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Media&DesignSoc Lrn Contexts

by: Angie Herzog II

Media&DesignSoc Lrn Contexts COMT 115

Angie Herzog II

GPA 3.7

Robert Lecusay

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About this Document

Robert Lecusay
Class Notes
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This 5 page Class Notes was uploaded by Angie Herzog II on Thursday October 22, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to COMT 115 at University of California - San Diego taught by Robert Lecusay in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 19 views. For similar materials see /class/226800/comt-115-university-of-california-san-diego in Mass Media Communication at University of California - San Diego.

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Date Created: 10/22/15
FIELD NOTE WRITING GUIDE COMTHDP 115 Fall 2009 adapted from Cole 1996 amp Polman 2006 For a quick tutorial on uploading your eld notes go here For sample eld notes go here and here Field notes should be written within 24 hrs of your site visit and they should be submitted before you visit site again This will prevent contamination of your impressions from your original visit from impressions developed in subsequent visits PRINT YOUR FIELD NOTES AS YOU SUBMIT THEM Since at the end of the quarter you will be asked to turn in a portfolio which collects all of the eld notes you have written it is best if you print your eld notes as you submit them As you print them put them in a three ring binder You will appreciate having done this at the end of the quarter 7 you won t have to rush and print 20 eld notes in one shot and you will have all your eld notes chronologically organized in one place which incidentally will make the writing of your re ection paper a lot easier Field note sections There are ve sections to your eld notes 1 General site observations setting the scene Narrative the main section like a play39s script Gametask level summary details about the speci c games or tasks that you engaged in Re ection like a postscript commentary in paragraph form Digital media upload relevant pictures documents etc 9 we The following explanations of the ve sections of your eld notes include questions and suggestions that are meant help you organize and write your eld notes Use these questions and suggestions as prompts to help you remember and identify details about your visit that are important for understanding life at the Learning Center You can do this by having these questions handy when you write your eld notes andor reading them before and or after you go to the Learning Center Again these are guiding questions and suggestions You are not required to directly answer each question but make sure that your eld notes generally address the topics that these questions orient you towards 1 General Site Observations required Here you are setting the scene for those who will read your notes Describe the things you notice when you come in Describe the general atmosphere your state of mind your feelings feelings expressed by others This section describes the view from a wide angle It should contain observations about the site as you arrive and how you nd your way in to the day s interactions In later notes you should mark changes things that are unusual This section is usually about one or two paragraphs long Guiding questions How were you and the people you carpooled with feeling before youthey arrived at the Learning Center What did you notice when you arrived at the Learning Center What types of interactions activities were taking place before the site activities began What was the feeling of the room the general attitude of the group as a whole What other activities in the neighborhood or in the world current events may be affecting the environment or atmosphere of the site 2 Narrative required In this section focus in on your and other s interactions at the site Try to be as accurate thoughtful and honest as you can This is the longest section of the field note and contains several paragraphs It should be as long as it takes you to describe your time at site Pointers Re ect on how you interacted with the youth how they interacted with you and how they interacted with each other Be sure to note how you and the youth arrived at a specific activity what their reaction was to the activity and what difficulties or problems they encounter when dealing with the activity Pay close attention to dialogue language and physical materials or tools used during the course of the activity Remember that negative events such as ways the interaction breaks down or misunderstandings about the activities are as interesting as positive ones in fact they are very informative when we try to understand what goes on when things go well Be careful to report behaviors rather than imputing your interpretation of the child s mental states For example Carlos ran in smiling jumping and waving a paper vs Carlos was happy Be sure and include the names and ages of the youth you work with If you engaged in online activities with the youth be sure to include URLs of sites you visited or at the very least the search terms you used andor the names of the site you visited A productive strategy to use is to try to recall parts of the day that stand out in your mind and work backwards and forwards in time from them Some aspects to attend to do not feel that you need to do all of these but use them for ideast0 jog memory Youth s understanding and interaction with an activity No difficulty We immediately got into our task how Some difficulty describe it How did you andor the youth go about solving it How did you andor the youth structure the situation What kind of understanding did you andor the youth start with What happened afterwards Were you andor the youth successful in solving the problems Did the youth you were working with learn enough about the activity to be able to in the future complete the activity successfully by himherself What strategies did you andor the youth use in solving the problem Youth teaching others If they taught you or another youth how to do