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by: Miss Jayde Monahan


Miss Jayde Monahan
GPA 3.82


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Class Notes
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This 16 page Class Notes was uploaded by Miss Jayde Monahan on Thursday October 22, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to WRIT 1 at University of California Santa Barbara taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 15 views. For similar materials see /class/226974/writ-1-university-of-california-santa-barbara in Writing at University of California Santa Barbara.


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Date Created: 10/22/15
Published papers more signi cant 1 Macdonald KC and G Simmons Temperature coef cient of the thermal conductivities of ocean sediments DeepSea Res 19669671 1972 2 Luyendyk BP KC Macdonald and WB Bryan Rifting history ofthe Woodlark Basin in the southwest Paci c Bull Geol Soc Amer 8411251134 1973 3 Macdonald KC BP Luyendyk and RP von Herzen Heat ow and plate boundaries in Melanesia J Geophys Res 7826372547 1973 4 Macdonald KC and CD Hollister Nearbottom thermocline in the Samoan Passage west equatorial Paci c Nature 243461462 1973 5 Reid 1 and KC Macdonald Microearthquake study of the MidAtlantic Ridge near 37 N using sonobouys Nature 2468890 1973 6 Detrick R JD Mudie BP Luyendyk and KC Macdonald Nearbottom observations of an active transform fault MidAtlantic Ridge at 37 N Nature 24659 61 1973 7 Spindel RC SB Davis KC Macdonald RP Porter and JD Phillips Microearthquake survey of the median valley of the MidAtlantic Ridge at 36 30 N Nature 248577 579 1974 8 Macdonald KC and JD Mudie Microearthquakes on the Galapagos spreading center and the seismicity offastspreading ridges Geophys J R Astr Soc 36245257 1974 9 Macdonald KC Marine seismicity Rev Geophys Space Phys 13540552 1975 10 Macdonald KC BP Luyendyk JD Mudie and FN Spiess Nearbottom geophysical study of the MidAtlantic Ridge median valley near lat 37 N preliminary observations Geology 3211216 1975 11 Macdonald KC Geomagnetic reversals and the deep drill hole at DSDP Site 332 J Geophys Res 8141634166 1976 12 Luyendyk BP and KC Macdonald Spreading center terms and concepts Geology 4369370 1976 13 Macdonald KC and FN Spiess East Paci c Rise submersible program workshop report SIO Reference 7618 15 pp 1976 14 Macdonald KC and FN Spiess High resolution geophysical studies ofthe Cocos and Rivera plates CIBCASIO Transactions 389118 1976 15 Luyendyk BR and KC Macdonald Physiography and structure of the Famous Rift Valley inner oor observed with a deep towed instrument package Bull Geol Soc Amer 88648663 1977 16 Macdonald KC Nearbottom magnetic anomalies asymmetric spreading oblique spreading and tectonics of the MidAtlantic Ridge 37 N Bull Geol Soc Amer 885415551977 17 Macdonald KC and BP Luyendyk Deeptow studies of the structure of the Mid Atlantic Ridge crest near 37 N Famous Bull Geol Soc Amer 88621636 1977 18 Atwater TM and KC Macdonald Are spreading centres perpendicular to their transform faults Nature 270715719 1977 19 Macdonald KC and TM Atwater Evolution of rifted ocean ridges Earth Planet Sci Lett 39319327 1978 20 Macdonald KC and TL Holcombe Inversion of magnetic anomalies and sea oor spreading in the Cayman Trough Earth Planet Sci Lett 40407414 1978 21 Macdonald KC K Kastens SP Miller and FN Spiess Deeptow studies ofthe Tamayo transform fault Mar Geophys Res 43770 1979 22 Kastens KA KC Macdonald K Becker and K Crane The Tamayo transform fault in the mouth of the Gulf of California Mar Geophys Res 4300325 1979 23 Macdonald KC SP Miller SP Huestis and FN Spiess Threedimensional modeling of a magnetic reversal boundary from inversion of deeptow measurements J Geophys Res 8536703681 1980 24 RISE Team Spiess FN KC Macdonald et al East Paci c Rise Hot springs and geophysical experiments Science 20714211433 1980 Winner AAAS Newcomb Cleveland Prize 25 Macdonald KC K Becker FN Spiess and R Ballard Hydrothermal heat ux