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by: Erika Kuvalis
Erika Kuvalis
GPA 3.82

D. Sears

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About this Document

D. Sears
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Erika Kuvalis on Thursday October 22, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to MCDB 133 at University of California Santa Barbara taught by D. Sears in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 63 views. For similar materials see /class/226899/mcdb-133-university-of-california-santa-barbara in Molecular, Cellular And Developmental Biology at University of California Santa Barbara.

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Date Created: 10/22/15
Winter 2008 Immunobiology MCDB 133 Course Syllabus MWF 1200 amp M 500 Duane W Sears LSB 1001 Lecture om wk on 1 Ch Title Kindt ef 0 e COURSE READER 61 ref 35 No formal lectures will be given on dates with lecture numbers in parenthesis 1 Jan 7 1 1 Overview of the Immune System Introduction to the Immune System and MCDB 133 1A 7 1 quot Overview of Immunity amp the Immune System 61 p 710 2 9 2 Cells and Organs of the Immune System Blood Cells Leukocytes ampLymphocytes 3 11 quot Hematopoiesis Stem Cells amp Immune Organs 4 14 2 3 Innate Immunity Innate antigens PAMPS and Receptors PRRs 4A 14 4 Ags amp Abs Antigens Immunogens Epitopes amp Haptens 5 16 4 quot Discovery amp Structure of Antibodies EdeIna 1 6 18 4 quot Antibody Isotypes Allotypes Idiotypes and Antigen Binding 6 pp 1314 I 21 3 NO Class Martin Luther King Holiday I 7 23 4 quot Antibody Classes Subclasses and Effector Functions 6 pp 1722 8 25 4 quot Discovery 0 l iylul iduus 39 39 Abs Kalier 2 28 4 NO Noon Class Today 28 BASIC KNOWLEDGE QUIZ Chs 1 4 amp Refs 1 amp 2 Mon Jan 2839 e 5 pm 9 30 5 Organization amp Expression of Ig Genes Discovery of Ab Gene Rearrangements Hazulni 3 10 Feb 1 5 quot Antibody Gene Rearrangements amp Ab Diversification 11 4 5 5 quot Ab Class Switching amp Expression of Membrane vs Secreted Abs Davis 4 11A 4 5 quot Mechanism of HChain Class Switching amp Somatic Hypermutation Valur 12 12 6 6 Antibody Antigen Interactions Precipitation Hemagglutination ABO Ags RIA amp ELISA CR pp 15 16 Landsfener 5 13 8 6 quot Flow Cytometry amp FluorescentActivated Cell Sorting 6 pp 35 60 14 11 6 8 Mqior Histocompatibility Complex Discovery amp Organization of MHC Class I II amp III Genes 14A 11 8 quot Congenic Mice and MHC Class I amp II Molecules and Genes C 25 27 15 13 8 quot Ag Presentation by MHC Molecules amp MHC Disease Associations CR 2830 16 15 8 quot Discovery of MHC Class II Immune Response Genes LeVne 6 McDevff D 18 7 NO Class Presidents Holiday quot I 17 20 8 quot Discovery of MHC Class I Immune Response Genesquot Cl 31 Znkemage 8 18 22 8 Antigen Processing amp Presentation Exogenous vs Endogenous Antigen Processing 19 25 8 9 T Cell Receptor TCell Hybridomas Kapper 9 19A 25 9 quot Discovery and Diversification of T Cell Receptor Genes Heo rck 10 20 27 9 quot MHCRestricted Ag Recognition by T Cells amp Role of Accessory Molecules 21 29 10 T Cell