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Feedback Control

by: Kris Heathcote

Feedback Control EL ENG 128

Kris Heathcote

GPA 3.78


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 37 page Class Notes was uploaded by Kris Heathcote on Thursday October 22, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to EL ENG 128 at University of California - Berkeley taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 49 views. For similar materials see /class/226766/el-eng-128-university-of-california-berkeley in Electrical Engineering at University of California - Berkeley.

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Date Created: 10/22/15
EEcs 128 LEcTUQE Nan 3 7 GOALS CO39WIJm 170 77quot WI 35 I Helmde V142 mahm afmnWZ At ILOW 7L0 cornLde ELM QEFS FPE 91 ApmndK Cv F 7 D f I A 806 0 vam aECS M a madi of mph sfcai S Hem are V ho 37ch of a W C If i fov any Wm 150 e sa es a f0 aim13 ANN Wm max mms ofabC m UJE Vam ab LS or fa o idemVane W46 51 mf any Wm fh a 3 a We sfm e mf Wm 16 and We Value of WM infut a A me dale7mm am We mm 0f 63 Vam abtc m moat QCWWUkS 1 Sfahg are rLof Umme howwm W are asm 5mm 7 0 have 72 4M Wam y examL3 i VQH ECL Wm 10 m 6 m m1 gm 1L6T asswm San646 MaCL anjbw 81228 u Where 122 9 N L 0L 3 1 normau i p i of Lt L39JT39e m P W s J quot GL3 us 52422 39 CStQDCS 12 our F Suppose we Meat 0 emsgym a camamsmfm as Egg Where 112 59 we WIML 710 cameraC Wm unsfabe Pala at Q and Ire06am if W 6m ODQIL Lan you at W OrigV1 mac 5397ch date 9me GDULU Dgt guFDOSC W6 cod0C 5C0 VMS xacw Amplitude ML 0W To Y1 KcsM s I VIEW 0 LT F Step Response From um I 7 3 08 quot l 06 39 04 H 02 lt H 5 1O 15 Time sec 3 me 20 7 NO Jails 0016 at what we ve ugf We but in W shite sfauz KCSB its U S 12 U I I s T39Lsz 42 X dznofe MPN 7 0 QETF as A 29u also 1 Now we kznm HLat 9 w sol ma 1L 39 need 7 0 002 Sfate VOLL5 aSSUnu39nj zero imdmi cowlawlin m u 77 x i Eb 91 7 5 We Sh 036mm aqu tm 01 W Cam26m at sys am w 714 b 5 K St 7 222 7C 7C3 7quot gtZAgtltBU O O X O U 1230 000 n 100X 1 ycx invertedpendu1umm 1 E205 CJT Inverted Pendulum Unstable mode quotinvisiblequot in TF but quotvisiblequot in state space model First define the transfer function and plot the closed loop step response 3 tf s G ls 2l K slS unity feedback closed loop system step KG lKG J2 I Next define the state space model 1 0 l O O O UOUJID39 open loop state space model sysol ssABCD unity feedback closed loop system syscl SSA BCBCD7 closed loop step response stepsyscl initial state response of closed loop system initialsyscll 0 OJ 76 Cosed doc3 System CmLdewCaS follows Closed 00 Syd em X AXB RCXgt xx 13ij B Y Cx closed 39 L00 j5 em Amplitude 77 CLoswt 00 57 egt rwfpm To Y1 5 30L 55 244 09gt 16535 CLgt3 Step Response From U1 I 08 V Time sec boi Amplitude Inhlm 500LQ HDPWI 7 9 am with Ritgto mot 7C 0 i 72 0 3 O 7C 0 0 Initial Condition Results o 0 5 25 Time sec W OW VimLU W 7me o awn3mg aim M5 S s L broke 1 nb beWiLW VLDWL a mac W ouvfut 6 got na t ramma w insi abw y M 6 syn em 7399 We WISJLOLEQ Pole is er 2 anal maAj 96 exam 71 nmar0 I Vll tOL gasslurbanw FlamL unwfal39n i 06 Sa SDCLCE WOCUS VOVl de US MAW 0L window n0 Che im mna Mam 05 0 6L Sysfem W056 WanLACS Which 66 hidden W W I VLDJ7L CHLgtL7L Waylng 05011644 L MW16 a Hard 057 have redx c OCVk UM57LampML MOOCQ LC EHVOLW A 140 lavawa 4 36 f39ft j T v mamL gm 1me obsewed m il Wow wwj 50m SOMMAQ SJWFZLQ SPOIOL WOQLLD hata Some admn aw ave1 4mvtsf f drift1090 ModLLS 1 quotWang M umwm re anth is Yewjde 0 W M uf ou d dWMLC5 0Y1 QWOLWUS PM is if unsmbm arm as QN MH 140 fame Of being at faded bi W infqu or fl13m OHM0 Wanmas n Unsab Wmics not wsibQ MW ou fut UVLobsmebLL