of the black smoker vents on the East Pacific Rise Earth Planet Sci Lett 4817 1980 26 Killingly JS WH Berger KC Macdonald and WA Newman 180160 variations in deepsea carbonate shells from the RISE hydrothermal field Nature 288218221 1980 27 Lupton JE GP Klinkhammer WR Normark R Haymon KC Macdonald RE Weiss and H Craig Helium3 and manganese at the 21 N East Paci c Rise hydrothermal site Earth Planet Sci Lett 50115127 1980 28 Macdonald KC and BP Luyendyk The crest of the East Paci c Rise Scienti c American 244 1001 17 1981 29 Ballard RD H Craig J Edmond M Einaudi R Holcomb HD Holland CA Hopson BP Luyendyk KC Macdonald J Morton J Orcutt and N Sleep Crustal processes ofthe midocean ridge Science 2133140 1981 30 Macdonald KC Midocean ridges Fine scale tectonic volcanic and hydrothermal processes within the plate boundary zone Ann Rev Earth Planet Sci 10155190 1982 ISI citation award 31 Macdonald KC Geophysical setting for hydrothermal vents and mineral deposits on the East Paci c Rise Mar Tech Soc J 162632 1982 32 Macdonald KC Book review of Sea oor Spreading Centers Hydrothermal Systems by RA Rona and RP Lowell Geology 9495 1982 33 Macdonald KC and BP Luyendyk The Crest of the East Paci c Rise in R Decker and B Decker eds Volcanoes and Earth39s Interior Freeman San Francisco 141 pp Reprinted from Scienti c American 1981 1982 34 Macdonald KC Oceanic hot springs feature article in McGrawHill Yearbook of Science and Technology 5767 1982 35 Riedesel M JA Orcutt KC Macdonald and JR McClain Microearthquakes on the black smoker hydrothermal eld J Geophys Res 871061310623 1982 36 Macdonald KC SP Miller BP Luyendyk TM Atwater and L Shure Investigation of a VineMatthews magnetic lineation from a submersible The source and character of marine magnetic anomalies J Geophys Res 8834033418 1983 37 Macdonald KC and PJ Fox Overlapping spreading centers New accretion geometry on the East Paci c Rise Nature 3015558 1983 ISI citation award 38 Macdonald KC and PJ Fox Matters arising Overlapping spreading centers on the East Paci c Rise Nature 303549550 1983 39 Macdonald KC A geophysical comparison between fast and slow spreading centers Constraints on magma chamber formation and hydrothermal activity in Rona P and others eds Hydrothermal Processes at Sea oor Spreading Centers p 2751 NATO Conference Series IV 12 Plenum NY 796 pp 1983 40 Macdonald KC Crustal processes at spreading centers Rev Geophys Space Phys 2114411454 1983 41 Macdonald KC JC Sempere and PJ Fox East Paci c Rise from Siqueiros to Orozco fracture zones Alongstrike continuity of axial neovolcanic zone and structure and evolution of overlapping spreading centers J Geophys Res 8960496069 and 63016306 1984 ISI citation award 42 Tamayo Tectonic Team DG Gallo WSF Kidd PJ Fox JA Karson KC Macdonald K Crane P Choukroune M Seguret R Moody and K Kastens Tectonics at the intersection of the East Paci c Rise with the Tamayo transform fault Mar Geophys Res 6159185 1984 43 Sempere JC KC Macdonald and SP Miller Overlapping spreading centers 3D inversion of the magnetic field at 9 0339N on the East Pacific Rise Geophys J R Astr Soc 79799811 1984 44 Haymon RM and KC Macdonald The geology of deepsea hot springs American Scientist 73441450 1985 45 Miller SP KC Macdonald and PF Lonsdale Near bottom magnetic profile across the Red Sea Mar Geophys Res 7401418 1985 46 Macdonald KC and BP Luyendyk Investigation of faulting and abyssal hill formation on the anks of the East Pacific Rise 21 N using ALVIN Mar Geophys Res 7515535 1985 47 Luyendyk BR and KC Macdonald A geological transect across the crest of the East Pacific Rise at 21 N latitude made from the deep submersible ALVIN Mar Geophys Res 7467488 1985 48 Sverdrup KA KC Macdonald and WA Prothero Ocean bottom seismometer detection of earthquakes on the Gorda Rise near 4150 North Mar Geophys Res 74339453 1985 49 Gallo DG PJ Fox and KC Macdonald A Sea Beam investigation ofthe Clipperton transform fault The morphotectonic expression of a fast slipping transform boundary J Geophys Res 