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by: Dr. Buck Hane


Dr. Buck Hane
GPA 3.79

C. Lansing

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About this Document

C. Lansing
Class Notes
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This 10 page Class Notes was uploaded by Dr. Buck Hane on Thursday October 22, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to HIST 115X at University of California Santa Barbara taught by C. Lansing in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 74 views. For similar materials see /class/226829/hist-115x-university-of-california-santa-barbara in History at University of California Santa Barbara.




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Date Created: 10/22/15
MEDIEVAL STUDIES NOTES The case was at the intersection of a number of eleventhtwelfth century changes 0 The reform o Con icting views of marriage 0 change in the nature of royal authority REFORM The reform program Effort to divide ecclesiastical and secular authority purify and elevate the clergy reinvention through celibacy Christianize lay institutions In practice Attack on simony lay investiture clerical marriage Reform of marraige A sacrament indissoluble monogamous Papal reform Christianize the laity Reform marriage This challenged royal strategies to extend rule Dynastic marriages ex Phillip and Bertrade 1092 Reformers Marriage is a sacrament defined by consent and requires lifetime monogamy No divorce or remarriage allowed Loophole Ban on incest within seven degrees of kinship Models of marriage 1 warrior nobility o purposes of marriages survival of lineage transmission of property establishment of alliances 0 need for exibility divorce 2 Reform clergy o purpose of marriage procreation o sacrament defined by consent 0 characteristics permanent monogamous The queen39s in uence is de ned because of her sexual relationship with the king Also she is the mother of the heir The kings advisors charged the queen of adultery so she was forced to adhere to a Trial of Ordeal In a Trial of Ordeal God is the judge and jury They burn her hand with an iron and if it heals correctly she is innocent 10710 Shift in patterns of inheritance among nobles from C11th from rise of territorial lordship effort to preserve family patrimony intact oldest son preferred younger sons given little or sent into church sons sent to be trained in the military often by mother39s brother Youth culture men without wives or lands adulthood postponed Rise of Knighthood William Marshall 1 147 1219 A verse biography secular text Source his squire John d Erly Tutor and Companion of young King Henry Henry II oldest son Tournament circuit Professional 7 income from capture and ransom Obligations of hospitality and display When young Henry rebelled in 1173 knighted him Accused of adultery with Margaret Crusade for 2 years 1186 7 caught up in struggles between Henry II and Richard 1189 king rewarded with an heiress Isabelle of Striguile Values No hint of courtly love Anticlerical Death bed confession Asked by the priest to recall all he had harmed and make restitution he replied Churchmen are too hard on us shaving us too closely the kingdom of heaven is closed in my face THURS 1014 Heloise and the letters The debate over the authenticity of the letters we dont have early copies The earliest copy is a French translation by Jean de Meun 150 years after they were written her letters exist in seven manuscripts her Problemata and her letter to Peter the Venerable Possible views 1 Heloise wrote them 2 Abelard wrote them 3 Someone forged them later Why An example of religious conversion A saint39s life ie Abelard Perhaps Heloise polished them later for publication Or someone else Heloise 110011631 Who was she Niece of Canon Fulbert Of Note Dame in Paris Probably educated t the prestigious royal convent of Argenteuil knew classical philosophy and literature Abelard on her education and reputation Contemporary poems about their a air One says she is not at fault for his castration gave no consent Another says Abelard did not deserve to be called a lover since he was cruel to her while she obeyed him Their correspondance 1132 15 years later 7 where were they Expulsion from Argenteuil for notorious immortality Perhaps talked about things like Ovid39s Art of Love Set up by Abelard at the Paraclete in Champagne Near Clairvaux Bernard came and nosed around Provided for them traveled gave fundrising sermons gave them books Her writing