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by: Spencer Ondricka
Spencer Ondricka
GPA 3.91

S. Butner

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About this Document

S. Butner
Class Notes
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This 16 page Class Notes was uploaded by Spencer Ondricka on Thursday October 22, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ECE 189A at University of California Santa Barbara taught by S. Butner in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 35 views. For similar materials see /class/227028/ece-189a-university-of-california-santa-barbara in ELECTRICAL AND COMPUTER ENGINEERING at University of California Santa Barbara.

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Date Created: 10/22/15
out Flash Memory ECE 189A Oct 21 2008 I AMD El Am29FOOZBAm29F002NB 2 Megabit 256 K x BBit CMOS 50 Voltonly Boot Sector Flash Memory Vcc Y Gmmg um naenmr XADennuer CeHMalnx uayn sseu AHW Packages and Logic Symbol NC an mummy manuam TSOP If NcunAmEFunzNE Ail A17 DOCPDO CE DEC WEAK RESET MC on Amzs FoozNa 39 Sector Organizations mm 2 Table 3 AmZQFOOZBlAMZQFDOZNE Eolmm 300 Block Senor Address Table Can you get it Valid combos AmZSF UZB Ammrnuma T 755 c quotL rzmmmmsa C Cam mxaH CIno x maumumcmmscr E e 551 newsgrva p azrr mmasucuwwunszy J 327m Recm gmnr Wash Leaded cmp owner in n32 E 327m Yhm SmaH Oulhne Package nsom swam Pmml as aw a Bannm sector nEon uuMaEnuzscmpnou mammangmma 2 Meqahm 1255 x x mm mm mm Mammy 5 a v n o my Prvgmm and Emse suvmm 1 What about WRITE amp ERASE I Flash memories store data by trapped charges floating gate technology I Writing requires a region erase l followed by singleword writes within erased region I Erasing and writing can be S LOW I Why put up with it l Memory is nonvolatile with 40 year retention Command Unlock Sequences x Dom care pa Drrrmbe Frog atrium 31 mm m Datalmclvesm m R Mm We WWW10mmquot 10 We Insquotgauge 01 WE was Pulse mrclveve39hap ens ms 39 erased AddresshvtsAvLAS w e aeanzm mm mm o me warmm m be momma quotquot y Add 5525 men an the ram 2192 avme was was pulse may nawens my Data Polling Used in a System Address Flash Processor memory ilestone 3 due Thursday ECE 189A Oct 21 2008 39 1 Milestone 3 Systemlevel Design I Subsystem Requirements Specs amp Interface l sufficient for independent development with later successful integration I Component Selection Bill of materials BOM i part numbers datasheets cost amp availability of major components l Show you know about each of the major parts for each I How it operates I What its interface is like I Its power requirements I Software components l List of compilers linkers assemblers and other tools to be used l Figure out where the major work areas are amp what s to be done 39 1 Milestone 3 continued I After milestone 3 ll Your project should be well defined Most groups should have a better overall specification by now If you don t have it you should stop everything and work on that a You need to have a solid written idea of what you are building ll Your major components should be selected n Thus all interface types should be known Subsystems should be identified so the overall project is broken down into smaller subprojects each with requirements amp interface D Software tools should be identified You can now decide where you will be working ie at home in the digilab on a laptop etc 39 1 Bill of materials relates board to schematic l Simply a spreadsheet Excel ne row per component type or per component instance You cannot complete it yet no board but get started part numbers 1 Description price package may be some other useful columns L Later we ll discuss how to get this generated by ExpeditionPCB i A i a l c i D l E F l c l H l III of Materials for UCSBECE D ilabFPGA Board 72 Ref Des Type x Y Rm Side Pins Part Number Description ClEIEI ISMD lEIBEI l EEI lEEI TOP 2 ElEEISCGlEEIJBBZEIEI Ceramic cap lEpF lEIBEI lZEEI lEEI TOP 2 EIEEISCGlEEIJBBZEIEI Ceramic cap lEpF lE EI 54D EIVTOP 2 TABlDlEVKEllEAS Tantalum cap lEIEIuF at lEVDC llEIEI SEEI 27E TOP 2 TABlDlEVKEllEAS Tantalum cap lEIEIuF at lEVDC lE3E E7E BEI TOP 2 CEIEEISClEIAKSPACTU Bypass cap E luF ZlEEI 133E E TOP 2 CEIEEISClEIAKSPACTU Bypass cap E luF AAZEI EEEI 27E TOP 2 CEIEEISClEIAKSPACTU Bypass cap E luF 327B lZ7E EIVTOP 2 CEIEEISClEIAKSPACTU Bypass cap E luF 232B 57E lEEI TOP 2 CEIEEISClEIAKSPACTU Bypass cap E luF 135E 53D BEI TOP 2 CEIEEISClEIAKSPACTU Bypass era EI luF E3E 137E lEEI TOP 2 lNAEIgtOlt Diude luyy puwer axial genericl E BEI E TOP 2 PllSEIEICTrND LED green EIEEIS LNJSEIEGSUUX 3 BEI TOP 2 PllSEIEICTrND LED green EIEEIS LNJSEIEGSUUX mun lEIEI n BOTTOM A JSrllEIBVA Header Strip snarl tail Jamecu 47pm lengtn 515B lESEI BEI TOP 2 BCEIEEISZAlEIEIEIFKHFT EIEEIS resistur lEIEI unms JnZEI SMD 515B 25E 27EVTOP 2 BCEIEEISZAlEIEIEIFKHFT EIEEIS resistur lEIEI unms lass Schedule Changes ECE 189A Oct 21 2008 Schedang I Turn in MS3 due Thursday to the instructor s mail box l HFH416O mailbox labeled Butner g inclass I Starting next week rotating group meetings lZl Two per class period 35 minute slots in classroom l Slot 1 11001135 Slot2 11351210 Tow luir ey Thurs t 3 Surregtgob Tues 11 Timemilliw I Resume regular class meetings on Thurs 11


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