9134553467 1986 50 Macdonald KC The Crest of the MidAtlantic Ridge Models for crustal generation processes and tectonics in Vogt P and B Tucholke eds The Geology ofNorth America The Western North Atlantic Region v M Geological Society of America Boulder 5168 1986 51 Macdonald KC DA Castillo SP Miller PJ Fox KA Kastens and E Bonatti Deeptow studies of the Vema fracture zone I Tectonics of a major slow slipping transform fault and its intersection with the MidAtlantic Ridge J Geophys Res 913334 3354 1986 52 Kastens KA KC Macdonald SP Miller and PJ Fox Deeptow studies ofthe Vema fracture zone 11 Evidence for tectonism and bottom currents in the sediments of the transform valley oor J Geophys Res 9133553367 1986 53 Madsen JA PJ Fox and KC Macdonald Morphotectonic fabric of the Orozco Transform fault Results from a Sea Beam investigation J Geophys Res 9134393454 1986 54 Bicknell JD KC Macdonald SP Miller PF Lonsdale and K Becker Tectonics of the Nereus Deep Red Sea A Deeptow investigation of a site of initial rifting Mar Geophys Res 8131148 1986 55 Sempere JC and KC Macdonald Overlapping spreading centers Implications from crack growth simulation by the displacement discontinuity method Tectonics 51511631986 56 Macdonald KC JC Sempere and PJ Fox Reply The debate concerning overlapping spreading centers and midocean ridge processes J Geophys Res 91 105011051 1 1986 57 Sempere JC and KC Macdonald Deeptow studies of the overlapping spreading centers at 9 03 N on the East Paci c Rise Tectonics 5881900 1986 58 Sempere JC and KC Macdonald Marine tectonics Processes at midocean ridges Rev Geophys 2513131347 1987 59 Macdonald KC JC Sempere PJ Fox and R Tyce Tectonic evolution ofridge aXis discontinuities by the meeting linking or selfdecapitation of neighboring ridge segments Geology 15993997 1987 ISI citation award 60 Sempere JC KC Macdonald SP Miller and L Shure Detailed study ofthe BrunhesMatuyama reversal boundary on the East Paci c Rise at 19 30 S Implications for crustal emplacement processes at an ultra fast spreading center Mar Geophys Res 9125 1987 61 Bicknell JD JC Sempere KC Macdonald and PJ Fox Tectonics ofa fast spreading center A Deeptow and Sea Beam survey at EPR 19 30 S Mar Geophys Res 92546 1987 62 Macdonald KC Cracks in the Pacific Plate and mantle convection Nature 331395 1988 63 Macdonald KC RM Haymon SP Miller JC Sempere and P Fox Deep tow and Sea Beam studies of dueling propagating ridges on the East Paci c Rise near 20 40 S J Geophys Res 9327852898 1988 64 Macdonald KC and P Fox The axial summit graben and crosssectional shape of the East Paci c Rise as indicators of axial magma chambers and recent volcanic eruptions Earth Planet Sci Lett 88119131 1988 ISI citation award 65 Macdonald KC PJ Fox LJ Perram MF Eisen RM Haymon SP Miller SM Carbotte MH Cormier and AN Shor A new view ofthe midocean ridge from the behaviour of ridge axis discontinuities Nature 335217225 1988 ISI citation award 66 Antrim L JC Sempere KC Macdonald and EN Spiess Fine scale study ofa small overlapping spreading center at 12 54 N on the East Paci c Rise Mar Geophys Res 9115130 1988 67 Sempere JC S Meshkov M Thommeret and KC Macdonald Magnetic properties of some young basalts from the East Paci c Rise Mar Geophys Res 9 13 1 146 1988 68 Severinghaus JP and KC Macdonald High inside comers at ridgetransform intersections Mar Geophys Res 9 353367 1988 69 Macdonald KC Tectonic and magmatic processes on the East Paci c Rise in Winterer EL DM Hussong and RW Decker eds The Geology of North America The Eastern Paci c Ocean and Hawaii v N Geological Society of America Boulder 93110 1989 70 Macdonald KC RM Haymon and AN Shor A 220 km2 recently erupted lava eld on the East Paci c Rise near 80S Geology 17 212216 1989 71 Macdonald KC Anatomy ofthe magma reservoir Nature 339 178179 1989 72 Macdonald KC Propagating rifts exposed Nature 342740741 1989 73 Macdonald KC and P Fox The midocean ridge Scienti c American 2627279 1990 74 Macdonald KC A slow but restless ridge Nature 348108109 1990 75 