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by: Daren Beatty Jr.


Daren Beatty Jr.
GPA 3.94


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 21 page Class Notes was uploaded by Daren Beatty Jr. on Thursday October 22, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ME 141A at University of California Santa Barbara taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 55 views. For similar materials see /class/227090/me-141a-university-of-california-santa-barbara in Mechanical Engineering at University of California Santa Barbara.

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Date Created: 10/22/15
AC Electrokinetics Carl D Meinhart Department of Mechanical Engineering University of California Santa Barbara Vortex Structures in Micro uidics How are vortex structures possible Vortex shedding 0 Zero Reynolds number v dding Moving parts 0 Dif cult to fabricate DC Electroosmosis Requires large voltages l 1 kV Electrolysis Magnetic elds Restrict to aqueous buffer solutions AC Electrokinetics advantages 0 High frequency electric fields Reduce or eliminate electrolysis Place electrodes locally inside microchannel Increased exibility Locally addressable electrodes Decrease electric potential AC Eleotrio Potemtial 6Vms 2 kHz 1 Particle motion or 2 Fluid motion I I X ElectrOde 20 um Electrode Particle Motion Dielectrophoresis DEP Positive DEP Negative DEP DEP Force 13W 27mm r3 ERK VE 2 m Stokes Drag a FD67wr L7p h I H l httpwwwibmminformaticsbangoracuk Fluid Motion AC Electroosmosis Ramos 1998 Electrical Field Lines Double Layer Electrodes 1 810292 3 Velocity on Electrode Surface us 8 u rl 222 Q 8 7239 Nondimensional frequency a Iquot K O 2 K inverse of Debye length Fluid Motion Electrotherrnal Effect Ramos et a1 1998 Gauss s Law V2 2 390q E V 80 Ohm s Law j 2 0E Electrical Power W 2 j E Dissipation 0 Temperature pcZ2 kVZT 0E2 Field D Y4 Joule Heating Fluid Motion Electrotherrnal Effect Ramos et a1 1998 Body Force on Fluid Decompose Electric Field Where 1 2 fE pqE E E V8 Y K Coulomb Force Dielectric Force Applied Field Perturbed Field charge variation Fluid Motion Electrotherrnal Effect Ramos et a1 1998 BOdyFEETice 0n fE 2 pg 1 2 V8 from before Gauss s Law V395E 2 pg Expanding pg 2 V8 E0 8 VE1 hot fEvg Ogv 1 0 0y2vg Fluid Motion Electrotherrnal Effect Ramos et 211 1998 0 0 Charge 6p a a Conservation 8 V 39 0E D pa Fluid Motion Electrothermal Effect Ramos et a1 1998 Sinusoidal 0 Fields E0 I ReE0 e I gt lt gtmltgt V0 jng E0 7ng Combining V E1 Fluid Motion Electrothermal Effect Ramos et 211 1998 q q q 1 q 2 ForceonFluid fEV8 E08VE1EO EO V3 VajaV8EO V1711 7ng V V E ltfEgt O5 U ijEog Ozmj E0 2 V5 039 8 1 an J Coulomb Dielectric Electrical V0 LZltVT Vs LKVT Properties 7 f7 8 8 6T 2 04 Electrotherrnal Effect Computational Approach Applied V2 0 0 E0 V 0 Electric Field Temperature va 0 E0 2 0 Field Electrical V a la 7VT E laiVT Pro erties 0 0 6T 9 9 6T P LY 2 04 Electrothermal Effect Computational Approach Electrothermal Body Force g 2 05 E EEoioz 05 E0 2 V5 039 8 1wr J H Coulomb Dielectric 2 gt Stokes Equation 0 Vp v VL i0 Electrothermal Model Potential field 4H m mama 7 Vrms T39 7 Vrms 20 um gap Electrothermal Model Temperature Max 2 35 0 D Heat source pc leT Dt Electrothermal Model Velocity Electrothermally modi ed channel ow center section only 400 nms t 4 t K n o x K a L t A l 7 f t T T r t r x x f l l l l l l l l l l l rwl Flt t l V WlW Ll Kamp WNW l v ljKKK Ilr 1rflt N 9 l l l l Hf 1 lZ x k l x x l k K R t 39l lt Nky nt Vp quz i F O x x r Scalar Transport and Reaction Kinetics 86 a Concentration 32 1st Order 63 c Heterogeneous 2 con 0 RT B kw7 B Reaction at 2 Reaction Surface Matching 6 3 2 49 Condition at 5 t Hg Reaction Rate Diffusive Flux Immunoassay Reactions ELISA Fluorescently labeled antigen l Cover glass PSA antibody immobilized on electrodes glass Normalized Bound Concentration ELISA x10 3 8X increase in 2 bound antigen BRT 1 4X illulbdbb ill bound antigen 0 V ff 0 20 4O 6O 80 100 Time s Electrokinetic Switching buffer T sample 40 um buffer l gt 1 d Functionalized Binding rate x 1014 6 60m 65 Surface 5 122i 21 4 ROFF Multiple Physics 1 Gauss s Law B M m 3 2 Energy Eq 2 3 Conductivity Gradient Ri 6 4 NavierStokes Eq 1 ROFF 5 ConvectionDiffusion G 6 Heterogeneous React o Electrodes 011 t s Electrodes off


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