WanMasquot 2 3mg 5 aou moeLLts are More Larnvem emL rm a anuTmurlg o Sjs m 5 ImeL SMJIQ gsfmse given bj 8mm sPaciigao gfe bui Lf 39b 4v nsfmfunoyh mo 7 s 4 5mle 5pm moobals are M30 elfmam f0 nmIa mal Syn ms as We SavO M new i M by UL WP in min 3m l we WIHQ 2 XJuj y5xugt 1L0 mean 73 f x LL in fMXnL 3 9 CX L ago 3amp0 X SOLUTION 0 STATE swag MODELS XAXBM CXD7A XoX Consiotu W Swim diffwn hol uaEk rL39 7034757 abcoLeZE quotflowWt ft 011 Cxolu MN 11 Shit 7 Ne clam vmt M Soohm yaw 0 Le Sfa W xco7co is zit eatxo fez 1971 TDJJT lhtgslPim inPu l msPonse Eat How 0 check vms gm 1 W coract SOIU WM 1 Cluck 1 Smhsfl39es 7E wk Want 7 503114 63 rth 0L1 2 ch wn wiw f 743 i thD6atZa feat I buwhl h M 70m Mat 7amp0 0 kmw My bun ASidt Labnitz Form V 2 out 0c of ff tyrbh s fa g 3 0L 0 TAd t 02 fab 39r393Lt V 2 90 00 A i rt i6 lls 00 how 0 icke W of an af xM lebwvaalyafj i t7aeatxe 1396M buCt O t f aea t TDA utTgoCr o t 6 Gainr fea a TDE LLCTDOG39Df 197119 0 ax tb vttgt x t 513145 03 W DE 0 H 5 774 2 7660 6 th f6a 390bua d h W341 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CafLmewfxm of i watt SZLs ECO Azcs 825 Aug aco j 1A2sgt j Z S CSI A 39 T Gilliam H 08cc SI 0 a 7quot 3 We Soluwvn Xlt 0 it AXlt ut X te72quot Mi 6quot lm Cth PINCt ylt mm X81 X0 3918 I At t A SW6 x0 je 0 TDuhoL r m 1 AND K 1 LL OU J fbd t VHS 35 SAMPIY CXIt Dulfj CHECK b c w 1 Xtt smHs ieSTDE h klnj 2 XH Sad is 1 11C 1 mt AeA C X0 A few mach o Bub 3 1 X00 szt ELtgt O 2XL03 A39O x0 f 0T39 X0 0 gimpQ back 42 mvmtwt Fmgfpubn 39e I 6 QuadL 2 7 31 o W Outta X o 1 O X O u F F l O 1 O C o I l I o o X C Uth F eiback 7L 2CXgt CLosuL Loaf XABCX39BR w 0x veri er XAvBCF 0 Q ll 00 O 0 O l o l o O O I quot 1 O O o I J Obsmm hmz NOWL CeIO Shady Sfa l 0704 2 When 7amp0 and RitDE O VtzO O YHquot gt 00 aw 639 0 9 N33 look at a circuit quot re ana m of We cased Lac3 SysfeMz 2 x wv Y 410 2 Xz A T b 39 R gt iaij k 7 22 06 1 I l I I 4 g gal 02 V V o V A H 02 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 15 l g I I l I I 1 0 i I X j i 05 V V V V V V o 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 16 in MATLAB IS TSXS iSim Sp CL UT 0 O o I 1 1 umw CIOSQ loo 5ster see Mime 9 each 73923 2 Xg39 2ampD20 VaO state response to X0 1 O 0 R O 8000 j 39 GOOOL 324000 V H 0 0 0 ZOOOL 0 w H 0 g g AAAAAAAA g g A A 0 4 0 8000 6000 quotQ 4000 2000 2ooo 3392 4000 6000 m MATLAB vs Tsxsjs msygd UT E10039 TOVT 7392 Now let s Solve if maWumaW aly Jo A XLt e a t x0 JeAa B Ru 0hquot 0 v A FIRST Gde39CL 63 Kt e 05quot 814 3 8131 3 s quotI O O S I l O S U38 Glausg jaootam wmnaMML or your yam171 mNhooC m S Q I O O O S 0 I Q I 0 S 00 39 row3 lmwl S 0 l o O 5 O s I O I C L l Y OWZ 0 EL 8 3 0 l rouOB 52 73925 o S l O 39 O 834 l O O z quotsquot 3 row 2 52 11 rowg 53 S l O l O 0 33 J 39 0 T 321 5 St O O 392 JSquot 3 s O l O C S l 52 S O I O 534 5quot 577 3 21 3 O O I SEE 834 8 5quot 3 8 s S O O 55 5339 3 t l S O O 8539 83 33v 0 I S 1 squot shx SZWSKV row I 32 3 l O 0 3 8339 83quot L 32 S O I O 5quot 53 s31 O O l S 1 5 8quot 5 514 1AM stk Sa xtj O 1 47 gt I S S I S I G 834 I 3239 5 O s I 5 l 32 I O s I O O 39 o I 0 O O 3004 N Z 1 Z A t l 5 S US 339quot A 2 e of 5 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s s s s s s s s V s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s H Time sec 7 35 E205 example II II a X1 X2 X1 0 4 X2 1 5 b ul X1 0 X2 1 C X1 X2 yl l 3 d ul yl 1 ontinuous time model gtgt numden ss2tfABCD num den gtgt plot impulse response gtgt ytx impulsesys gtgt how about response due to initial conditions gtgt y2t2x2 initialsys1l gtgt see also the MATLAB commands LSIM ODE23 STEP


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