Carbotte SM and KC Macdonald Causes of variation in fault facing direction on the ocean oor Geology 18749752 1990 76 Perram LJ KC Macdonald and SP Miller Deeptow magnetics near 20 S on the East Paci c Rise A study of short wavelength anomalies at a very fast spreading center Mar Geophys Res 12235245 1990 78 Perram L J and KC Macdonald A onemillion year history of the 11 45 N East Paci c Rise Discontinuity J Geophys Res 952136321381 1990 79 Fox PJ NR Grindlay and KC Macdonald The MidAtlantic Ridge 31 S34OS Temporal and spatial variations of accretionary processes Mar Geophys Res 13 120 1991 80 Grindlay NR PJ Fox and KC Macdonald Secondorder ridge aXis discontinuities in the South Atlantic Morphology structure and evolution Mar Geophys Res 1321 49 1991 81 Carbotte SM SM Welch and KC Macdonald Spreading rates rift propagation and fracture zone offset histories during the past 5 my on the MidAtlantic Ridge 25 27030 S and 31 34 30 S Mar Geophys Res 135180 1991 82 Macdonald KC DS Scheirer and SM Carbotte Midocean ridges Discontinuities segments and giant cracks Science 253986994 1991 ISI citation award 83 Sinton JM SM Smaglik JJ Mahoney and KC Macdonald Magmatic processes at superfast spreading midocean ridges Glass compositional variation along the East Paci c Rise 13 23 S J Geophys Res 9661336155 1991 ISI citation award 84 Macdonald KC Images of the midocean ridge National Geographic Research and Exploration 7364365 1991 85 Tucholke BE KC Macdonald and PJ Fox ONR sea oor natural laboratories on slow and fastspreading midocean ridges EOS Trans AGU 72268270 1991 86 Macdonald KC Midocean ridges The quest for order Oceanus 34910 1991 87 Haymon RM DJ Fornari MH Edwards S Carbotte D Wright and KC Macdonald Hydrothermal vent distribution along the East Paci c Rise crest 9 09 5439N and its relationship to magmatic and tectonic processes on fastspreading midocean ridges Earth Planet Sci Lett 104513 534 1991 ISI citation award 88 Carbotte S and K Macdonald East Paci c Rise 8 10 3039N Evolution ofridge segments and discontinuities from SeaMARC II and threedimensional magnetic studies J Geophys Res 97 69596982 1992 ISI citation award 89 Macdonald KC Midoceanic ridge in Parker SP ed McGrawHill Yearbook of Science amp Technology McGrawHill Inc New York 259262 1992 90 Macdonald KC PJ Fox S Miller S Carbotte MH Edwards M Eisen DJ Fomari L Perram R Pockalny D Scheirer S Tighe C Weiland and D Wilson The East Paci c Rise and its anks 818 N History of segmentation propagation and spreading direction based on SeaMARC II and Sea Beam studies Mar Geophys Res 14299344 1992 91 Hey RN JM Sinton MC Kleinrock RN Yonover KC Macdonald SP Miller RC Searle DM Christie TM Atwater NH Sleep HP Johnson and CA Neal ALVIN investigation of an active propagating rift system Galapagos 955 W Mar Geophys Res 14208226 1992 92 Macdonald KC DS Scheirer S Carbotte and PJ Fox Recent advances in the understanding of midocean ridge tectonics and volcanism using swathmapping tools Acta Geologica Hispanica 27 1332 1992 93 Macdonald KC DS Scheirer S Carbotte and PJ Fox It39s only topography GSA Today 3 1 2425 2930 3435 1993 94 Scheirer DS and KC Macdonald Variation in crosssectional area of the aXial ridge along the East Paci c Rise Evidence for the magmatic budget of a fastspreading center J Geophys Res 9878717885 1993 ISI citation award 95 Shen Y DW Forsyth DS Scheirer and KC Macdonald Two forms of volcanism Implications for mantle ow and offaxis crustal production on the west ank ofthe southern East Paci c Rise J Geophys Res 98 1787517889 1993 96 Perram LJ MH Cormier and KC Macdonald Magnetic and tectonic studies of the dueling propagating spreading centers at 20 40 S on the East Paci c Rise Evidence for crustal rotations J Geophys Res 981383513850 1993 97 Scheirer DS KC Macdonald D Forsyth and the Gloria Legs 2 and 3 Scienti c Parties Widespread volcanic and tectonic activity on the southern East Paci c Rise and its anks RIDGE Events 413 89 1993 98 Cormier MH and KC Macdonald EPR 18 19 S Asymmetric