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by: Daron Kemmer IV


Daron Kemmer IV
GPA 3.63


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 13 page Class Notes was uploaded by Daron Kemmer IV on Thursday October 22, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to SPAN 6 at University of California Santa Barbara taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 31 views. For similar materials see /class/226848/span-6-university-of-california-santa-barbara in Spanish at University of California Santa Barbara.




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Date Created: 10/22/15
New Hybrid InorganicOrganic Materials for Energy Applications bicon nuous bicontinuous cubic CUbIC hexagonal spheres cubic spheres hexagonal cublc lamellar AK B For example 650 nm m n CHSClgo CHSCH3 Cubic Hexagonal Mesostructu red silica with Prof Galen Stucky UCSB Prof Glenn Fredrickson UCSB D Zhao etal Science 279 548 1998 One Example ProtonExchange Membranes in Fuel Cells Air Air water PEM Fuel Cell NafionT39VI CF2C F2xCl FCF2y OCFzCFCF3OCF2CF2803H gt80 C Ionconducting channel One Example Functionalized Mesostructured Silica Films for ProtonExchange Membranes in Fuel Cells Ala Air water PEM Fuel Cell Cathode n lt Membrane w Anode Athens EinEli Chmelka H2 H2 Adv Mater 2007 TemperatureDependent Proton Conductivities Target High Temp Range W Membranes hydrated 50 RH aeu 39 I co Tolerance n rm o au 2 9c0lt 09 39 g2 a 13pm gm 7 0m5 Na on 117 T iu39m if K 39 I 030 ivymCO wwvnco I can 7 x 3 E 0090 PFSAAlumlnosmca 00 15a 200 250 Q with8wt tri ic acid umpmium I c a Yang C et al J Power Sources 2001 103 1 0015 9 2 5 0010 PFSAAluminosilica v 0005 v v v v Silica amp Aluminosilica O39m39Y39T39Y39T39Y39T39Y39Y39T39 020406080100120140160180200 Temperature 0C Higher conductivity values at Tgt 135 C compared to Nafion GL Athens Y EinEli BF Chmelka Adv Mater 19 2580 2007 BF Chmelka GL Athens US Patent Appl 2006 Functionalization of InorganicOrganic Solids optoelectronics optical materials fuel cell membranes electrodes capacitors Mesoporous Carbon Films Electrodes 39t C Focused ionbeam TEM lm crosssection Eectrocataysts GL Athens BF Chmelka Adv Mater submitted Mesoporous Carbon Fim5 By comparison Carbon Cloth Electrodes Surface Area 400 leg Conductivity 10 Slcm Surface Area 50 m2 Conductivity 40 50 Slcm White lightemitting inorganicorganic composites 4 with Prof GL Frey Technion Israel Kirmayer eta Chem Mater 2008 in press White Absorbance Technologically Important Semiconductor Nano crystal Systems Composition surface size amp uniformity are all important Energy eV 215 2 50 225 2 30 1r75 RedGreenBlue InGaP Quantum Dots in toluene g 7 9 2 C quot 3 5 o n x 3 High Quantum Yields gt 10 l3 pm m but only after HF etching 500 600 700 H 73 Wavelength nm E InGaP with Prof Geoff Strouse Florida State uquot GaN with Prof Dan Morse UCSB VF ZnSe with Prof Yuval Golan BGU Dehydration of Polymeric PEM Materials CF20F2xFCF2y eg Nafion DuPont OCFzCFCF3OCF2CF2SO3H 0 SO protonic charge carrier H20 lt80 C Ionconducting channel Yeager Steck J Electrochem 800 185 1880 2001 Filling of Remaining Mesopore Volume with Triflic Acid CF3SO3H Surfacegrafted PFSA Porefilling triflic acid J 800 m2g Increases concentration of acid moieties Improves barrier properties Approach Hierarchical design of inorganic materials Molecular functionalization of blockcopolymer templated mesoporous silicas Incorporation of aluminosilica moieties to control adsorption properties Incorporation of acidic moieties to introduce ionconduction properties Characterization of material properties over molecular meso macroscopic length scales Feedback to synthesis processing modelling Generalization to related membrane systems Conductivity Scm 76x105 Liion Batteries Li conductivity of PFSA grafted aluminosilica films 72x105 68x105 64x105 60x105 56x10 5 52x10395 48x105 PFSAAISBA 16 with Li 39SOgCF3 Solution I PFSA AI SBA l 6 with Li 39CI Solution 20 30 I 39 l 39 I 40 50 60 Temperature PC I 70 l 80 Methanol Fuel Cell PEMs 060 incorporated into surface butyIgrafted silica films


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