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by: Dr. Buck Hane


Dr. Buck Hane
GPA 3.79

H. Marcuse

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About this Document

H. Marcuse
Class Notes
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This 1 page Class Notes was uploaded by Dr. Buck Hane on Thursday October 22, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to HIST 133D at University of California Santa Barbara taught by H. Marcuse in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 47 views. For similar materials see /class/226828/hist-133d-university-of-california-santa-barbara in History at University of California Santa Barbara.




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Date Created: 10/22/15
UCSB Hist 133D Winter 2008 Prof Marcuse The Holocaust in German History marcusehistoryucsbedu HIST 133D WEB OPTION GUIDELINES I Procedure and Timeline If you received a B or better on your essay you may opt to do the following instead of the nal exam 1 On the graded hard copy I returned to you please describenote in a different color pen pencil or marked with highlighter any changes you are making besides the small copyedits I marked on it 2 Open amp save your book essay file naming it as follows AuthorslastnameYourlastnameYear7083doc Eg MarcuseFrankI2006083doc Year is the date of your books publication 083 stands for 2008March If you don t use Microsoft Word rtf rich text format is ok too Under File gt Save as select quottypequot 3 Augment your paper with l 5 below Note that 5 is especially important lion s share of grade 4 Turn on the Tools gt Track Changes function of Microsoft Word and then edit your paper itself 5 On Tuesday Mar 4 Submit the marked by me and you hard copy ofyour essay with a printout of the new items l 6 below stapled in front of it I will edit and comment on the additional web elements especially on the annotated references and links 6 Image Try to nd one image for the web page header you may insert it into the word document but it must also be saved as a separate file named as follows AuthorslastnameDesc1iptivewordjpg png or gif For example FranklPortraitjpg It must be saved and emailed as a separate file A vertical format is best If appropriate multiple images are acceptable Alternatively you can make an appointment with me to scan images in my office Be sure to bring the source books with you 7 Make any nal revisions and submit an electronic copy in doc or rtf format by Thu Mar 13 8pm The electronic copy should be emailed to me as an attachment with an image attached as well Subject 133D web Bookauthorname Year by Yourname eg 133D web Frankl 2006 by Marcuse II Project Elements Your nal submission must have the following elements in addition to your book essay text For examples see the quotIndex page of student essaysquot in the menu bar on the l33c course web site l Think ofa meaningful title for your essay quotDescriptive Title in Quotation Marksquot quotA Holocaust Survivor Finds Meaning in Suffering by Your rstname Yourlastname by Harold Marcuse 2 Full author name Title and publication information of the book on which your essay is based This should be in the following form do not put each item on a separate line I ll do that Authors rstname Authorslastname Title Subtitle in Italics CityOfPublication Publisher yearpublished number of pages UCSB call number include the call number even if you did not use the library copy Example Viktor Frankl Man39s Searchfor Meaning 1918 1990 Boston Beacon 2006 ed 1959 165 pages UCSB D805G3 F7 1962 3 An About the author sentence or paragraph in which you describe yourself major class year relevant interests and as appropriate why you are interested in and the extent of your knowledge of GermanEuropean history eg personalfamily connections previous coursework travel You might also say why you chose this particular book or topic Example I am a junior psychology major who has been studying group dynamics I heard a Holocaust survivor speak in my junior high school and I was moved by several Holocaustthemed films such as Schindler39s List I also visited Auschwitz during a trip in 2006 I chose to write about Frankl39s book because I am interested in how people make sense of horrible things that happen in their lives 4 An abstract of your essay about 150200 words in which you brie y describe what the book is about and state the author s and or your main thesis the main point theyyou make 5 An annotated Bibliography and Links section with a heading and 3 subsections Book Reviews with the full bibliographic information for the reviews you foundincluding links if available online Web Sites and Books and Articles You should list utleustZ other books or journal articles on your topic and ca 5 most relevant links you can nd Note do not merely take the top search results but review at least 20 links found using several different search terms Each link should have an annotationa brief description and assessment of the web page See examples from my other coursescontinued over


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