spreading and ridge reorientation by ultrafast migration of ridge aXis discontinuities J Geophys Res 99543564 1994 99 Perram L J and KC Macdonald An overlapping propagating spreading center at 87 30 W on the Galapagos Spreading Center Earth Planet Sci Lett 121195211 1994 100 Michael PJ DW Forsyth DK Blackman PJ Fox BB Hanan AJ Harding KC Macdonald GA Neumann JA Orcutt M Tolstoy CM Weiland Mantle control of a dynamically evolving spreading center MidAtlantic Ridge 3134 S Earth Planet Sci Lett 121451468 1994 101 Carbotte SM and Macdonald KC Comparison of sea oor tectonic fabric at intermediate fast and super fast spreading ridges In uence of spreading rate plate motions and ridge segmentation on fault patterns J Geophys Res991360913632 1994 102 Carbotte SM and KC Macdonald The axial topographic high at intermediate and fast spreading ridges Earth Planet Sci Lett 1288597 1994 103 Shen Y DS Scheirer DW Forsyth and KC Macdonald Tradeoff in production between adjacent seamount chains near the East Paci c Rise Nature 373 140 143 1995 104 Scheirer DS and KC Macdonald Nearaxis seamounts on the anks ofthe East Pacific Rise 8 17 N J Geophys Res 10022392259 1995 105 Weiland C DS Wilson and KC Macdonald Highresolution plate reconstruction ofthe southern MidAtlantic Ridge Mar Geophys Res 17143166 1995 106 Cormier MH KC Macdonald and DS Wilson Athreedimensional gravity analysis ofthe East Pacific Rise from 180 to 21 30 S J Res 10080638082 1995 107 Wright DJ RM Haymon and KC Macdonald Breaking new ground Estimates of crack depth along the axial zone of the East Pacific Rise 9 1254 N Earth Planet Sci Lett 134441457 1995 108 Macdonald KC PJ Fox RT Alexander R Pockalny and P Gente Volcanic growth faults and the origin of Pacific abyssal hills Nature 380 125129 1996 109 Scheirer DS KC Macdonald DW Forsyth SP Miller DJ Wright MH Cormier and CM Weiland A map series of the southern East Pacific Rise and its anks 15 19 S Mar Geophys Res 18112 1996 110 Scheirer DS KC Macdonald DW Forsyth and Y Shen Abundant seamounts of the Rano Rahi Seamount Field near the Southern East Pacific Rise 15 S to 19 S Mar Geophys Res 181352 1996 111 Cormier MH DS Scheirer and KC Macdonald Evolution ofthe East Pacific Rise at 16 19 S since 5 Ma Bisection of overlapping spreading centers by new rapidly propagating ridge segments Mar Geophys Res 185384 1996 112 Alexander R T and K C Macdonald Small offaxis volcanoes on the East Pacific Rise Earth andPIanetaryScience letters 39 387394 1996 113 Alexander R T and K C Macdonald Sea Beam Sea MARC 11 and ALVIN based studies of Faulting on the East Paci c Rise 9 2039 9 50 N Mar Geophys Res 18 557587 1996 114 Weiland C M N R Grindlay and K C Macdonald Ridge segmentation and the magnetic structure of the southern MidAtlantic Ridge 26 S and 31 35 S Implications for magmatic processes at slow spreading centers Journal ofGeopnysrcaI Research 101 80558073 1996 115 Weiland C M and K C Macdonald Geophysical study of the East Paci c Rise 15 N to 17 N An unusually robust segment Journal ofGeopnysrcaI Research 101 2025720273 1996 116 Pockalny R A P J Fox D J Fornari K C Macdonald and M R Per t Tectonic reconstruction of the Clipperton and Siqueiros Fracture zones Evidence and consequences of plate motion change for the last 3 Myr J Geophys Res 102 31673182 1997 117 Cormier M D Scheirer K Macdonald S White R Haymon and S L I S Party Sojourn Leg 1 Detailed Study of the Asymmetries About the East Paci c Rise 15 20 20 S Ridge Events 6 15 1997 118 Scheirer D S D W Forsyth MH Cormier and K C Macdonald Shipboard Geophysical Indications of Asymmetry and Melt Production Beneath the East Paci c Rise near the MELT Experiment Science 280 12211224 1998 119 Macdonald K C Linkages between faulting volcanism hydrothermal activity and segmentation on fastspreading centers in Faultzng and Magznatrsrn at MdOcean R139dges vol Geophysical Monograph 106 348 p edited by P A D WR Buck JA Karson Y Lagabrielle p 2759 American Geophysical Union Washington DC 1998 120 Macdonald K C Exploring the Global