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by: Dr. Buck Hane


Dr. Buck Hane
GPA 3.79


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Class Notes
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This 6 page Class Notes was uploaded by Dr. Buck Hane on Thursday October 22, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to HIST 17C at University of California Santa Barbara taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 60 views. For similar materials see /class/226832/hist-17c-university-of-california-santa-barbara in History at University of California Santa Barbara.




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Date Created: 10/22/15
A Philip 0 Randolph A prominent African American civil rights leader 18891979 Founder of the March on Washington movement and activist for African American labor organizing and Brotherhood of Sleeping Car Porters 1941 After Randolph threatened march on Washington FDR established Fair Employment Practices Commission 0 Randolph agreed to not plan the march In early 1950s with the Cold War on the rise the US build the U2 spy plane to determine Soviet weaponry 1960 U2 Incident occurred when a spy plane was shot down in Soviet territory The pilot Francis Gary Powers was instructed by Eisenhower to take a cyanide pill to prevent the truth from coming out when the Soviet interrogated him Instead he didn t take the pill and divulged the US information to Khrushchev who called Eisenhower a liar Caused great embarrassment to the US and prompted a marked deterioration with its relations with the USSR Freedom Summer Campaign launched June 1964 to attempt to register as many African American voters as possible in Mississippi which up to that time had almost totally excluded black voters Violent racial crimes were committed against the blacks in opposition to their campaign KKK and White Citizens Council along with the police and white citizens all violently attacked churches black people and entire neighborhoods Committee to Defend America By Aiding the Allies Internationalism Provide Britain with military aid to withstand military attack from Nazi Germany I Global trading system reliant on availability of trade in western Europe if Nazis took hold the US would be even more economically isolated I America thought it would be the best way to keep America out of the fights in Europe America First Committee Isolationism I NonInterventionist group that believed America should stay out of the foreign affairs in Europe I Believed America should stay out ofWWII I Largest antiwar group in US history 800000 members Little Rock Inlet on the Southern Coast of Cuba Bay of Pigs April 1961 Kennedy launched Bay of Pigs invasion which ended in fiasco o Many exiles captured on beaches effort collapsed and Kennedy had to assume responsibility for defeat o Kennedy did not leave Cuba alone After Bay of Pigs Kennedy stepped up efforts to assassinate Castro Operation Mongoose poisonous cigars LSD spiked food John Maynard Keynes o Depression continued until WWII justified level of government spending and investment in private economy allowed govt to buy itself out of the crusns o National government had active and humane concerns for people on the rungs of economic ladder o No particular responsibility to those who had fallen into poverty Iames Meredith o American civil rights movement activist first African American student at the University of Mississippi Levittown Bill Levitt construction and marketing of housing Demand for affordable housing Took industrial techniques from Ford motor and put them to use in construction Levittowns were located in upstate New York and Pennsylvania Executive Order 9066 o Authorized the Army to designate any part of the country a war zone Oregon Washington and California army detained Japanese citizens in Indian reservations Gen John DeWitt implemented the removal order o Tanforan Race Track San Bruno CA 1942 o Internment was economically devastating for the Japanese lost goods and business BonusArmy 1932 o Groups of WWII veterans gathered in Washington to receive bonuses many camped out to wait o July 1932 Hoover demanded squatters to leave o Secretary of War Joseph McCarthy o Senator early 1950 before Korean War McCarthy accused Truman administration of harboring communists McCarthy s charges that there were over 285 Department Employees were working for communists 79 terminated believed that there were still 205 communists 18th Amendment to the Constitution o Established Prohibition in the United States o Ratification was certified on January 16 1919 o Demand for liquor continued and the law resulted in the criminalization of producers suppliers and consumers of alcohol BettyFriedan o During the 1940s Role of women was to be wives and mothers o Sexuality and sexual fulfillment differed women could have sexual pleasure within marriage o Friedan s book The Feminine Mystique sparked a new wave of feminism in America o Her work through the National Organization for Women aimed to bring women into the mainstream alongside men SNCC o Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee o Principal organizations of the American Civil Rights Movement in the 19605 Marshall Plan o 1947 Secretary of State George Marshall proposed the plan for the recovery of Europe 0 Free trade rather than strict government controls 0 Provided best guarantee that western Europe would be strong and would not appeal to local communists Marshall plan was rejected by soviet and Eastern European governments o Largescale economic program of the US for rebuilding and creating a stronger economic foundation for the countries of Europe 0 GI Bill of Rights o 1944 helped to lift millions of Americans into middle class 0 Returning veterans could receive college tuition loans to start businesses and govt wrote out loans for veterans to buy houses 0 Education and training filled the positions in technological market 0 Construction boom many construction jobs 0 Working class upward mobility to middle class o Millions of Americans were left behind o Suburbanization was facilitated by GI Bill loans o Bill Levitt Levittowns Lend Lease Act o Leant Britain ships equipment tools etc totaling 50 million worth of supplies in 1941 o It was an attempt by the US to stay out of the war but also showed Hitler that the US was in alliance with England o In response Hitler sent military submarines to attack the US ships National Origins Act Sputnik Also known as the Immigration act of 1924 was a US federal law that limited the number of immigrants into the US from any country to 2 of the number that already were living in the US in 1890 It aided the anxiety of the times because people were already concerned with the number of Eastern Europeans and Asians in the country and feared communism within the country SummerOctober 1957 USSR tested first ICBM hit milestone before the US Launched Sputnik first leg of the Space Race Americans were fearful because the Soviets could land missiles anywhere Soviets sent second satellite into orbit with a dog passenger US failed attempt at a satellite launch Rosa Parks During 19505 black movement Rosa Parks was arrested for participating in the Montgomery Bus Boycott 19551956 Became an important symbol of the modern Civil Rights Movement in her resistance to racial segregation Senator Huey Long Tax on banks utilities other moneyed interests Concentrated power in his own hands and turned legislature into his own supporters Extremely popular with voters 0 Wanted to build roads schools and hospitals Won Louisiana senate seats 0 Speeches were spectacles he would joke laugh cause a scene Initially supported FDR but eventually challenged him Proposed wealth distribution o Long s Share Our Wealth took from the rich and redistributed the wealth to the poor Many wealthy couldn t subsidize the program 5000 per family o Long took party seriously Zoot Suit Riots o Mexican Americans suffered widespread discrimination during war years as dramatized in zoot suit riots 1943 o Segregated facilities prevented them from entering white buildings o Young Mexican Americans would wear flashy suits overused fabrics and baggy pants o Antiwar sentiment used too much fabric o LA was popular site for Navy sailors to come ashore and tensions between Zoot Suitors and American sailors was popular EmmettTill Till whistled at a white girl and was convicted and murdered o Two white men confessed to killing him but were not convicted of murder Added tensions between blacks and whites for racial discrimination Marcus Garvey o Black nationalist who 3 8th Parallel o Three shocks of 19491950 0 1 The Loss of China 1949 o 2 Soviet detonation of atom bomb 0 3 Korean War June 1950 Korea had been divided at 38th parallel and in June 1950 during Korean war North Korea attacked across the parallel


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