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by: Erika Kuvalis
Erika Kuvalis
GPA 3.82

D. Eardley

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About this Document

D. Eardley
Class Notes
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This 7 page Class Notes was uploaded by Erika Kuvalis on Thursday October 22, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to MCDB 139 at University of California Santa Barbara taught by D. Eardley in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 56 views. For similar materials see /class/226902/mcdb-139-university-of-california-santa-barbara in Molecular, Cellular And Developmental Biology at University of California Santa Barbara.

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Date Created: 10/22/15
MCDB 139 1232008 Lecture 17 HIVAIDS Final Exam The Epidemic at 28 years M9 in 11am HIV Wed Dec 10 Infectious Cycle Final Exam Review HIV Disease 153 gs D 9 Diagnosis and Testing Eardley Of ce H Vaccines TuesDec911am Hopefully AIDS Epidemic November 2008 Number ofpeople living Total 33million with HIV in 2007 People newly infected Total 27 inillionl with HIV in 2007 SubSaharan Africa 15 millionl Nor America Western and 75mquot 39 Central Europe AIDS deaths in 2007 Total 20 inillionl unino smcell yur 1 Tracking the Epidemic Aiiewonni sunnn n Guym 3 MCDB 139 1232008 AIDS Cases Deaths and Persons lemg Wlth AIDS 985 2005 Umted States and Dependent Areas W MES 60 oneams Prevalence Lentivirus Family HIV Genome and Virion Structure Fig m quot TIN D jj EEEM as m um um cull Attachment of HIV to Target Cell cum mmquot museum mu cw 1 Cal envelnve WNW Ind McmDhgs MCDB 139 1232008 Infection of Cell by HIV Fuslnn m mumrams mv car5m anus large can HIV Fusion With Target Cell was cgquot Wu Manama HIV W am an y w o 8 l 537 h 7 mm Dummy a nquu an 9M1 m I I rmnncyle nr V W MM 3 In mm mm W ccns am cxcm arachunnlane EH11an chumkmesamlmlarrrmlnrymmlalms x HIV Life Cycle MCDB 139 1232008 Typical Course of Untreated Infection Fm us cmr ctlyyt 2 I Stages of HIV Disease Acute HIV infection Clinical Latency Persistent generalized lymphadenopathy AIDS HIV Testing Elisa test for Ab in serum to a mix of recombinant gp120 gp41 and p24 estern Blot con rm presence ofAb and determine size ofprotein to which Ab reacts Rapid HIV test screening modi ed ELISA MCDB 139 1232008 Basis for Rapid HIV ELISA Ammuan I96 um EG A lsallval mv Pmlems xxxx 0000 Cnmml Pmluns T C Pnslwe 12 HIV Ahs am nresanHmeat both I and c legalwe res tllw Ahs m ahsthme at c any Vaccine Strategies Recombinant Proteins gp120 gp41 andor p24 DNA Vaccine DNA for HIV proteins inserted into plasmid used as vaccine skin cells tak plasmid present Ag MHC Class I and cytotoxic T cells are activated PrimeBoost recombinant protein followed by boost of plasmid to make CTL Recombinant Virus Adenovirus with synthetic gag pol and nefgenes HIV Envelope Proteins maranzmg AnIIhnW Hetelmlnanl no on gum Low mv mume MCDB 139 MCDE139 Medical Microbiology Lecture 1 Current Epidemics all 15 Salmonella enteriditis Saintpaul strain 9252008 E coliO 1571H7 Disease Severe bloody diarrhea Abdominal cramps Symptoms appear 28 days after ingesting Most likely to occur in children lt5 yrs and the rl No evidence that antibiotics are effective Complication Hemolylic Uremic S yndrome 7 Tuxln destruys red bland cells and damages kidneys 7 375 munallty WWW Transmission Undercooked hamburger most likely Lettuce spinach Nonpasteurized milk juices Salami Drinking or swimming in sewa e contaminated contaminated water MCDB 139 9252008 2006 Spinach Epidemic Late August to October 2006 205 con rmed illnesses 5 deaths Occurred in 26 states Spinach was grovm on fourfarms in San Benito and Monterey Counties packaged in San Benito Matching bacterial isolates found in cattle and wild boar feces stream water and intestina content ofa wild bore killed in immediate vicinity of one ofthe e s Structure of E coll Salmonella Pllus oAnlluequot u swam 1gt16nl ot lmum gawk HAnIIgen lgt65t f C45 mm rI nnnmln rum1Mquot WNWquot vulmmnmh wnl FigAle rev MMan mammal Emuuhzne39l39 Biological Role of the Pilus I v


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