MidOcean Ridge Oceanus 41 29 1998 121 White S M K C Macdonald D S Scheirer and MH Cormier Distribution of isolated volcanoes on the anks ofthe East Paci c Rise 153quot20 S l Geophys Res 103 3037130384 1998 122 White S M K C Macdonald R M Haymon and S2 S Party Volcanoes ofthe southern East Paci c Rise A New View of Crustal Accretion and Ridge Segmentation at Superfast Spreading Rates RIDGE EVENTS 10 1623 1999 123 White S M K C Macdonald and R M Haymon Basaltic lava domes lava lakes and volcanic segmentation on the southern East Paci c Rise Geophys Res 105 2351923536 2000 124 Crowder L K and K C Macdonald 2000 New constraints on the width of the zone of active faulting on the East Paci c Rise 8 30 N 10 00 N from Sea Beam Bathymetry and SeaMARC II Sidescan Sonar Mar Geophys Res 21 513527 125 Macdonald Ken C Sea oor Spreading MidOcean Ridge Tectonics in Encyclopedia of Ocean Sciences eds J Steele S Thorpe K Turekian Academic Press p 17981813 2001 126 Wright D J R M Haymon S M White and K C Macdonald 2002 Crustal ssuring on the crest ofthe southern east Paci c Rise 17 15 40 S and 18 2339 3039S Further insights into volcanichyrothermaltectonic cycling J Geophys Res V 107 p 1010292001JB00054 2002 127 White S M R M Haymon D J Fornari M Per t and K C Macdonald Correlation between volcanic and tectonic segmentation of fastspreading ridges Evidence from volcanic structures and lava ow morphology on the East Paci c Rise at 9 10 N Vol107 1010292001JB000571 August 2002 128 Sinton J E Bergmanis Ken Rubin Rodey Batiza Tracy K P Gregg Karl Grquotnvold Ken Macdonald Scott White Volcanic eruptions on midocean ridges New evidence from the superfastspreading East Paci c Rise 17 19 S J Geophys Res Vol 107 1010292000JBOOOO90 June 2002 129 White S M K C Macdonald and J Sinton 2002 Volcanic mound elds and lava ow elds on the East Paci c Rise 16 19 S Low Effusion Rate Eruptions at Overlapping Spreading Centers for the Last 1 Myr J Geophys Res v 107 p DOI 1010292001JB000483 130 Gans K D D S Wilson and K C Macdonald Paci c plate gravity lineaments Diffuse extension or thermal contraction Geochem Geophys Geosyst Vol 4 No 9 1074 DOI 1010292002GC000465 11 September 2003 131 Macdonald K C 2005 Tectonics MidOcean Ridges Encyclopedia of Geology R C Selley etal Elsevier 372388 132 Haymon R K C Macdonald S Benjamin C Ehrhardt 2005 Manifestations of hydrothermal discharge from young abyssal hills on the fastspreading East Paci c Rise ank Geology 5356 133 Supak S S M Carbotte and K C Macdonald 2007 In uence ofridge migration and proximity to hot spots on the morphology of slow and intermediatespreading centers Geochem Geophys Geosyst 8 in press doi1010292006GC001387 Review Sheet for Midterm 1 GEOG 3A Winter 2005 Jory Hecht Tony Boughman Tony Marca A few studving tips from vour TAs 0 Arrive on time and make sure you bring a pink scantron available at campus book store and Buchanan store and a Number 2 pencil Come to the Monday night review session 1610 Broida Hall You can bombard the TA s with all the questions you want Go over Prof Siegel s pdf files and animations on the class website Go to httpwpsprenhallcomesm christopherson geosystems 5 and do some of the practice tests Once you are on this page scroll down and click on the chapter of your interest After you get to the chapter page try some of the different types of exercises that are listed on the left hand side of the page Visit your TA s during their office hours Focus on concepts and processes and not just terminology Study graphs and maps in your textbooks You might need to interpret them Chapter 1 Fig res 114 115 117 Key Terms Latitudes and Parallels Longitudes and meridians Latitudinal zones Great Circle Route Rhumb Line Tropic of Cancer Tropic of Capricorn Equator Arctic Circle Antarctic Circle Remote Sensing Scale Projection Prime Meridian Geodesy Measuring The Ealth s Shape And Size 0 What common threedimensional shape does the Earth s surface approximate o What do geodesists consider the exact shape of the Earth to be Hint