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by: Kaitlyn Pulos

section3.pdf AHS 101

Kaitlyn Pulos
GPA 3.33
History of Art Survey 1
Ronald D. Rarick

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About this Document

History of Art Survey 1
Ronald D. Rarick
Class Notes
25 ?




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This 6 page Class Notes was uploaded by Kaitlyn Pulos on Thursday October 22, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to AHS 101 at Ball State University taught by Ronald D. Rarick in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 22 views. For similar materials see History of Art Survey 1 in Art at Ball State University.


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Date Created: 10/22/15
5 63 W OC 50 j cm i ETUSCOLH K9 39 CW5 V 1mm fies waw Sum wa Gonoms ohd no rtao au 4 W mm M39 n 39 393 7 I quot k 1 gills Eu 5 SMOO W 00 0mg Sxmxmm 3mm Dmmb n0 Pffdrmin 4e mound 043mm euro pmed decomwe UGOL139 hgme 39 L x 1quot We f i mm menEmmi d ac l plowed In qu bgf 126m mmk mmc has F m B I A 5 rijjdHNi b i 39 H P WW 5 t mscum 3 quot 393 iii quot39J 1 quot i q g1 3 Smcm 6006 UK QM 39 MUST p0 0mm gm CC mum RW E W kaM i ggiM 43M L WC loneoWC w WMquot f F u mhma a 26 SiB CiUR COHQMYWL Cap w g mm WWW 1810143231 Wm WWW 5W8 k8 inmwled bwy anwcmg Md UL 31 3 14 quot Ll lfi lilifw m 39 39f Aquot 1 loin 3F nmu ym 69W Romans made Lon one3 OWN mmnor Mnml vault 1 2 1 0M 5 31055 nquotj Pmemcukcm WHW39S Nd d crs C115ch spa am 919mm Wm mowed URme om m Praetxcuzcb km 12quot W1 quot w i g 4 Open mm mm 39magoa mm 1 W3 3 W d r mdoxmwe I N g f w our u Dewem a wad 30 meplc Wm 3m Jemmeeammmmwmw V ww quw NMWCL w m cuiomm M W 1m 1w 7 9 Q M iddt If b Whoa 4 339 own 10m m 0C cmme WU p w 03 b 280er H39H L39 mu m w 3 quot7 V 1 is 7 h f 7 U 1 l 11 A 7 W 1 Q6063 gummaw 9ft mamQ 0x WWW V Du 01me Murmbm M WWW WC V a Pm 0 w mam L siiiquot n LL g r39 F T i Pm Eamon a zmeze F Q i ROGW Em 101m W L7 i amp of UmHhEMMML I 590 a 5mm 30vava mm IS39r 1cm 1 QUMBquot 7 WM m u a COMM an 37 I 1 r f WW And V U WI H MM mi 1 WW mummm We 3 an 3 me 39i on Ham mm quot 4 r m if 43quot 39 WWlMWL w 39a 39td 81MB vawh 1quot MW mm R 960me WWW w


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