something did it show that they understood how to do the activity being taught How did they teach it Did you notice anything curious in their understanding How much did you have to intervene and ask more specific questions Facilitation or hindrance caused by another person How did they react How did you What was the affective emotional quality of the interaction Were you and the others happy sad frustrated angry indifferent during the activity or during different periods What role did you and others assume in the activity Leader teacher peer student observer Were the kids you worked with eager reluctant timid openminded Did you and or the kids enjoy the activity Did you find it difficult easy or what Collaborative interaction between the others What was the nature of the collaboration Were others helpful Supportive Actively engaged How or how not Was there competition among the kids Between you and the kids Describe it Was this healthy or destructive for the group as a whole Academic work What kinds of academic work are the youth doing math writing reading general research and at what grade level What research toolstechniques are usedibook index table of contents Web search engine What forms of writing tasks do children readily engage in resist completely avoid What tools are used in the writing process computers pencilpen and paper Which tools are most effective in engaging the writing process Which are the least Is writing and design an individual effort Is it done in pairs In groups Around what themes andor concepts egWeb pages on history personal pages play is it organized What if anything do you do to foster writing Do you elicit verbalizations of ideas to write down Do you engage in cowriting tasks Do you help with grammarpunctuation If you do any of these things how Computer Interaction anal Digital Media Production Note talk around and about the computer How do children work with the keyboard use the mouse use programs and their parts make comments about particular parts of the machine and deal with problems or obstacles as they arise How much help do they ask for or not when trying to get an activity started What kinds of digital media work are being done Movie making digital pictures music making programming How skillful is the youth at doing digital media production Degree of appropriate behavior amp what you mean by that Do youth need to be reminded to behave Do they behave spontaneously even teach you or correct you about your conduct Do they try to avoid rules or even fight you about them 3 Game task Level Summary dependent on the kind of activity engaged in This section is to be completed if you played a game typically an educational computer game Simply describe the game and the level attained by the person playing it but make sure that in the Narrative section you include details about how the person played the game This section is usually 12 sentences long 4 Re ection required In this section state your thoughts and opinions about what happened at site What have you learned about yourself and others You can bring in your background experiences or any information that helps frame your thoughts about the interactions at site Note any thoughts you might have about previous experiences that relate to what s going on beliefs that may have been challenged or relevant to the way you acted or ideas about what you may have wanted to do differently How is the experience of being a part of the Town and Country project the class and writing eld notes changing for you as the weeks go by Also take this opportunity to comment on aspects of the activities that you think are particularly positive or problematic and any other ideas that may be helpful in the next weeks for yourself other students or future classes 5 Digital Media optional The database where you submit your field notes is configured to let you upload digital files documents pictures small movies etc Ifyou have a cel phone digital camera etc we encourage you to take pictures of the events and objects you describe in your field notes If you are going to take pictures ALWAYS ASK PERMISSION OF THOSE WHO WILL BE PHOTOGRAPHED YOU ARE NOT TO ENGAGE IN BEHAVIORS THAT MAKE ANYONE FEEL LIKE AN OBJECT UNDER OBSERVATION This also applies to taking pictures of materials For example you may help a child with their homework in which case a digital image of the homework assignment would be very useful for you as tool for remembering the details of your interaction HOWEVER be tactful ask the child for permission to take the picture and explain to himher why you re doing it in this case you want to review the picture later in order to think and write about your interaction and this in turn will help you help the child in the future when you help the child with similar homework assignments ONE LAST THINGHU If something occurred during your visit that you think is especiallv critical for the instructor or TA to know please highlight this in vour field note bv using ALL CAPS in the text that describes the incident ALSO please contact the instructor or TA directly via email if you are especially concerned GRADING Remember there is no way to say anything wrong in your field notes We are looking for your honest observations Your field notes will be graded on when and how thoroughly you report on your experiences at the site see criteria listed below The richer more detailed and complete your notes are the better you we will be able to understand and evaluate changes at the Learning Center and the more resources you will have to draw on in writing your final re ection and research papers We will assess your field notes with respect to Timeliness A good field note is a one submitted within 24 hrs of your visit The later you submit your notes after the 24 window the lower your grade will be Detail include details that are relevant for assessing learning and developmental changes at TCLC The guiding questions above are there to orient you to those relevant details A good field note addresses these questions within the scope of the activities you engage in


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