The answers to these two questions are different Latitude And Longitude Basics 0 Which angles do latitude and longitude measure 0 What is the name of the lines that measure latitude and which direction do they run Are they parallel to each other What are the lines by which we measure longitude called What is the name of the central line by which we measure longitude Which direction do longitude lines run Are they parallel to one another Review the North Polepolar bear question from Lab 1 Latitude Longitude And The Seasons Is the equator an arbitrarily chosen line or does it have some signi cance pertaining to seasons Was the central meridian by which we measure longitude arbitrarily chosen or does it have some signi cance pertaining to seasons What is the signi cance of the Tropic of Cancer and Tropic of Capricorn in terms of both the sun s position in the sky and day length What is the signi cance of the Arctic Circle and the Antarctic Circle in terms of both the sun s position in the sky and day length If you were to be stationed at a South Pole research station for one year how would day and night be distributed over the course of the year Why is it that way Great Circles And Small Circles Does an airplane route from Santa Barbara to Hiroshima Japan both cities are located at approximately 34 N that does not stray from the 341 parallel the quickest route to travel to Hiroshima Why or why not Does it follow a great circle route or a rhumb line Review Lab 1 questions Time Zones Why is there one time zone for every fteen degrees of longitude Why do time zone boundaries usually not follow the meridians exactly What is UTC How do we use it to calculate time in other time zones Why do we have daylight savings time What happens if you are traveling westward and cross the International Date Line What if you cross it coming back to UCSB after a vacation in New Zealand STUDY Figure 117 and Lab 1 Scales And Map Projections Concept of scale and how it is expressed on a map What s a small scale and what s a large scale Hint Think about the ratio of the distance on your map to the real world distance Differences between a globe and a twodimensional map How does a Mercator projection distort the Earth s surface Which part of the Earth is most distored Why does Greenland look bigger than Brazil does on a world map that has a Mercator projection Chapter 2 Subsolar point declination Zenith Solstice Equinox Circle of illumination Day length Solar Insolation March of the seasons Revolution Rotation Tilt Axial parallelism Sphericity Seasonality Light year Speed of light Perihelion Aphelion Plane of the ecliptic Axial tilt Fusion Sunspots Solar activity Solar wind Electromagnetic spectrum Frequency Wavelength Solar constant Solar altitude Solar declination Figgres 26 27 29 210 211 215 Tables 21 23 24 W What shape is the earth s orbit around the sun What is the plane running through all of the points of the Earth s orbit known as Does the distance between the Earth and the Sun vary over the course of one year Is this a reason for the seasons How does the eccentricity of the Earth s orbit change over millennia What have been the effects of these variations What are the aphelion and perihelion How does the Earth rotate as viewed from the North Pole Why does the Southern Hemisphere receive more insolation during its summer than the Northern Hemisphere does during its summer Basic Galactic And Solar Geography 0 Be familiar with where Earth and the Sun lie in relation to our Solar System and the Milky Way Galaxy Know how to use scienti c notation to express large numbers such as those between celestial bodies stars planets moons asteroids etc How fast does light travel through a vacuum W What is the name of a point where the sun s rays are perpendicular to the Earth s surface directly overhead at a given moment How does the angle of the sun s rays hitting the Earth s surface influence the amount of received insolation Understanding seasonal insolation patterns by latitude What