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by: Daren Beatty Jr.


Daren Beatty Jr.
GPA 3.94

D. Bothman

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About this Document

D. Bothman
Class Notes
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This 20 page Class Notes was uploaded by Daren Beatty Jr. on Thursday October 22, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ME 12 at University of California Santa Barbara taught by D. Bothman in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 52 views. For similar materials see /class/227081/me-12-university-of-california-santa-barbara in Mechanical Engineering at University of California Santa Barbara.




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Date Created: 10/22/15
Material and Process Selection NonTraditional Processes Week Notes 0 Lab 2 date Quiz 2 date and content Homework Some Considerations for Material Selection Geometry Loads Tensile compressive shear Pressure Cyclic loading Fracture Weight Cost Manufacturability quantity Thermal issues Temperature Conductivity Thermal expansion Electrical issues Fire Extinguisher Geometry Loads Tensile compressive shear Pressu Cos Manufacturabiliw quantity Thermal issues Temperature Conductiviw Thermal expansion Electrical issues Vacuum Chambers Geometry o s Tensile compressive shear Pressure Cyclic loading Fracture Weight Cost Manufacturability quantity Thermal issues Conductivity Thermal expansion Electrical issues Airframe Airframe Construction Geometry Loads Tensile compressive shear Pressure Cyclic loading Fracture Weight Cost Manufacturability quantity Thermal Issues T Thermal expansion Electrical issues Syringe Geometry Loads Tensile compressive shear Pressure Cyclic loading 7 Fracture Weight Cost Manufacturability quantity Thermal issues Thermal expansion Electrical issues Bicycle Frame Geometry Loads Tensile compressive shear Pressure Cyclic loading Fracture Weight Cost Manufacturability quantity Thermal issues Temperature Conductivity Thermal expansion Electrical issues Frame Details Cambridge Engineering Selector CES g l rum ulvnacShwmamulcuunnuu mu Wu 5m um E Deepmawvg Prnrzss Ehullilic u news 7 3 gum was vaflJE Rm M gezhrm mg 1 7 msg n Yumams 72742737 Ema n mme mg runs In Rapid Prototyping httpwwwquickpartscomengishQuickparts2aspxPageLoonumePrototypesFDMProcessComparisonTableaspx Fused Deposition Modeling Ilqm ner heed lmovesm x and V exvuslon nozzles supports Foam slab 1 Wild plenum 5mm lmovssln Zl material 5quot 739 build mamaispaol I Plastic thread on spool is melted by precisely controlled hot nozzle FDM Parts 2 It rhdrjg an I r r triti a l Q 5 Stereolithography Liquid monomer is polymerized with UV laser that is scanned over surface Part is fabricated layerbylayer httpuw mm watchvan5HA85E k httpl w u mm watchvtiYNfBQOi9M Spinal shunt HeCd 7 397 2 laser Tunable mirror Platform Photocurable resin Selective Laser Sintering scAImE n svsmmn mm sum CNMER FAHRICAIION PownER an m noLLERm PownER 1 nmmv omcmmo 5mm rmucmn 1n 1 mum 1 minimum 1 PownER X rwnlcnuou 1 nmmv nsmu an 1 mm Fig 2 Selective laser sintering C02 Laser Layering Roller Powder Bed PartBuild Chamber Feed Cartridges Controller FDM Parts


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