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CJ 355 Criminalistics: Rape, homicide, auto-erotic death

by: George Maxwell Miller

CJ 355 Criminalistics: Rape, homicide, auto-erotic death CJ 355

Marketplace > University of Louisville > Criminology and Criminal Justice > CJ 355 > CJ 355 Criminalistics Rape homicide auto erotic death
George Maxwell Miller
U of L
GPA 3.7

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About this Document

Homosexual homicides Five criteria that will help an investigator distinguish between homicide, suicide, and Sexual asphyxia/autoerotic fatalities Autoerotic tendencies/deaths Drug-facilit...
Cassandra Rausch
Class Notes
criminology, Criminalistics, field test, homicide, autoerotic, Death, rape, Criminal Justice, Justica Administration, suspects, Evidence
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This 5 page Class Notes was uploaded by George Maxwell Miller on Thursday March 24, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to CJ 355 at University of Louisville taught by Cassandra Rausch in Spring 2016. Since its upload, it has received 7 views. For similar materials see Criminalistics in Criminology and Criminal Justice at University of Louisville.

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Date Created: 03/24/16
CJ 355 Criminalistics: auto erotic death/Rape/homicide 3/24/16 10:44 AM The victim and physical evidence • The victim should be instructed not to shower, douche, or change clothes as not to destroy evidence • Should not alter the scene of the crime AT ALL • Semen and hair should be collected for evidence • Record any injuries present on the victim Collecting physical evidence from suspects • Legal criteria o Signed authorization should be obtained • Buccal swab and clothing • Search warrant for DNA evidence can include any item which the investigator reasonably believes may be able to provide a sample • Condom trace evidence o Particulates, lubricants, and spermicide • Record ANY and ALL injuries Drug-facilitated sexual assault • Rohypnol o Sedative with effects including muscle relaxation and reduction of anxiety o Most commonly known as “roofies” o Can be ground intro a powder and dissolved into a drink o Potentially lethal when mixed with alcohol • Gamma Hydroxybutyrate (GHB) o Central nervous system depressant o Liquid that can be mixed into food or drink o Intense feeling of relaxation or loss of consciousness Sexual asphyxia/autoerotic fatalities • Due to solitary sexual activities in which some type of apparatus was utilized to enhance the sexual stimulation of the deceased and caused unintentional death • Hanging, ligature, plastic bags, or chemical substances • Manner of death may be classified as suicide or homicide on initial observation but is actually an accident caused by a dangerous sexual act Five criteria that will help an investigator distinguish between homicide, suicide, or accidental death • Evidence of a physiological mechanism for obtaining a self-rescue mechanism, such as a release that allows the victim to discontinue the effect • Evidence of solitary sexual activity • Evidence of sexual fantasy aids • Evidence of prior dangerous autoerotic practice • No apparent suicidal intent Homosexual homicides • Usually much more violent • Usually lust killings are involved • Victim is more likely to be “posed” and bound Vehicle incidents • After a motor vehicle accident occurs, it will usually be investigated and reconstructed • Traffic accidents resulting in fatal or nonfatal personal injury to any person or damage to the vehicle rendering the vehicle inoperable, should be reported to the nearest law enforcement officer having jurisdictions. • Safety must be emphasized at all times • Investigators look for signs of speeding, mechanical violations, alcohol/drug usage, etc. • Must determine how the accident occurred, who or what caused the accident, and why the accident occurred Steps to an investigation • Arrival at the scene o While en route to the scene, the officer should obtain the following information § Location § Time of notification § Who notified the officer and how § Weather and visibility conditions § General information regarding the seriousness of the accident § Whether or not additional support is headed to the scene • Position of the patrol vehicle o Patrol vehicle should be positioned as to not cause further traffic congestion or accidents § If necessary, vehicle may be used as a roadblock § At night, the headlights should illuminate the entire scene o Emergency lights should be on at all times • Triage and securing the scene o Investigations should determine the extent of injuries (if any), render firat aid, and request medical assistance o Order of triage § Children on roadway § Children in vehicle § Adults on roadway § Adults in vehicle § Prioritized by severity of injuries o Severely injured persons should not be moved EXCEPT to preserve their safety o Positions of victims should be noted for report purposes § If on the road, the positions should be outlined in chalk or road paint AFTER THE INDIVIDUAL IS MOVED o After caring for the injured, the scene should be secured to protect property and preserve evidence • Establish traffic control o Reroute vehicles o Keep spectators or unnecessary personnel away from the accident • Request additional support (electric, road, water, medical, etc.) • Moving vehicle and marking wheels o Under the following conditions, a vehicle must be moved immediately § When an injured person is trapped in the wreckage and cannot be treated there § When a person is trapped in wreckage near burning material or an area of a potential fire hazard § When a vehicle position is an immediate hazard to oncoming traffic and adequate traffic control cannot be established • Inspection of accident site o Determine whether there has been a violation of the law o Identify and preserve fragile evidence § Any fragile evidence that can be damaged, altered, destroyed or removed from the scene must be identified and secured § Prior to removal, the position must be noted and photographed o Take statements o Measurements taken of evidence left by the vehicles by electric surveying equipment § Point of Impact § Final resting positions § Skid marks § Scrub marks § Gouge marks • Vehicle inspections o Vehicle condition § Any physical characteristics of the vehicle existing prior to the accident o Damage profile of vehicles § Vehicle damage: resulting physical characteristics of the vehicle caused by the accident ú Contact: that which occurs as a direct result of contact with or y an object ú Induced: that while resulted from the shock of the collision § Inspection of brakes, steering tires, and suspension § Position of turn signal level and lights § Presence of drugs and/or alcohol


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