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by: Kobe Dare


Kobe Dare
GPA 3.6


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 11 page Class Notes was uploaded by Kobe Dare on Thursday October 22, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to THTR 266 at University of California Santa Barbara taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 45 views. For similar materials see /class/226863/thtr-266-university-of-california-santa-barbara in Theatre at University of California Santa Barbara.




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Date Created: 10/22/15
5192008 ESM 266 Water Earth the water planet approx 14 x 109 km3 74 of surface Oceans 972 Ice 20 Groundwaterdeep7504000m 04 Groundwater shallowlt750m Uo Lakes 001 Soil 0005 Atmosphere 0001 Rivers 00001 Biosphere 000004 Read Black PE On the critical nature of useless resources Water Resources Bulletin 1995 Groundbased observations since 1957 Antarctic satellite coverage Stommel 1965 Multiple current hypothesis 1 V V I 7 V Internal tide nformation 1975 Downwelling Total radiance Sun and sk y LlLpLsLVLb 1rrad1ance ESun and Writer Esky ltSphere lillullnm ESM 266 Water 1er satellite 19703 Single current Internal tides from altimetry Elrxrlih 39 m39 39iml u lihr39lq uh I llama J r um I 39 1 39139 J 1 l39 a ii i I39ll a II M I I an m u hiFM39Li quot hi1 am quot WI ml Him 5 wk Ian J quot5211 w 5192008 Water penetration Examples dark in NIR sunglint 5 1 000 mg 1 Clayey soil 0 V L Q 39 IIn a A 3 a O I g 39 gt V 7 quot I 751th H 6 L clear water a 15 7 1 his w I 3935 50 vi t J I I i 3950 5500 4550 600 650 70390 9603 480039 i850 5900 lsxfgth 61111 a ici to Clear deep ocean Case 1 water far from shore rarely contains suspended minerals greater than 1mm in diameter Plankton Chlorophyll a is a reasonable surrogate Dissolved organic matter Related to phytoplankton production Gelbstoff yellow stuff 1quot 7 L 1000 m39gi Si ty soil 600 5 1 k quot 350 0 300 250 200 150 100 E f iiit Re ltf ei 11i c clear water 127 cos l 5 l l 00 50 5500 550 600 65039 700 9610 4800 850 9001 ma eienjg lxmn j 1 algaeladen water Mississippi Delta 12272001 Pstct m N I I 39I t 39 75002 i600 100 8 900 Note the strong chlorophyll a absorption Qbhg my of blue light between 400 and 500 nm and of red light at approximately 675 g5 nm AlgaeLaden Water with Various Suspended Sediment Concentrations Percent Re ectance A 739 quot i quot1 00 5030 2600 70 800i 900 clefng httpvisibleearth nasagov ESIVI 266 Water 2 5192008 Ocean Color Ocean Color Sensors CoastalZone ColorScanneMCZCS OdubeMB BEE 7 1m andA km gvldded data 7 ealapmduelsavallablevnmeennm Mp Wee 35 nasa guvMaladalaselCZCSmdex hlm Seavlerng Wl e leleoMlew Scanner SeanFS 7 smce SeptembeMBW 7 1km a 4 km gudded eala 7 dalapmduclsavallablewheeulsclemmcuse um Mp Wee 35 nasa guvdaladalaselSEAW FS Moderate Resolullon lmaglng Spectroradlometer MOD S Ocean color ls a measure ornlologleal actlvlty 39 7 phyluplanklun pmduce emm p m 7 dlssuNed and pameulale mane Used to measure 7 blnlngleal pvududlvlly 7 s avyZ n 7 1kmgvlddeddala 7 aalapmduelaavallablemmeennm Mp Wee gel nasa guvdaladalaseOMOWS lnalepenalenl Valldatlon of MODIS chlorophyll w Eng m u my Gsl c Chlomphyll 11 Feb 25 2003 mom s cNumpWH data ll museum data dk bluemueamnah Asslvance eala l pumlgcuue vedbaddala RwlsedMODlS Terra momlng Aqua afternoon emumpwu data ESM 266 Water 3 Sea Surface Temperature SST Thermal sensors eg AVHRR MODIS and accurac incomplete spatial rmlsrans long heritage gt20 years 0 u e y clouds atmospheric corrections are required measures SST to a water depth of 10 pm Passive microwave sensors eg TRMM SSMl we accuracythan wtherm al good spatial coverage long heritage gt20 years ouds are transp rent relatively insensitive to atmospheric effects measures SSTto a water depth of1 mm sensitiveto surface roughness waves sensitiveto heavy precip Daytime SST Feb 26 2003 differences partially due to diurnal warming atmosphere and