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Jeffersonian America- Lecture 10M Part 1

by: Alexis Notetaker

Jeffersonian America- Lecture 10M Part 1 2010

Marketplace > Middle Tennessee State University > History > 2010 > Jeffersonian America Lecture 10M Part 1
Alexis Notetaker
Survey United States History I
Professor Shelton

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About this Document

Jeffersonian America notes
Survey United States History I
Professor Shelton
Class Notes
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This 5 page Class Notes was uploaded by Alexis Notetaker on Thursday October 22, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to 2010 at Middle Tennessee State University taught by Professor Shelton in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 15 views. For similar materials see Survey United States History I in History at Middle Tennessee State University.


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Date Created: 10/22/15
J effersonian America Lecture 10M Part 1 Professor Shelton Election of 1800 0 John Adams Federalist 0 John J ay Federalist 0 Thomas J efferson Antifederalist 0 Aaron Burr Antifederalist 0 Both political groups antifederalists and federalist decide to run as a ticket 0 Both sides start to bash each other and dig up dirt to spread DemocraticRepublican Antifederalist 0 Thomas Jefferson finally decided to rename the Antifederalist party after 12 years Martha WaVles Skelton J efferson Rich widow when she met Thomas Jefferson Sally Heming Martha Jefferson s maid 0 People thought they looked a lot alike 0 Turned out they were half sisters 0 Her kids looked like Thomas Jefferson 0 Jefferson was the father of her kids 0 They were having an affair and this made for good news during the election The election was split equal among all four candidates Alexander Hamilton Was a member of the house 0 Set up the revote for Thomas Jefferson to win 0 Aaron Burr becomes the Vice President Twelfth Amendment Presidential candidates have to run as a ticket with Vice president Midnight Judge 217 judge positions created by John Adams during his final minutes as president 0 Appointed all federalists to the positions 0 Got the name Midnight Judges because he waited until midnight to put it into effect so that they couldn t do anything about it James Madison Secretarv of State was supposed to make sure all the midnight judges got the letters lining out their position 0 He ended up dropping one and not delivering it 0 He finds it and decides to just forget about it William Marbury he was the judge whose letter was not delivered 0 He found out they intentionally didn t deliver it after finding it so he sues 0 Marbury v Madison John Marshall Chief Justice of the Supreme Court He was Thomas Jefferson s first cousin 0 Oversaw Marbury v Madison 0 Everyone thought he was going to rule in favor of the government 0 Instead he says the government is wrong 0 He comes up with the idea of judicial reviews Judicial Review the judicial branch can review the constitutional validity of an act Napoleon Bonaparte New emperor of France 0 Took over the New Orleans area and made it a military outspost Robert Livingston Sent by Thomas Jefferson to meet with Napoleon to secretly buy New Orleans for 10 million Louisiana Purchase Instead of just buying New Orleans Napoleon says how about we sell you all of Louisiana for 125 million 0 Livingston was only sent with 10 million so he has to think about it 0 Napoleon drops to 60 million 0 Napoleon still thinks Livingston is playing hardball so he drops the price to only 15 million for the whole Louisiana territory 0 Livingston accepts Thomas Jefferson wants to explore the new territories but as president he can t so he has people go out and explore it Meriwether Lewis Scientist and explorer chosen by Thomas Jefferson to explore Louisiana territory William Clark Retired soldier chosen by Jefferson to help with the expedition Lewis and Clark Expedition 1Corps of Discovery 45 men set out on the expedition only one died 0 Took 2 12 years 0 They travelled in canoes and took everything they needed on canoes 0 They even took 2000 pounds of salted pork with them Indian Peace Medals Jefferson knew that there were probably Indians there and he didn t want to fight with them so he made medals to give to them as peace offerings Shoshone Indians Peaceful Indian tribe that helped the explorers Sacajawe 16 year old Shoshone Indian girl 0 Been married for about 2 or 3 years to a French fur expeditioner 0 Her husband was away on an expedition and she got bored so she took her baby and decided to help Lewis and Clark with their expedition On the expedition the explorers found Buffaloberries prairie dogs Indian tobacco channel catfish and a bald eagle in this territory Blackfeet Indians Indian tribe in modern day Montana 0 Warlike hostile tribe that didn t like outsiders 0 Lured the explorers in by being nice to them but took them captive 0 Sacajawea was hidden and set the men free when the Indians were gone Barbary Coast Morocco Tunisia Algeria and LibVa Mediterranean coastline in Africa a part of the Ottoman empire Barbary Pirates Made Hessians look like teddy bears 0 Attacked anyone that tried to get close to the Barbary coastline unless they paid a bribe 0 When Washington was president he paid the bribe in order to trade there 0 Jefferson cut out paying this bribe once he took office but he still continued to go there and trade 0 The Barbary pirates didn t like this and attacked the US ships Unites States Marine Corps Were sent in to fight against the Barbary pirates in the First Barbary War Lieutenant Stephen Decatur Led the US Marine Corps 0 Sacrificed himself in the First Barbary War in order to win 0 Jefferson made every territory name any counties near the waterways after him First Barbarv War Fought between America and the Barbary pirates in order to continue trade on the coastline 0 Marine Corps first time having a big impact in history 0 America Wins 0 Costs the US 60 million for war USS Chesapeake a coveted US naval ship 0 Cost 220000 and took 5 years to build 0 The British take advantage of the US just coming out of war and decide to attack and destroy the ship Embargo Act Instead of fighting back Jefferson issues the Embargo Act 0 This act stopped trade With England 0 Jefferson thought that England needed the US but the US actually needed England 0 This ruined the American economy This left a financial mess for the next president to clean up


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