greek but they can be taught Greek and then they too can become philosophers There is no positive significance in perception skilled know how intuition emotion body folk wisdom and tradition They just get in the way Plato says we leave them behind when we leave the cave and see the unchanging forms Ethics What should I do Act on principles or rules for right action that are the same for any rational being Plato tells us what all human beings really need and how to act so as to fulfill that need To act rightly you must get beyond personal preferences prejudices and desires Don t make an exception of yourself A person who acts morally can justify his or her action and would be understood by anyone equally rational Since all moral people would respond the same way to the same situation all moral perfect people would act the same way People would be individuated by how far they fall short of moral perfection Metaphysics What is real If theory is highest form of truth then the objects of theory are the most real The objects of theory are timeless abstract structures The truths of science and math have always been true and always will be The universe is eternal and simply repeats itself in cycles Nothing is radically new Even history always follows the same general pattern People as they grow realize the potential in them like a tree growing from a seed The implicit becomes explicit If you die to the body which only gets in the way of being rational you get out of time change perspective conflict and death As your rational soul merges with the rational structure of reality you become eternal Philosophy 7 January 24 2008 Hubert L Dreyfus Philosophy vs Existential Thinking The J udeoChristian Tradition Of course the Hebrews didn t have the Greek philosophical categories but if they had had them here is how they would look Epistemology For the Hebrew s truth meant being true to God s covenant That truth was not universal but was revealed at a particular time and place to a particular people and was preserved in a tradition To live in the truth required not detachment but total commitment Non Hebrews are called idol worshipers and one doesn t try to convert them or teach them Hebrew One either ignores them or kills them Morality The ultimate authority is God not reason In the Euthyphro Socrates asks Euthyphro Do the gods approve of an action because it is pious ie good or is it pious because the gods approve of it As a good Greek Euthyphro says the former since the gods are rational and so are bound to agree with whatever reason shows to be good But as the Abraham story as interpreted by Kierkegaard shows the J udeo Christian tradition is committed to the latter An action is good because God commands it And what God commands can be different for each individual Metaphysics Time and history is where everything significant happens The universe is created ex nihilo at a certain time The covenant the Ten Commandments and the Incarnation all are radically new developments that take place in history According to Kierkegaard even the eternal takes place in time Radical human transformation is possible People are reborn they become new beings Also after the Incarnation people live in a new world To claim that anything radically new could be created was a scandal to Greek reason


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