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The Presidency

by: Boris Kuhn

The Presidency POLI 100A

Boris Kuhn

GPA 3.81


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Boris Kuhn on Thursday October 22, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to POLI 100A at University of California - San Diego taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 22 views. For similar materials see /class/226802/poli-100a-university-of-california-san-diego in Political Science at University of California - San Diego.

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Date Created: 10/22/15
Subgroups of Z and of Zquot Math 100 I39CSI likall 2001 In this handout wo 39lassily tho subgroups of Z and Z IVor oyory intogor n nZ is a subgroup of Z and an nk L E Z is a subgroup of Z l or oxamplo tho subgroup of Zm additiyoly gonoratod by l is 42l0 4812160 48260 02468 Theorem 1 liirrr y N llbfquotUllp of Z has UM form nZ for I unitm HIM 1 I Z 0 Proof 39l ho main idoa is this in tho subgroup nZ for II gt 0 n is tho loast positiyo olomont 39l horoloro if wo want to proyo an arbitrary nontriyial subgroup II C Z has tho form nZ wo should dolino n as tho loast positiyo olomont of II First wo nood to show II has a positiyo olomont at all Lot II C Z bo a subgroup ll II thon II nZ for n 0 ssumo now that II y so II 39ontains a nonxoro intogor say 1 Sim39o II is quotlosod undor nogation 1 E II Ono of 1 or 1 is positiyo so II 39ontains a positiyo intogor 39l horoloro II 39ontains a 4181 positiyo intogor say I V Vo will proyo II nZ Sim39o n E II quotlosuro of II undor addition and nogation implios nZ C II For tho royorso inlt39lusion pick I E II To show I E quotZ wo want to show Ill1 Lot39s uso tho division algorithm with division by I not by h whyE l or somo intogors and I39 I1 quot1 139 0 f I39 lt n Sim39o I E II and m 6 NZ C II wo hayo I39 I1 m E II 39l ho inoqualitios 0 f I39 lt n and tho minimality of n among tho positiyo intogors in II imply I39 0 39l horoloro I1 IN 6 NZ and wo hayo II nZ Convorning tho uniquonoss of II noto that within tho subgroup nZ for n gt 0 wo 39an quotharavtorim n as tho loast positiyo olomont 39l horoloro n is uniquoly dotorminod by nZ oyon whon II 0 for obyious roasons Corollary 1 51317 I pusftfirr HIM 1 m 39Trr subgroups ufZ N lls fylllfj mZ C II C Z In prrri39srly It N llifquotUllps IZ iiiMN Iml gt 0 Proof If 11m say In Mt thon mZ C IZ C Z Conyorsoly if mZ C II C Z thon wo know by 39l hoorom 1 that II nZ for somo II gt 0 Sim39o m E mZ C II nZ wo soo that m E quotZ so quotI ll VVrito n as I so II IZ and Irr1l gt 0 D Theorem 2 Fur filthy4 3 1 1an I all 1an only 12 3 bZ l Proof If 1I thon I II for an intogor It 39l hus IH39 II139 for any intogor I39 so bZ C IZ Conyorsoly if bZ C IZ thon I E Z is a multiplo of 1 say I II 39l hon 1 D In words tho thoorom says to liyido is to 39ontain39 Commit this phraso to momory so you don39t think 1 gt IZ C Z by mist o 39l ry out a lt onlt39roto oxamplo liko 2Z and SZ VVhilo 2 G tho multiplos of G aro multiplos of 2 not tho othor way around so GZ C 2Z y ho subgroups of Z using tho lt lassililt39ation of tho sulr Now wo 39 groups of Z Theorem 3 7 ma r m furr subgroup 0me has IIr form IZquot for I Mfrm Im I gt 0 In pm l llIIH In Zquot 1 Mid IIH r Is only our subgroup of HIPI pumi bh In ururI Is 1 llbfI U llp Is yrIr If yrIr l muf It is 39loar that for Ilm and I gt 0 IZquot is a subgroup of Z VVhon Ilm In E II mod 1 ltgt 1 E I mod InI so IZm IIII and thoroloro tho subgroups IZquot aro listinguishod by thoir sixo sim39o wo 39an road oll39 I from tho sixo IIII as m is of 39ourso k n ow n lVor oxamplo 2Z6 024 has sixo 32 3 Now wo show any subgroup of Zquot has tho losirod form Lot II C Zquot bo a subgroup VVo 39onsidor tho roduvtion homomorphism Z Z whilt39h sonltls 1 to H 1 mod 1 39l ho inyorso imago f IIII is a subgroup of Z whilt39h 39ontains f IIO IZ By Corollary 1 any subgroup of Z 39ontaining IZ has tho form IZ whoro Ilm and I gt 0 39l hat is IZ AII II E Z 1 mod 1 E II Sim39o is Slll j 391i If III II and thus II IZ IZm El Noto ospolt39ially that thoro is a onoitoiono 39orrospondonlt39o botwoon tho subgroups of Zquot and tho subgroups of Z intormodiato botwoon IZ and ting with an Z In a sonso tho way wo got tho subgroups of Zquot is by inlt39lusion liko IZ C IZ C Z and rodm39ing39 all groups modulo 1 to got 0 C IZquot C Z So tho subgroup stru39turo of Zquot is ossontially liko tho subgroup strult39turo of Z lying aboyo39 IZ lVor oxamplo tho subgroups of Z 39ontaining GZ aro SZ 32 22 Z


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