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by: Domingo Gutkowski


Domingo Gutkowski
GPA 3.65

C. Press

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About this Document

C. Press
Class Notes
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This 16 page Class Notes was uploaded by Domingo Gutkowski on Thursday October 22, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to DANCE 45 at University of California Santa Barbara taught by C. Press in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 59 views. For similar materials see /class/227094/dance-45-university-of-california-santa-barbara in Dance at University of California Santa Barbara.




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Date Created: 10/22/15
Dear Dance 45 STudenTs Below is a sTudy guide To help you during The quarTer The Topics are lisTed wiThin a conTexT and should be sTudied as such Use This isT To guide your sTuding as if sTudying for an essay exam ThaT will help Tremendously Use This isT as a guide Any addiTional films or informaTion from class noT lisTed are sTill poTenTial Topics for The exams ConcerTs viewed ouTside of class are also on The TesTs The exams are noT cumulaTive InformaTion for The final begins wherever we leave off for The midTerm BesT regards Dr Carol Press STUDY GUIDE WhaT is hisTory WhaT is dance WhaT is arT Basic elemenTs of all dance CulTural knowledge Ellen Dissanayake Basic componenTs of Dance CriTicism PaleoliThic Old STone Age SympaTheTic magic Aborigines Jiri Kylian Netherlands Dance Theatre Stamping Ground Neolithic New Stone Age Totem Animistic Perspective Cradle of western civilization 3 basic dance patterns often seen in ancient times Lineagebased cultures and dance Shaman Dance and religion Egyptian dance Dance of the Hebrews 12 verbs Whirling Dervishes Trance Dance in Crete Dance in Greece Dionysus Dithyramb Thespis Greek Drama Greek Chorus Apollo Plato Athens Sparta Emmeleia Pyrrhic Kordax Roman dance Roman pantomime Etruscan dance Christianity and dance Pagan and non pagan Dark Ages and dance Middle AgesMedieval and dance Mystery miracle and morality plays Christianity and Los Seises Carole Maypole dance Morris dance Court dance Basse Dance Pageantry and tournaments Dance of death Dance Mania Bubonic plagueblack death Troubadors Renaissance and dance Arbeau Sonata Musical suite and dance Pavane Galliard Vol ra Balle r of The Provinces of France 1573 Eques rrian Balle r I raly beginnings of balle r Ca rherine de Medici Bae7 Comque de a Ref7e 1581 Beaujoyeux King Louis XIII King Louis XIV Sun god Versailles Jean Bap ris re Lully Pierre Beauchamps 5 posi rions of The fee r Proscenium arch The Academie Royale de Musique and Dance 1671 Paris Opera Professional ballet dancers Minuet 18Th Century three categories of dance noble demicharacter comicgrotesque Theatrical dance Dance d39Ecole Francoise Prevost Marie Salle Marie Anne Camargo Barberina Campanini Louis Dupre Gaetan Vestris Auguste Vestris Feuillet 1760 book Letters on Dancing ballet d39action Jean Georges Noverre Jean Dauberval La F39e Ma Eardee The I guarded GIN 1789 French Revolution 1789 Changes in dance after French Revolution Box pointe shoes 1860 Carlo Blasis Eemenfary Treat3e 1820 Code of Terpschore 1828 Romantic era Jean Jacques Rousseau Industrial Revolution Middle class Gaslighting amp Curtain Dr Louis Vernon 1830 Jockey club Foyer de la Danse Roberf e Dabe 1831 La 5yphde 1832 Philip Taglioni Mar39ie Taglioni James Eppi Madge Augus r Bournonville Fanny Elssler39 Cachucha Theophile Gau rier39 65ee 1841 Car39lo r ra Grisi Jules Per39r39o r Jean Cor39alli Albrech r Lucien Pe ripa CoppeIa l39r wfh le Ename Eyes 1870 Swanilda Fr39an rz Arthur SaintLeon Giuseppina Bozzacchi FrancoPrusan VVar Imperial Russian Ballet Tsar Jean Baptiste Lande St Petersburgto Leningradto St Petersburg Maryinsky Theater to Kirov Theater Moscow Bolshoi Theater Charles Didelot AAarius Petipa Daqgh a offhefymvvah Divertissement Grand Pas de Deux Entr e Adagio duet Mdesdo Female solo Coda 4 S ryles of movement Classical Char39ac rer39 Demichar39ac rer39 Mime Children on s rage The 5eepng Beaufy 1890 Pe ripa Tchaikovsky Rose Adagio The Nufcracker 1892 Ivanov Tchaikovsky dies 1893 Swan Lake 1895 Black Swan Pas de Deux Pe ripa Ac rs I and III Ivanov Ac rs II and IV Ode r reOdi le Prince Siegfried Russian Revolu rion 1917 Anna Pavlova The Dying Swan 1905 Balle39r Russes Diaghilev Leon Baks r Pablo Picasso Fokine Fokine39s 5 major principles Les Sy ohb es Scheherazade 1910 Ceopafre 1909 Pe frouchka 1911 Le Specfre de a Rose 1911 Nijinsky Schizophrenia Affemoon of 0 Fame 1912 Debussy Jeux 1913 Rife of 50th9 1913 S rr39avinsky Rudolph Nur39eyev Defec red from Russia Poli rical Asylum Rober r J offr39ey J offr39ey Balle r Massine Parade 1917 ThreeCornered Haf 1919 Nijinska 5eepng Beauty 1921 Les Noces 1923 Le Train Beu 1924 Anton Dolin Coca Chanel Prince of Wales Suzanne Linglor39 Milhaud George Balanchine Apoo 1928 Age7 1957 Four Temperamenfs 1946 Afr39icanist aestheticEuropean aesthetic Lincoln Kir39stein New York City Ballet NYCB Arthur Mitchell Dance Theater39 of Harlem American Ballet Theater ABT Isadora Duncan Loie Fuller Ruth St Denis Ted Shawn Denishawn 19m Constitutional Amendment vote Margaret Sanger Louis Horst Martha Graham Acts of Light 1981 Pelvic contraction and release Percussive movement Doris Humphrey Fall amp Recovery The Art of Making Dances 1959 Charles Weidman Jose Limon Rudolph Laban Mary Wigman Hanya Holm Alvin Ailey Paul Taylor Avan rGarde Duef 1957 amp Aureoe 1962 Merce Cunningham John Cage Rober r Ellis Dunn Pos rmodern Dance Judson Church Twyla Tharp Alwin Nikolais Tensie In voVemen 7 1 9 5 3 Pilobolus Monksload FareweL 1974 HIV AIDS Choreographers who died from AIDS Bill T Jones DMcm in le Wafer 1989 57 39Here 1994 Joe Goode Deepy There 1998 AfricanAmerican modern dance choreographers from video Gus Solomon Jr Eleo Pomare Talley Bea r ry Ka rherine Dunham Ulysses Dove Alvin Ailey Bill T Jones hiphop Ronald Brown Donald McKaer Mikhail Baryshnikov Defec red from Russia Poli39rical Asylum Gar rh Fagan


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