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by: Mohammed Lind


Mohammed Lind
GPA 3.79

Jerald Manion

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About this Document

Jerald Manion
Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Mohammed Lind on Thursday October 22, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to CHEM 3211 at University of Central Arkansas taught by Jerald Manion in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 22 views. For similar materials see /class/227205/chem-3211-university-of-central-arkansas in Chemistry at University of Central Arkansas.




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Date Created: 10/22/15
III uAALuAMALAu Dctcctor 7 li hlesk JJ healer m vapourise sample g l electron beam Ionises Char pm de hem sample I Z mJCCl mph heaviest r I b39 5 magnum eld 50 nrulcs pmiclcs awnquot I 39 based on mass L L uuu source 5 particles accelemcd imo magnum nch GDSE CarhieSf p r fefdiusin39gFa magn e 39639 fi lfdi Ions can also be separated using a quadrapole Namawm magnum nah 3 DUECTDR 9 QUADRUPDLE MASS nus um smmcr Ion traps are often used with gas chromatography Time39Of39 ight is also an option and cup eleclvud 7 election emmnu quot m n quotquot39 gut electrode end nap eleclmda Lon uxll I T MMQQQHWWQEQE v 1me Mb BMW 0 my RC 96 mam mummy 1 C IWME marge 3m m am mum amt mm ml Immieg nmkaa t ss Em mmliqr i N am Mr mam V EE ll F MW i3 fa m mraa fig mamm Wm Gm M o39I tar m Ha i r m 7 V g Vr ga m u ma awlmimwg h i 7 n mem W CE W 33 a 12m Wham a fa mu mmgm c o 1 We Li tiara IEEmmi 13 9 TE w iaa him g m F ma I m 1 it am Ml r 73 ni39 mmmw n5 mm 1 s3s39asamma mmmtmdm mam r WI gm um Ram W M M lira ggamgmfsh lp imm l imam magnum mama Mgrmam 3 mmth an mam M w a p vamng ma m gm 1 mm QMMQD Kmth 1h m m 39 gt12 JLE JQYKQ U 533 E 04 39 quotJ13 Msrxwrasvv Notice that the M2 peak is about 34 the same size as the M peak Page 4amp3 rr Win quot 5 a t kfjgo a l i m a WWW rim 4 warm Br3 E relative Intensity relative Intensity me 01W Pr i b ik r ii mam 1 lm lawman 1me came 39 39 W hmmi l Tamale n mew f N 39 iWEEfEili mimi l E W imam i 4131va mm m i l iiilii a Immanmmvaa e 39 meaeeg 7 39 i r amylase align gm39tvi ammm 1qude analgesia A a i i gt lis KWGJ FHEEWEIEIEEIE mars mmmww Her1e The mass spectrum of an unknown liquid shows a molecular ion peak at mle 78 with a relative intensity of 236 The relative intensities ofthe isotopic peaks are as follows multiplying each of these by m gives 236 We 79 079 335 These are the relative 80 755 320 intensities based on the M as 100 81 025 106 The M 2 peak 80 tells us this contains CI The M 1 peak 79 tells us this contains 3 carbons 78 35 312 7 There are 7 hydrogen atoms Melange med iime mmamrmm ernweammv l m quot 39Y in 39 d7 Elam Index ofhydrogen de ciency chgoA 29220 207826 C7HHC13 27215 16714 1 CXHUN 282119 19713Z3 CmHnBrNOZ 2102123 2371321


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