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by: Jewel Pfannerstill


Jewel Pfannerstill
GPA 3.96


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Jewel Pfannerstill on Thursday October 22, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to LING 50 at University of California Santa Barbara taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 180 views. For similar materials see /class/226920/ling-50-university-of-california-santa-barbara in Linguistics at University of California Santa Barbara.

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Date Created: 10/22/15
French 50 CX Tales ofLove Vol III From quot quot 39 to the Age 1ka Hook U15 Spring 2009 Learning Without thought is labor 10st Confucius Lecture Monday Wednesday Friday 1 1OO 1 150 CHEM 1 171 Didier Maleuvre Professor ofFrench Studies and Comparative Literature Of ce Phelps 5325 Telephone 893 4265 E mail address maleuvrefrench italucsbedu Of ce Hours Fridays 1200 2OO or by appointment Email policy communication via email is restricted to those students unable to come to class I will not answer questions pertaining to lecture contents by email Such questions must be brought up in class where all students can bene t from the answer and discussion You are also invited to visit me during of ce hours Olivier Tonnerre Lecturer E mail address otonnerreumailucsbedu Of ce Hours to be arranged with lecturer Anne Marcoline Lecturer E mail addressa7marcolineumailucsbedu Of ce Hours to be arranged with lecturer Sections 3pm Phelps 1440 Olivier 4pm Phelps 1440 Olivier 4pm Arts 1251 Anne 5pm Arts 1251 Anne Course Description The third part of the 3 fold course series on love covers the period since the late 18th Century to nowadays The word Romanticism describes a historical period during which individuals began to emphasize their personal emotional life over public and social considerations To be true to one s feelings and inclinations started to seem more important than social conformity In this new scheme love became a touchstone of personal self realization The aim oflove was to nd not just a socially pro table match but a kindred soul a mirror and an opportunity to realize one s unique personality For this reason the Romantic lover is said to cultivate his emotions at times they seem more important indeed than the beloved The cultural evolution since Romanticism con rms this emphasis on the inner personal life Psychoanalysis modern psychology sexology variously focus on the individual self they seek to free the individual from societal restraints duties morals and the Romantic idea of individual happiness nding it in hedonism sexual ful llment individual happiness etc But can love survive intense individualism Love is sel ess regard and respect for another person whereas the modern individual seems to look for love as a means of self grati cation and sensual consumerism The modern age cannot stop talking about love from self help literature to pop songs But does it believe in it In this course we will read stories that illustrate romantic and postromantic love It puts the lover before a predicament that of being torn between self realization the imperative of modern individualism and self surrender without which there is no love Will love triumph The answer is perhaps found in a revival of spiritual religious love General Education Requirements This course ful lls two requirements ofthe General Education Program 1 Western Civilization Area E1 PLEASE NOTE To satisfy this requirement you must take and pass another course in this series either French 5OAX offered Winter 2007 or French 5OBX Any courses in the series satisfy Area E2 as well 2 Writing Special Requirement Western civilization is here examined through writings that bear on one of its cultural religious and social cornerstones the life and culture oflove PLEASE NOTE To satisfy this requirement you need at least 5 more courses Works Goethe The Sorrows of Young Werther Constant Adolphe Nabokov Lolita Duras Hiroshima mon amour Kundera The Unbearable Lightness ofBeing Houellbecq Elementag Particles ikJk Schedule Week 1 2 Romantic Love Goethe The Sorrows of Young Werther Week 3 Romantic Love Constant Adolphe Week 4 5 Love and Fantasy Nabokov Lolita Midterm Week 6 7 Love and Fidelity Duras Hiroshima mon amour Week 8 9 Love and In delity Kundera The Unbearable Lightness ofBeing Week 9 10 Love in the Age ofSex Houellbecq Elementary Particles Final papers are due to your respective teaching assistant on Break Down of Final Grade The readings must be done prior to the week in which they are discussed in lecture It is impossible to follow a discussion unless you know what it involves F1nal Grade will consist of Midterm Paper 30 Final Essay 50 and Attendance and Participation at Discussion sections 20 Q 50 of the grade Midterm and Final Exams The Midterm Essa130 will consist of short essays on topics discussed in lecture and class discussions The Final Essay 50 will consist of substantial essays bearing on all the works read and studied over the quarter You will be asked to demonstrate a specific knowledge of the novels and present a thematic synthesis of their significance their connections the historical thread running through them the enduring concerns addressed in them their contrasting and merging Visions etc Both exams are take home essays The take home format will enable you to display your ability to sift through your knowledge and organize a well thought convincing encompassing argument This course is not about what you can memorize it is about how well you can defend argue and present your ideas Essay writing is not an opportunity to voice impressions feelings or opinions Opinions are the easiest thing to come by and receive It is far harder to understand why you think or feel the way you thought and how best to justify and communicate your knowledge Only then following the work of selecting defending modifying and justifying your Views will they become genuine ideas Ideas are complex logical coherent arrangements of thoughts Your goal in this class should be not to aim blindly for a good grade but to link together clear well informed thoughts The former follows from the latter 20 of the grade Participation Attendance and class participation especially in discussion sections Students are expected to engage in an informed dialogue with their peers and instructors Attendance is mandatory Two absences will result in lowering your final grade by a halfletter grade Honors students are responsible for writing and turning in three page weekly essays on the topics provided by your instructor These essays will account for


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