is the solar constant and where is it measured in the atmosphere Why is insolation distributed unevenly across the Earth s surface STUDY Figure 210 Electromagnetic Radiation 0 Know what frequency and wavelength are Study the figure of the electromagnetic spectrum and the different types of wavelengths that are emitted ie where is ultraviolet UV light on the spectrum compared to infrared light STUDY Figure 26 What is the relationship between the energy an object radiates wavelength and surface temperature What is the difference between the types of radiation that the sun and the Earth emit Why are they different Why is the intensity of radiation decrease as you go north or south from the subsolar point Relative intensity sin90 7 latitude Earth s Radiation Budget Describe the latitudinal imbalance of the Earth s radiation budget Why is there a net radiation loss in the Sahara Desert which lies in the subtropics Daylength Understand what causes variations in day length How long are the days on the equator and on the poles in December In March In June What kind of day length variation is observed in Santa Barbara over the course of a year For how many days per year does the sun not set on the Arctic Circle How many days does the sun never rise STUDY Tables 23 Reasons For The Seasons Five reasons Revolution rotation tilt aXial parallelism sphericity Which one of these reasons is the primary cause of seasons What kind of seasons would we have if the tilt of the aXis were 90 degrees What if there was not any tilt at all March Of The Seasons Solstices summer winter When do they occur Equinox vernal autumnal When do they occur Are the seasons related to the aphelion and perihelion Understand solar altitude solar declination and day length and be able to describe the annual variability of each Understand how to chart approximate day length at key seasonal dates for different latitudes Know the formula to calculate the latitude of any point given the latitude of the subsolar point and the solar zenith or solar declination Altitude 90 latitude declination Chapter 3 Fig res 32a 3 3 36 3 9 3 14 Key Terms troposphere tropopause stratosphere stratopause mesosphere mesopause thermosphere thermopause exosphere ozonosphere ionosphere homosphere heterosphere air pressure kinetic energy normal lapse rate environmental lapse rate temperature inversion ozone layer chloro uorocarbons CFCs carbon monoxide photochemical smog sulfur dioxide aerosols particulate matter anthropogenic pollution Clean Air Act Montreal Protocol KEY CONCEPTS Characterizing the Atmosphere Describe the atmosphere s vertical pro le according to temperature function and composition How thick is the atmosphere and how is its mass distributed vertically Why does pressure vary with altitude Which gases make up the majority of the atmosphere What are their sources Why is the atmosphere crucial to life Describe the ltering effects of the atmosphere How was Earth s ancient atmosphere different from today s atmosphere A I in Mixing and Air Pollution How long does it take for the atmosphere to mix between eastwest northsouth What are the consequences of atmospheric mixing in the spread of pollution Why does temperature in the stratosphere increase with altitude Why is this different than the troposphere Define temperature inversion What causes them to occur Name three geographic factors that contribute to pollution problems in Mexico City and Los Angeles Describe some natural factors affecting air pollution Describe some human induced anthropogenic factors affecting air pollution Ozone Why is stratospheric ozone important How has it been depleted and what is being done to remedy the predicament Describe the sources and effects of tropospheric ozone What s different about it than stratospheric ozone Understand the chlorineozone catalytic cycle Understand the graph that shows the difference between chlorine and ozone mixing ratios that heavily in uenced policy


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