style Newfangled italian taught be Adalbertus Slow cadences and rhythmic parallels Copied by Abelard but less sustained She was trained in classical philosophy and literature probably knew more than he did 7 he was a logician and atheologian Perhaps she showed him that classical literature embodied a way to live Letter 2 1 His epistle to a friend his misfortunes 2 Abelard s obligation to the community and especially to her you are the sole cause of my sorrow and you alone can console me 3 Her state of mind Inever sought anything in you except yourself 4 Her reproaches consider your injustice if when I deserve more you give me less Letter 4 1 Double reproach spare us 2 Double lament I am the most wretched of women 3 Her selfanalysis I did not do wrong of my own consent 4 Her rejection of his view of her piety I am a hypocrite Themes of letters Sin as intention not action Her criticism of marriage Only leave freely given THURS 1021 Earlier transvestite tales I When did the Pope Joan story appear and how did it develop gradual assimilation of oral legend into written tradition Early texts that mention Joan Chronicle of Metz 1255 Jean de Mailly Dominican collections of stories for preachers 1260 Jacopo da Voragine 1297 Martinus Polonus 1277 bP N Did Joan begin as an oral tradition She was an oral tradition til the mid12th century Evidence papal coronation ritual changed after 1140 Note combination of gestures of papal humility with Regal staging that imitated imperial coronations 1 Election by cardinals 2 Cloacked in red cope 3 Led to the Lateran to be seated on the sedes stercorata Papal coronation throne seat of excrement 4 Prayer at the altar of the Lateran 5 Seated on the curial chairs to receive the crozier and keys Prayer inside the Sancta Sanctorum Chapel Holy of Holies 0 gt1 Procession to Saint Peter s 8 At Saint Peter s he was consecrated celebrated Mass and received the pallium 9 At the papal stable he received his decorated horse and was crowned with the tiara by a deacon 10 Back to the Lateran in cavalcade taking possession of the city of Rome Note the miX of symbols of papal humility Some time after 1140 they took a detour on the way to Saint Peter39s Why This avoided the Oratory of the popessa Rumors of a veri cation ritual by 1290s the least of deacons checked for testicles Possible interpretations of the Joan legend An antipapal satire new ba ling and pretentious rituals Gender obsession Why tension in the C12l339h Church over gender Exclusion of women from preisthood ban on clerical marriage from the Synod of Elvira c 206 but itradition of married clergy continued Cllth Reform new emphasis on clerical celibacy What does that mean about their masculinity 4TH CRUSADE Changing ideas of crusading from 1192 by sea centered on Egypt Innocent III Crusading an obligation part of the devotional life of all Christians Crusading indulgence for all took vow granted crosses if died in battle martyrs Fourth Crusade 1204 Byzantine perspective the Schism Venetian perspective Latins Events disastrous overestimate of size of armyhow to pay Venice Idea of Crusading CHANGED from 1192 By sea centered on Egypt professional recruitment to be nanced by taxes Precise theology of violence Byzantine perspective political background Emperor Isaac II had opposed FerderickI His brother AleXius III desposed him had him blinded and imprisoned ight of Isaac son Venetian perspective Huge cultural debt to Byzantium Doge Enrico Dandolo a connoisseur of Byzantine art Commercial rivalsL Pisa and Genoa Legal courters in Constantinople lucrative trade based in treaties Expelled 1171 but resolved in 1189 So no interest in conquest Commercial treaty with the sultan in Cairo Real interest probably a foothold in the Nile delta Why attack Zara Threat of Pisan privateers in the Adriatic attacking the eet in alliance with the Hungarians Latins Promise to assist young AleXius IV in regaining his throne romance of aiding a dispossessed prince His commitment if he regained Constantinople he would provide 200000 marks and a military force of 10000 to the crusade And place the Byzantine church under Roman obedience Innocent protected them Costs of Crusading RileySmith for the rst Crusade minimally 4 years annual income Marriage magic and poison in Bologna Late thirteenth century Italian towns Sources of strain in marriages 1 Late marriage for men c 30 remain bachelors early marriage for girls wife or nun average age gap 12 years 2 Dowry system Evidence for marital