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by: Daniela Wilkinson


Daniela Wilkinson
GPA 3.59

Wei-Jiu Liu

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About this Document

Wei-Jiu Liu
Class Notes
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This 5 page Class Notes was uploaded by Daniela Wilkinson on Thursday October 22, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to MATH 1592 at University of Central Arkansas taught by Wei-Jiu Liu in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 40 views. For similar materials see /class/227196/math-1592-university-of-central-arkansas in Mathematics (M) at University of Central Arkansas.

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Date Created: 10/22/15
Math 1592 Calculus I A brief Introduction to the T192 Voyage 200 Here we give a selection of TI commands that we will be using through this course 1 Basic Commands solve If we type the following solvexA2 7 1 0x PTZ RAD AUTO FUNC 230 then the TI will return solvex2710x x1orx 71 solvexA2 7 1 0x PTZ RAD AUTO FUNC 230 factor If we type the following factorltxA2 7 5 gtk x 7 6 PTZ RAD AUTO FUNC 230 then the TI will return factorltx275x76 x76x1 factorltxA2 7 5 gtk x 7 6 PTZ RAD AUTO tExpand tCollect FUNC 230 These are useful for expanding and simplifying trig functions If we type the following tExpomdltsinlt2 gtk x PTZ RAD AUTO FUNC 230 Math 1592 7 TI Software then the TI will return tExpomdltsinlt2 gtk x 2sinx cosx tExpomdltsinlt2 gtk x PT2 RAD AUTO Similarly if we type the following FUNC 230 tCollectlt2 sinx cosx PT2 RAD AUTO then the TI will return tCollectlt2 sinx cosx FUNC 230 sin2 x tCollectlt2 sinx cosx PTZ RAD AUTO De ne FUNC 230 It is possible to define functions with the TI If we type the following Define tx M2 PT2 RAD AUTO then the TI will return Define tx 1x2 FUNC 230 Done Define tx M2 PT2 RAD AUTO Then whenever we type f 1 or f a or f anything it will square it To unassign it is necessary to go to varlink It is found at 2 quot1 7 Then scroll through the list find FUNC 230 your assigned entree highlight it and then F1 and delete 2 Graphing The TI has a wonderful graphics package well in 2D at least If we type ltgt W we get to the Y which will let us enter our function Scroll down or up to a place that is empty hit enter This will put us at the base line Then enter x2 Le TI An introduction Math 1592 7 TI Software y1x xAZ PTZ RAD AUTO FUNC 230 and then hit enter again This should put an x2 by the yl entry Note the check mark beside the yl x2 This indicates the function has been chosen If you wish to unchoose this function without completely eliminating it you can by unchecking it Here we use the F4 button to do this Now we are ready to graph By choosing the ltgt R we get graph key which put us into a new screen and the plots the graph of the functions we have chosen We also have a lot of capabilities here We can zoom F2 trace F3 regraph F4 and perform mathematical calculations F5 These are things that you can experiment with If you wish to change the window the length of the x and y axis we can do this by choosing the window key This is done by choosing ltgt E Once there we will have xmin 73 xmax4 xscl1 ymin 75 ymax5 ysc1 1 xres2 PTZ RAD AUTO FUNC 230 3 Tables Often times you wish to create a table of Values and then maybe plot these The TI also has this capability We first must choose the DataMatrix key This then gives us a box Data Matrix Editor 1 Current 2 Open 3 New we move the curser down until we get the new highlighted or current if that is what you wish and enter Another box will appear that has the form TI An introduction 3 Math 1592 7 TI Software New Type Data a Folder pt2 a Variable something faint here something faint here 1I EnterOK ESCCANCEL put some name on the Variable name say test and then enter twice You should then get a table that looks like PTZ RAD AUTO FUNC 230 Then go to the first space in the C1 column and start entering the numbers you wish say 72 71 012 and 3 Then use the curser to go to the C2 cell and enter This will put you at the base line and you can enter C2 f C1 and then enter The table should then fill itself Le PTZ RAD AUTO FU39NC 230 If you are interested in plotting these plots use the F2 key plot setup Here choose F1 Define You will have several options For Plot type choose scatter for Mark choose Box or what ever symbol you wish Then scroll to x and enter C1 and then scroll to y TI An introduCtion 4 Math 1592 7 TI Software and enter C2 Then enter again and what you should get is a line that looks like F1 F2 F3 F4 Define copy Clear OK PlotlzzwazclymZ Plot 2 Plot 3 Plot 4 If you wish to graph this then type ltgt R to graph What you should see are your plotted points in addition to a solid line curve To turn off the solid line curve Choose ltgt W to get Y You will see the yl x2 which you can turn off If you scroll up you should also see VPlotlzzwazclymZ TI An introduction 5


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