ocean Waves are the expression of momentum transfer from atmosphere to ocean Surface roughness can be monitored using SAR Scatterometry is a new method of measuring backscattered return from a SAR ESM 266 Water 5192008 Ocean Wind Sensors I How Scatterometry Works NASA Scatterometer NSCAT Microwave radar signal is transmitted to produced data from Sept 1996 June 1997 ocean surface Cband Pulses are scattered by waves QuikSCAT SeaWinds scatterometer Rnunher surface more scattering 39caf bfr hjd39quotJ quote 1999 Nearsurface wind speed is computed 125 and 25 km spatial resolution forwind vectors from radar backscatter Orientation of wind ripples indicate wind 50 km grid resolution measures winds of 3 20 ms l With 2 ms39l accur c Data from NSCAT and QuikSCAT are available for d t free from httplpodaacjplnasagov Irec Ion oped 39 Radar altimeter used to measure changes o Examples of radar alt39metersi in sea surface height timing of radar pulse TOPEXPoseid n gives distance between sensor and ERS l and ERS Z surface ESM 266 Water 5192008 Sea Surface Height TOPEXF OSE DON quot1992 and 51m upevatmg aunchedw 7 measuves SSH between EBquot N m and BEquot 5 m c and K b u andammee 7 vs 7 Sea sunace mam accuvate m 42 cm TbPEX data shnwwaves devempmg m Pacmc Twu days man a sum at Mavencks HaWMuun an Cahmvma Hdes he hugewaves O ER SQ SAR Wage DVWavesthe next day SAR measuveswave dwectmn and Wave mum ESM 266 Water 5192008 T3 7 Landsat M55 1973 AVHRR i 997 Waterlevel uctuations in Lake Chad Nigeria Rivers Flooding extent of surface waters oodplain mapping Snuiiieasi Asian Handing in summ ei 2min NASAginbai iinnd mnnnniing svaem upevaled iiiiniigii me 0 arm mini rim ouseminiv Data miieded imm MODiS 87 a v um pnsiies imam incaie namea iiii aieas ini United N alinns ieiiei eiinns Impicai Rainiaii Munnming Missnn RMW maps aveas nineavv pvecipiialinnbelween awanuauve Neaueaiiimecapabimy new in ails Finnning iri Emhem Mas ESM 266 Water 4282008 remote ESM 266 Paswe mxcmwave sensmg quuemymvelengmrelanon Gensa vmm mnwaxz pan mm mum m s L II mam 7 mm mm my minim an man m smumsavm wampl l am because mmu mum nVEHEmVEme mm 512 mm he WEE SM 266 Passwe mmmwave remute sensmg 2 2 71 wsquot umts m 51 c spmdm uyn zooxm m n Hamk39scmmm 6mm k Enltzmam39immtzm IRMO WK 4282008 Rayleighleans approximation to Planck equation Linear relation between Planck radiation and frequency on a loglog plot suggests a power function wherex 1 kT 2 Recalle a1i a1x 1 2 7 sz 2 Mtgen Wk igedia nigwkiramnr seiies Substitute and LV a Safe ite a epnpomovetpassj Six instruments 3 in microwave szkT AIR 1W a 2 for ablackbody 25 39 CERES so 2V 1375 2V2 AM RE Advanced Microwave Scanning 1 V39P 2 Radiometer for E08 7 A SR aiso ies on ADEOSrii JapaneSe and TB SVva AMSU Advanced Microwave Sounding Unit iSB Humidity Sounder for Brazil MODIS Sea of Okhd isk 7 Watervapor 7 Seasurraee Wii ids 7 Seaamaee temperature 7 Sea ice Snowrwater equwaient WE 7 Soii moisture Sea lEEi 18 Jan ZEUS Motion vectorsi ESM 266 Passive microwave remote sensing Earthrvievvirig Side Aqua Prior to Launch Spaceyviewrng side 4282008 Aqua s Deita ii Rocket photos by Biii ingaiis sounding nit Atmospheric infrared Sounder AiRS Humidity Sounder for Brazii HSB Actarmed Microwave AMSU two units AMSU N to 10 in 2km layers Resultant improved weather forecasting Launch of a radiosonde T a amfr maii isri u i ipHHi Hm i co 51 ofSoutn Africa June 13 2002 i 30 inc i i 5 mm 5m 2m 25m Wavenumbercm 2n u m 5 4 wweienvth l xzsilxn o Detaii showing or the ie most 128 me 237839channei5 ESM 266 Passive microwave remote sensing 4282008 Rain Rate images from AMSUHSB June 16 2002 quota Scandinaia Hurricane Aim39a West ofMex coi May 29 2002 from H88 and AiRS HSE wan on data v v r39 was munesv loe NR5 Seance Year Suriace Cundmuns mm AMSU mage mu eiv 0Q mama Japan China map 2 25 a In Japan Siandam Time Taiwan JST Phiiippmes ESM 266 Passive microwave remote sensing


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