Maturation Activation amp Differentiation Thymic Maturation of TCells 22 3 9 11 quot T Helper Cell Activation amp Regulation I 3 MIDTERM EXAM Chs 5 9 amp Refs 3 10 Mon Mar 3139 1 e 5 pm 23 5 11 B Cell Generation Activation amp Differentiation BCell Maturation amp Activation 24 7 11 quot Activation Inactivation or BCell Tolerance Induction Goodman 11 25 10 10 12 Cytokines Introduction to Cytokines Interleukin2 IL2 amp Interferonv IFNv 25A 10 12 quot THlTHZ Adaptive Immune Response Polarization by Innate Immune Responses 26 12 12 quot Regulation of Proinflammatory TH17 Cells by Regulatory T Cells Tre S Rel39nmro f 13 27 14 TBA 19 FINAL EXAM comprehensive Wed Mar 19quotI 12 3 pm WED Mar Required T J Kindt R A Goldsby amp B A Osborne KubyImmunoogy39 KGOK 6quotI ed WH Freeman amp Co 2006 Course Reader CR required Available from the AS Publication Office 7 93 Lecfure PawerPanf slides will be posted online httptutorlscfucsbeducoursewintermcdb133133slides videosasp or may be purchased in advance as bound packets with several lectures from the AS Publication Office W2008133syldoc 122008 Page 1 of 4 WinTer 2008 Immunobiology MCDB 133 Course Syllabus MWF 1200 amp M 500 Duane W Sears LSB 1001 Feb 439quot asf a gz for undergraduafes f0 a rop or add a cass STudx Groups are sTronglx recommended AcTive sTudy in small groups can help disTribuTe The burden of learning The amounT of maTerial covered in This course InsTrucTors Phone e mail Office Hours Room w Prof Sears X3499 searsQlifesciucsbedu Wed 34 amp Thur 56 Rm 3141 Bio 2 Emily Pfarrer emilxpfarrerumailucsbedu TBA Liane Miller liane millerQumailucsbedu TBA Your COURSE GRADE will be based on The sum of scores you earn on Three TesTs 25 BASIC KNOWLEDGE QUIZ BKQ covering Chs 1 4 amp Refs 1 amp 2 Morning Jan 2839 6 5g 25 MIDTERM EXAMINATION covering Chs 5 9 ref 3 10 Mandaz Mar 3quot 6 5g 50 FINAL EXAMINATION cumulaTive Wednesda Mar 19 from 12 1390 3 In I ACADEMIC HONESTY is an absoluTe given and is expecTed of all sTudenTs Calculafim M ComposiTe Exam Score Exam Score Basic Quiz Score 100 poinTs MidTerm Exam Score 100 poinTs Final Exam Score 200 poinTs NO grade changes will be made afTer The final grade reporTs are due approximaTely one week afTer The Spring QuarTer begins and unclaimed Exams will be disposed of aT This Time Found in Course Reader CR available from The AS PublicaTions Office reguiredl Reference Number 1 Edelman 6M amp JA Galley The naTure of BenceJones proTeins Chemical similariTies To polypepTide chains of myeloma globulins and normal yglobulins J Exp Med 116 207 1962 2 Kohler 6 amp C MilsTein ConTinuous culTures of fused cells secreTing anTibody of predefined specificiTy Nafure 256 495 1975 3 Hozumi N amp S Tonegawa Evidence for somaTic rearrangemenT of immunoglobulin genes coding for variable and consTanT regions Proc Naf Acaa Sci USA 73 3628 1976 4 Davis MM K Calame PW Early DL LivanT R Joho IL Weissman amp L Hood An immunoglobulin heavychain gene is formed by aT leasT Two recombinaTional evenTs Nafure 283 733 1980 5 LandsTeiner K The SpecificiTx of Serological ReacTions Dover