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by: Ashley Kunze


Ashley Kunze
GPA 3.61


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Ashley Kunze on Thursday October 22, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to CHEM 1B at University of California Santa Barbara taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 10 views. For similar materials see /class/226951/chem-1b-university-of-california-santa-barbara in Chemistry and Biochemistry at University of California Santa Barbara.

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Date Created: 10/22/15
CHEM1bSagermann Feb 26 2007 Veek Date Topic Chapter a 1 A 39 I Jan 8 r 12 Em EnLhat And 9 Checkrln I I I Mimi W FI nal examI nation 2 13in Hanain 9 1m 7 19 spanmy mmw Emmy WNW mum in 3 1m 22 25 spamwmw magma m Emmm mamqu i m 29 2 pm 511nm m 0 fpmwm c mm x um um Exam 1 ExamlFriFegl H Date March 22nd 5 m 5 9 Mummy 11 Emma Eimhmmy TIme Thursday 800am1100am a m 12 7 m cmmmm 5 W M mmmmcms 7 Harmer 19 Emma 1 Feb 21 r 23 Charmed szucs IS No LABS quot5 WEEK Location CHEM1179 E Exam 2 ZMnn h 2 12 Experiment ChemicatKnmhcs Feb 26 rMar 2 Qu mm Mechamcs 3mmchth 9 Mar 5 7 9 Quanmm Mechamcs 12 Expenmentl smug I Ammchpeckascapy check in Mi 12716 Emngcm u rammiwa Cams pts 1 2 Midterm exams 100 points each 2 1 Final exam 200 points 3 Quizzes randomly chosen date Grading in Chem 18 200 pts 200 pts 50 Total Course Points Possible 450 pts uvnuv ml so Altitude inquot Stratosphere 4 20 ran 40 4 an 120 a 2m BacksDale mlwg Temperature admslnnnl l39hmianuimlng w Fig 115 Alllmde ml UV CFC Reactions Deplete Ozone 03 Layer in CFC p 0 Stratosphere Original Research 1974 Rowland and Molina F UV lt F L r radiation F quot c1 CHEM1 bSagermann Feb 26 2007 Catalysis of Ozone Depletion in Stratosphere 039 09 gt 2 02 g Catalysis by Cl2 Cl2g gt 2 Clg Ultraviolet light Cg 039 gt CIOg 029 009 0g gt 029 Cg Cl39 Free Radicals free radical C10 039 09 gt 2 029 free radical Antarctic Ozone Hole Area of Antarctic Ozone Hole 210 r Antarctic ozone minimum 60 904 si Average area orozone hole 1 DUl Catalysts Lower the Activation Energy for a Chemical Reaction Movie of the Ozone Hole Uncatalyzcd pathway Antarctic season J F M A M J J A S O N D W Arcticseason JFMAMJJASOND Catalyzed pathway Enc rg Products Very low ozone Luwuzune Reaclants Rcuctiou png rcss CHEM1bSagermann Feb 26 2007 Heterogeneous catalytic ethylene hydrogenation CZH4 H2 CZH6 Hydrogen J W Cam Adive sile Heterogeneous catalysts d Catalytic Electronic Structure of Act39on 39n Amrlnonlia Atoms N2 inz gt 2NH3 Chapter 12 l O 6 Atomic Structure amp Chemistry OverVieW Light Waves Photons and the Bohr Theory Wave Nature of Light Anyone Who is not shocked about Particle Nature of Light Quantum Effects and quantum theory has not understood it Photons Nils Bohr Bohr Theory Hydrogen and Hydrogenlike atoms Quantum Mechanics and Quantum Numbers Uncertainty Principle Wave Equa ion Quantum Numbers and Atomic Orbitals CH EM1bSagerm ann Electromagnetic Radiation A Transverse Wave Amplitude Electric vector Magnetir mum Direction Dr propagation The Wave Nature of Light U 39 in 10 Ill 10quot m7 10 l l l l l l IU l l l l l l l i l EMkmwm u l l l l l l l l l Ki l l l ir mlquot in in in In in l i ET x mys Radio lrLquuncy l i mim l min i l l mquot 10 lt7 Frequency is 39 mi 500 60 7equot 750 um Visible light is a small portion of the electromagnetic spectrum Feb 26 2007 Wavelengthnd mpercydo 15230 00 l Wavelength MW and Frequency A 53 23 a C of Electromagnetic gtlllt V C gtNlt l cummith twin ve anmcyscydosporm A wavelength v frequency c 2997 X 108 ms The Electromagnetic Spectrum THE ELECTROMAGNETIC SPECTRUM W in mi I m m inquot w inquot H inquot mquot w W wquot m 3 Cd ryeIme M i w mm A i wavuner r 1 i mmml mquot m39 m 1ch mi l0quot ll39l39 inquot inquot in in39 i0 l0quot ioquot 2 5 4 2 2 2 2 x x x 3 393 o Nature of Sound Sound A Longitudinal Wave K Curmhiai Fault magma p39s ilcl Hearing 7 what is sound Loudness and pitCh The imam imcnsiq or a sound corresponds to in nmplnuLlc 7 High amplitude loud O Sound is a plasma wave usually in air Souudwmcsdikca a vary inmnpliludc 1 um nr lrmp The pitch nl39a mum con rsponds lo M frequency or uvelcnglh lll39rcquchM 7 High Frequency high pm ppm i Polarizations of Electromagnetic Radiation Plane Polarized X and Y Circular Polarized Right and Left


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