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Statistical Methods

by: Claire Harris I

Statistical Methods MATH 183

Claire Harris I

GPA 3.55


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 1 page Class Notes was uploaded by Claire Harris I on Thursday October 22, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to MATH 183 at University of California - San Diego taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 15 views. For similar materials see /class/226777/math-183-university-of-california-san-diego in Mathematics (M) at University of California - San Diego.

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Date Created: 10/22/15
MATH 193 TAKE HOME FINAL AUDREY TERRAS Hand at my a Wed 12 in 74119 A M1 on war wTTb uHTer peapTe Fee1 Tree Tu1uuk aT wbaTeyer baakswebsres B T yuu MUST Te11 me wba yuuwurked wTTb ara wbaT reTererees yuu used r uwn waras Papers wTTb TaerTTeaT Tbe raTes an e eTe yuuwam 11 And yuu MUST erTe up The answers Ta The exam r yuu arswers ar wara e Tar e wara aaaTaTTars Tram bunks wT11raT be yTewea as warTb maeb First wt of Exam Read wbaT yuu ear achapTer 11 uf uur Text aa112711221114311415 Second ratt of CarsTaer The same aTTbe sTaTTsTTes earreeTea wTTb g1aba1warmTrg 02 estsTars ys ayerageg1aba1sarTaee TemperaTare emu m T peeTuTmerL dAOltcan no l fgl ia ii a ll ff f hm 7 rm 7 m E n 3511 quot 340 me 7 up 5 T 5 Teas T975 1995 m 2 T5 Tsas m FTrsT same backgruund Tram Tbe 5eerps IrsT aTOeearagrapby webpageT GLOBAL WARMING The P152 aTco2 A Warm r T e EarTb bas beer warmTrgsTree1910wTTb aTemperaTare max mum reaebea Tr The 1990 s The year 2001 Ts rawae seeara warmesT year an reeara aeearaTrg Ta Tbe WarTa BUT Ts Tst warmTrg mans M27 Taaay Tbe amuum uf earbar dumped g1aba11y TrTaTbe aTmaspbere earresparas un ersararTbe rT h rTr rTrb we ayerage ba 4 g b b r earbar Ts Tess NvmmH TbarT Twa Tars aTearbarT per persun per yean Carbun d1 gtlt1d2 Ts agreerbaase gas 711 Traps beaT raaTaTTarTbaT Ts aTTempT rg Ta eseape Tram EarTb Tbe pbys es aTTst praeess was esTab1stea by The 1rst pbysTeTsT Jabr r 9 TT T T T 9 T w 1959 e 1927 u b abseryea warmTrg rTst 1asT eerTary ear be aser bea Ta Tbe abseryea Tuaa rg aTTbe aTmaspbere wTTb greerbaase gases by human ac v1 es7 Ore wayTa abTaTr a u ck esTTmaTe arswer Ts by du rg same s mp1e ea1e01aTTars ase un hewurk uvaame Arrberws assu duubhng uf earbar d1ugtlt1d2Arrh2musprupus eampersaT rg TaeTars Tbe resaTT Ts TbaT co TbaT saTaTbere may a1sa be a ra1e fur The Sun r maaTTyTrg Tbe TemperaTare rTse arTyer by greerbaase gases The m rar drups TrTemperaTare rTng aTTer 1900 ara a er 1900 eaTreTae Tu be sarewa1e m Trg a 2 aegree CeTsTas rTse r TemperaTare per ea a samewbaT greaTer eTTecT reg1eeTTrg zfurc r expTaTr Tbe TemperaTare rTse TTTsraT TTTTTTT TTTTTTTgTTTTTT aTTa s ree Tbe aays uf James WaTT Ts erT re1y due Ta bamar aeTTyTTy 1T mere1y represems Tbe sTmpTesT puss b1e expTaraTTar Statement of mblem for Second ratt of Exam The TT TTT 196110 2000 Luuk aT The dam ara Try Ta see TT yuu be1Teye TbaT Tbere Ts a re1aTTarstp beTweerT Tbe ayerage TemperaTares ara Tbe 02 estsTars c1F1rsT make a seaTTerpTaT anaTrTs xywTTb xrvempemmre ara yiOz earresparamg Ta be same years b Secund eampaTe Tbe earreTaTTar eaeTTTeTerT e Frum parTs c1 ara b du yuu Mmk Tbere Ts a r21a11unsh1p7 Wrre asbarT essay expTaTrTrg yuur answer If yuu geT Tst exam Tram Tbe e1ass webpage TT sbama be passTbTe Ta pasTe Tbe Tab1es rTa arT ExeeT spreaasbeeT ar wbaTeyer eampaTer pm ram yuu baye bar F22 fr reearas aTTemperaTare and 02 as we11 as aTber greerbaase AraTber webs TTe fur TemperaTare aaTa bTTp aaTagTss rasagaygTsTempTabTeaaTaBLB TsodSST TxT NOAA ANASA A 510 baye 1aTs uf sTm ATsa am e Research UrTT araTbe UK MeT oTTTee HaaTey Cemre bTTp www cru uea ae Ukcru 2


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