PublicaTions NY pp 8487 1962 6 Levine B B A Ojeda amp B Benaceraff STudies on arTificial anTigens III The geneTic conTrol of The immune response To hapTen polyLlysine conjugaTes in guinea pigs J Exp Med 116 953 1963 7 McDeviTT HO amp M Sela GeneTic conTrol of The anTibody response I DemonsTraTion of deTerminanT specific differences in response To synTheTic polypepTide anTigens in Two sTrains of inbred mice J Exp Med 122 517 1965 8 Zinkernagel RM amp PC DoherTy ResTricTion of in viTro TCell mediaTed cyToToxiciTy in lymphocyTe choriomeningiTis wiThin a syngeneic or semiallogeneic sysTem Nafure 246 701 1974 9 Kappler JW B Skidmore J WhiTe amp P Marrack AnTigeninducible H2resTricTed inTerleukin2 producing TCell hybridomas Lack of independenT anTigen and H2 recogniTion J Exp Med 155 1198 1981 10 Hedrick SM DI Cohen EA Nielsen amp MM Davis IsolaTion of cDNA clones encoding TCellspecific membraneassociaTed proTeins Nafure 306 149 1984 11 Goodnow CC J Crosbie S AdelsTein TB Lavoie SJ SmiThGill RA Brink H PriTchardBriscoe IS WeTherspoon RH Loblay K Raphael RJ TrenT amp A BasTen AlTered immunoglobulin expression and funcTional silencing of selfreacTive B lymphocyTes in Transgenic mice Nafure 334 676 1988 12 Vallur AC Yabuki M Larson ED and Maizels N AID in anTibody perfecTion Cel Mol Life Sci 64555565 2007 13 ReinhardT RL Kang SJ39 Liang HE and Locksley RM T helper cell effecTor faTes who how and where Cur er Opinions in Immunoogy 18271277 2006 W2008133syldoc 122008 Page g of 4 Winter 2008 Immunobiology MCDB 133 Course Syllabus MWF 1200 amp M 500 Duane W Sears M RECOMMENDED READING SCHEDULE Lecture Lecture Kindt Goldsby Osborne and Kuby Course Reader CR Numbers Dates KGOK 1 Jan 7 Ch 1 Overview of the Immune System 1A Jan 7 CR p 7 10 2 Jan 9 Ch 2 Cells and Organs of the Immune System 3 Jan 11 4 Jan 14 Ch 3 Innate Immunity 4A Jan 14 Ch 4 Antigens and Antibodies 5 Jan 16 Ref 1 Edelman 6M amp JA Galley J Exp Med 116 207 1962 6 Jan 18 12 pp 13 14 Jan 21 No Classes Martin Luther King Day CR pp 17 22 7 Jan 23 8 Jan 25 Ref 2 Kohler 6 amp C Milstein Nafure 256 495 1975 CR pp 18 Jan 28 No NOON Class Jan 28 BASIC KNOWLEDGE QUIZ Mon 5 pm covers Chs 1 4 Refs 1 amp 2 9 Jan 30 Ch 5 Organization amp Expression of Ig Ref 3 Hozumi N amp S Tonegawa Proc Genes NafI Acaa Sci USA 73 3626 1976 10 Feb 1 11 Feb 4 Ref 4 Davis MM K Calame PW Early DL Livant R Joho IL Weissman amp L Hood Nafure 283 733 1980Ref 11A Feb 4 12 Vallur AC Yabuki M Larson ED amp Maizels N Cel Mol Life Sci 64555 2007Ref 12 Feb 6 Ch 6 AntibodyAntigen Interactions 5 Landsteiner K The Specificity of Serological Reactions Dover Publications NY pp 8487 1962 CR pp 15 16 13 Feb 8 CR pp 35 60 14 Feb 11 Ch 8 Major Histocompatibility Complex 14A Feb 11 CR 25 27 15 Feb 13 CR 28 30Ref 16 Feb 15 6 Levine B B A Ojeda amp B Benacer aff J Exp Med 118953 1963 Ref 7 McDevitt HO ampM Sela J Exp Med 122 517 1965 CR pp 20 25 Feb 18 No Classes Presidents39 Holiday 17 Feb 20 Ref 8 Zinkernagel RM ampPC Doherty Nafure 245 701 1974 CR p 31 W2008133syldoc 122008 Page g of 4


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