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by: Rodger Reichel


Rodger Reichel
GPA 3.65

F. Dunn

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About this Document

F. Dunn
Class Notes
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Rodger Reichel on Thursday October 22, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to CLASS 40 at University of California Santa Barbara taught by F. Dunn in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 34 views. For similar materials see /class/226981/class-40-university-of-california-santa-barbara in Classical Studies at University of California Santa Barbara.




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Date Created: 10/22/15
CLASSICS 40 MIDTERM REVIEW WINTER 09 Names Know who these people gods are and in what piece of literature they feature ZeusSon of Kronos and Rhea Leader of Olympus Part of the Olympians Father of Athena and Hercules ApolloBrother of Artemis Son of Leto and Zeus has a shrine Oracle of Delphi because he appeared as a dolphin to the sailors DemeterGoddess of hearth and home very motherly showed herself in a moment of epiphany mother of Persephone AthenaGoddess of wisdom symbol is the owl Helped out Odysseus DionysusGod of Wine HermesFather to Pan breaches borders between living and dead as well as between mortal and immortal messenger of the gods carts dead souls down to Hades AphroditeGoddess of love and desire permits sex to happen which continues life was birthed from the severed testicles of Kronos out of the ocean technically daughter of Zeus since he s the one that severed his father s testicles PanSon of Hermes Pan means All Gaia Earth was just created not birthed RheaTitan mother of Olympians OuranosSky one of the Gods initially created Father of Titans KronosFather of most of the Olympians Typheous Metis PrometheusStole re from the gods and gave it to humans was punished by being tied to a boulder and had a vulture or some bird eat his liver and every day it would grow back only to have it eaten again Five Ages of Men esp the Iron Age Gold Age Silver Age Bronze Age Iron Age and Hero Age We are the Iron Age Each one except us just ended up all going away Being covered by sand dying suddenly stuff like that that wasn t really explained PandoraFirst woman given to man Opened the box that let all bad things out to torment men forever Only thing she didn t let out was hope Orpheus Protogonos Chronos Demeter the Archetype Aphrodite the Archetype Er Odysseus Agamemnon Achilles Elpinor Clytemnestra Orestes the Furies Areopagus Atreus Persephone Pythian priestess the Underworld Terms monotheism polytheism katabasis epiphany epithet dual nature of the gods theogony mythoimythologia Theater of Dionysusthe Great Dionysia Xenia guestfriendship Orestes Minotaur Places Delos Delphi Eleusis ArgosMycenae Theme questions Why are epiphanies important in a polytheistic religion What are the two threads of mythoi in the Theogony What reassurance does Hesiod give to his fellow men about the cosmos What kind of explanation does he give about the birth ofthe cosmos How do Genesis and the Theogony differ Which religion has a dualistic system ie monotheism or polytheism What does Hesiod s Races of Men say about the Greek s view of mankind What saves the Iron Age from destroying each other How do Prometheus Bound and Antigone s Ode to Man differ How are they similar What does Odysseus katabasis say about the Greeks view of the afterlife give examples


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