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by: Jaleel Larkin


Jaleel Larkin
GPA 3.7

Richard Gaughan

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About this Document

Richard Gaughan
Class Notes
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Jaleel Larkin on Thursday October 22, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ENGL 2305 at University of Central Arkansas taught by Richard Gaughan in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 21 views. For similar materials see /class/227207/engl-2305-university-of-central-arkansas in Foreign Language at University of Central Arkansas.

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Date Created: 10/22/15
Dante is lost in woods tries to climb mountain but lion leopard and shewolf block path may represent lust pride avaricegreed Virgil comes to guide him sent from Beatrice Gate of HellVestibule Cowards Never chose between GodLucifer Forever running being stung by beeswasps River Acheron separates cowards from souls in Cirl39 fastm oving black water Circle 1Limb0 Virtuous pagans not baptized Unfulfilled desire hopelessness Encircled by Citadel of Reason Virgil Plato Did not commit sins born before ChristImbaptizednonChristian Circle 2 LustfulCarnal Run y King Minos wraps tail around himself sends to correct Cir Forever swirled in wind lust Gave into sexual desires disregard reason amp God Francesca amp Paolo Cleopatra Helen Circle 3 Gluttonous Guarded by 3headed dog Cerberus Damned condemned to living in sewage In life they consume excess fooddrink amp produce excess sewage Circle 4 Avarice amp ProdigalityHoarders amp Wasters Run y P utus Hoarders amp Wasters push boulders against each other s mobs They have taken advantage of Fortune who was ordered by God to transfer worldly goods between people and nations Circle 5 Wrathful amp Sullen Wrathful directed anger outwards Sullen directed anger inwards Phlegyas boatman Wrathful sit by bank of River Styx bitingattacking each other Sullen submerged in River Styx gurgling Beginning of Lower Hell Circle 6 beliefsd Circle 7 Heretics deviation from established dogma octrines of a religion City of Dis sunken into levels Gate protected by fallen angels Messenger from Heaven demands gates be opened Heretics lie in tombs heated by flames Farinata political leader of Dante s era emerges Cavalcante de Cavalcanti father of Dante s friend Guido emerges Asks about Guido Mistakenly thinks Dante implies Guido is dead Violent Ring 1 Violence against others 0 River Phlegethon rive of blood 0 Submerged in boiling blood39 depthdegree of guilt Ring 2 Violence against oneself o Souls encased in thorny trees 0 Torn at by Furies damaging leaves branches wounds blee o Denied human form bc they destroyed their own bodies in life 0 Violence against property chased by packs of dogs torn apar Ring 3 Violence against God 0 Rains burning akes hot sand 0 Blasphemers lay naked supine burned by akes o Sodomites walk around flakes burning o Usurers sit on sand wm oneybags around necks dressed in fine clothes but faces concealed lost themselves through material goo s Circle 8 Fraudulent simple fraud Divided into 10 steep rings wbridges Balgia 1 Panderers amp Seducers used ppl for personal gain 0 Forever running around in the bolgia Balgia 2 Flatterers o unk in excrement 0 They bullshitted people in their life Balgia 3 Simoniacs sell Church offices 0 Stuck in tunnel full of oil soles of feet scorched by ames Balgia 4 False prophets sorcerers soothsayers fortune tellers 0 Heads tuined backwards so they can only see in the past not future Balgia 5 Grafters stealing from ppl who trusted them gained money unfairly extortion 0 Stuck in river of pitch tarlike o Pitch stickyF sticky hands of grafters Balgia 6 Hypocrites 0 Wear lead capes that look like gold 0 Used virtues to cover true intentions Balgia 7 Thieves o Constantly attacked by snakes o If bitten snake steals soul s identity vv 0 Snakes believed to be sneaky and sly just like thieves Balgia 8 Evil Counselors 0 lntellectuals who have misused their knowledge 0 Souls contained inside ames o Odysseus is here lead army on a wro journey Dante believes Mediterranean area is world of man leaving is wron Balgia 9 Sowers of Discord religion state family 0 Lawyers persuade ppl into suitsdivorce ppl who advocated hatred ppl who started or refused to end wars ppl who fractured true Church for self gain Mohamm ed founded Islam 0 Dante believes all humans were to be ultimately under the same religion and god 0 Huge demon with overgrown fingernail cuts open bodies souls walk around wounds heal cut open again Balgia 10 Falsifiers alchemists counterfeiters false impersonators false witnesses o Riddled with diseases leprosy sores STDs o Undermined reality humans must be able to trust reality disrupts human process of trusting each other Circle 9 BetrayersTraitors compound fraud ocytus frozen pool of water Damned do not care to be remembered in living world Caina betray family ncased in ice with heads exposed Antenara betray country 0 Encased in ice with heads exposed Plalamea betray hostguest 0 Soul sent to Hell body possessed by demon Judecca betray master 0 Dante believed that the world has hierarchical order Entire body encased in ice Judas is greatest human betrayer betrayed Christ 0 Satan is Arch Betrayer Satan has 3 faces red black yellowish parody of the Trinity 0 Judas Brutus amp Cassius chewed on by Satan s faces 00 O Dante s Satan ugly stupid bat wings covered with fur39 when Satan flaps his wings it freezes Cocytus too stupid to stop flapping pathetic39 Sin imprisons you39 it debases mind and intellect


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