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by: Noemie O'Hara


Noemie O'Hara
GPA 3.72


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 27 page Class Notes was uploaded by Noemie O'Hara on Thursday October 22, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to GEOG 3A at University of California Santa Barbara taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 55 views. For similar materials see /class/226990/geog-3a-university-of-california-santa-barbara in Geography at University of California Santa Barbara.

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Date Created: 10/22/15
Atmospheric and Oceanic Circulations con nued Chapter 6 Lecture 15 9 February 2005 Four forces that determine winds 1 Gravity pulls gas molecules close to Earth density amp pressure decrease with height 2 Pressure gradient force the difference in air pressure between areas 3 Coriolis force deflects wind from a straight line to the right or left depending on hemisphere 4 Friction force the drag on air flow from the Earth s surface Useful things to remember Low pressure Dense warm humid Circulation is counterclockwise NH cyclonic Convergent near ground rising air masses High pressure Dense cool dry Circulation is clockwise NH anticyclonic Divergent near ground descending air masses North Pole Polar 0mm Sublmpmal 1m sueam Sub ropwca mgh W Jr NormayAaae w Subtyopma mgh Subtropical let s1ream Polar 1mm A Density lifting Cold air descends a r r Condensation level C Warlmr low density 3 Warm moist air rises and is replaced by cooler drier air from other sites Credit http eas geoiogy u eduessNotesAtmosphericCircuiation convectjpeg the position of the ITCZ tracks the sun it is in the summer hemisphere the location of the ITCZ determines the rainy season in many tropical countries especially those in Africa 130 0quot w 1 l l l W l LJzulnuary the horizontal winds within the ITCZ are calm the doldrums North Pole Polar 0mm Sublmpmal 1m sueam Sub ropwca mgh W Jr NormayAaae w Subtyopma mgh Subtropical let s1ream Polar 1mm Trapmal mpopause 15 Stratosphere 193 12 75 Midlamuda rcpopause 9 53 s 37 l a 1 Us kkk Westevl39es s h 39 I E f I K 39 P39 Trade winds 391 i 36 n R z ah v l w 90 ED 50 40quot 30 20 ID 1 7 simulation emulation Subtropical highpressure cells these cells occur where the tropical air descends in m 14039 150 E130 W 160 0 120 100 80 MT 20 WD39E 20 40 50 811 100 120 Equatortopole cross section of circulation Surawsphere K Westernes jib picw Trade winds E I I K 9 9h JJL 30w w 10quot 0 50 40 y circulmion circulation mum 0450 m mssmumn no man mm m Show shockwave O4GobaWindsswf Earth s Figure Credit Climate by W Ruddiman Monsoon Circulation Strong solar radiation7 High pressure cooler ocean Summer monsoon Figure Credit Earth s Climate by W Ruddiman Monsoon Circulation Monsoon Circulation Figure Credit physicalgeographynet If E intense dry winds flow from the Asian interior in response t x the gradient betweer 39 v the continental high y i pressure amp equatoria V ITCZ low pressure Sl i mm at Cinmmm K K i i a 2m KILOMEYERS 9039 mn r z x 7 ML r n39 a Winter dry monsoon j m 39 N o H t x 9n x W39el 39 x 29 Tropico ancer r PACIFIC OCEAN in summer the ITCZ shifts north reversing the pressure gradient my OCEAN WI ngh pressure Jawr L xvi winds flow from themmwap39im39quot tquot Indian ocean amp gain m i 77 coo KILOMEI39EHS V Jr 3 10039 v w L moisture b Summer wet monsoon Pressure surfaces rellative conditions l T J mla vaw x d Thermal loin f a E Elighar temperature V ilwwa r pressure Pvessuve su aces Nighttime laudmaaze con mons lemme commons Ail cool and ducends L J alive V A Caoxar avr is drawn o shole Higher Iemperamre lower pressure Lower temperature hlghev pressure What time of day would you go jogging in Los Angeles WHY Oceanic Circulation and Currents Oceans covel theocean hemisphere about 23 s of Earth surface the land hemisphere Oceanic Circulation and Currents ocean currents are largely driven by the frictional drag of surface winds other important factors include solar heating the Coriolis force continents gravity and density gradients WIND SPEED MS 58ml415l Salinity 39 Ocean waters are salty 39 Salinity mass salts mass seawater 39The salts CI39 SO4392 Na K etc are in approximate constant proportion 39Law of salinity residence time is huge Measure one ion CI39 estimate salinity Density fTS 30 22 23 density temperature 0 3 salinin T decreases or 8 increases gt Density increases Ocean Distribution of 9 amp S Wurld Citan 39 Mean ocean 9 4 C amp S 348 psu


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