con icts Bologna s court records Court process Outsider judges and notaries How did a case come to court Stage 1 Accusation denunciation noti cation Stage 2 Inquest Stage 3 Trial Proof Eyewitness Confession Public reproaches Contumacy Use of torture Can this evidence be trusted Manipulation of the court Blonda vs Megliore legal infamy but serious investigations by judges Marital homicide 24 detailed cases of husbands killing wives tendency to blame concubines What about wives killing husbands Deadly turtellectos case chick poisoned her husband39s food over time Wax gure and goldsmith s wife What is the charge 11910 NOTES Relationship between growing bureaucracy and persecution Philip the Fair rb 12851314 Philip39s focus consolidate France and his revenue base He had a gift for propaganda and for playing on popular fears Trials of Bishop Bernard de Saisset and Bishop Guichard of Troyes Guichard was subjected to an inquiry for trying to poison some peoples And they locked him up Accusation Philip accused two of his sons wives of adultery Result No male heirs a disputed succession and ultimately the 100 Years War French royal ideology sacred kingship Royal reliance on the Church as a source of legitimate authority set up a long series of power struggles In the 13111 century rapid expansion of royal domain Underlying problem Localism local custom People had been independent of the crown for so long it was hard to take control of them Revenues were unpredictable hard to collect How did government work 150 royal o icials 200 High ranking provincial officers Lowranking officers Locals sergeants Reliance on Italian bankers and a circle of legal advisors Ex Guillaume de Nogaret Compensation of royal of cials Salaries food and lodging gifts Costs of wars intended to consolidate royal control of France Expulsion of the Jews Jews were not allowed to own property and were pushed into professions The period saw growing hostility toward the Jews Blood libel the notion that Jews in this community would kidnap and murder Christian children for vengeance They were marked with special clothing Restricted to pawn broking and selling old clothes for money They were expelled from England in 1290 Protests against the Blood Libel by Gregory IX 22 July 1306 overnight arrest of 100000 Jews They were allowed to take only the clothing on their back and a tiny bit of money Exiled driven out of French lands Philip claimed their belongings and any debts owed to him Another solution go after the Templars Order of the Temple founded in 1119 to protect pilgrims in Palestine King of Jerusalem gave them the use of his palace the alAqsa mosque Recognition 1128 official Rule Fighting monks Bernard of Clairvaux In Praise of the New Knighthood Doubts Henry of Huntington 1145 a new monster composed from purity and corruption Muslim interference An unnatural hybrid William Marshall affiliated and was buried in the Temple of London In the 13111 century 7000 knights sergeants and serving brothers priests Extraordinary wealth 870 castles and houses from Dublin to Cyprus NOTES 11 16 Con ict with Boniface VIII Clericos laicos Excommunication of kings who taxed the clergy without papal approval Unam sanctam November 1302 Strong statement of papal authority over monarchs Response charges of simony heresy immorality etc capture at Anagni b the mercenary force led by Sciarra Colonna and Guillaume de Nogaret 7 Sept 1303 He died in Rome 11 Oct French pope Clement V TUES 1130 Joan her changing sign and changing fortunes Daniel Hobbins Blend of traditional visionary and traditional military As a military leader she operates like a male commander Chronology March 1429 Joan meets Charles VII gives him a sign Examination at Poitiers July 1429 Coronation of Charles VII May 1430 Captured INQUISITORIAL PROCESS February 143 1preparatory trial begins March 2728 1431 Ordinary trial 70 articles of accusation April 5 Articles of accusation reduced to 12 Consultation with Paris faculty May 2324 12 articles brought sermon sentence She recants She resumes men s clothing May 28 Interrogation in prison May 30 Condemnation and execution Poitiers examination What do you need to prove that you are divinely inspired Purity of life A sign from God Why the heresy trial She was a prisoner of war a political necessity Process Assembly of doctors and masters First exhortation issue of her oath Interrogation What were the main issues Preparatory trial


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