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Business Process Analysis

by: Marco Moen

Business Process Analysis ISM 4431

Marco Moen
University of Central Florida
GPA 3.74

Robert Szymanski

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About this Document

Robert Szymanski
Class Notes
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This 6 page Class Notes was uploaded by Marco Moen on Thursday October 22, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ISM 4431 at University of Central Florida taught by Robert Szymanski in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 33 views. For similar materials see /class/227438/ism-4431-university-of-central-florida in Information Systems Management at University of Central Florida.

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Date Created: 10/22/15
Sales Order Process Map Currently the sales order process involves multiple departments in the organization At University Cellular customers which are retail outlets call orders into their sales representatives They can request an inquiry which is a sales quote or can place an order Once an order is placed and released for shipping the shipping department is responsible for picking the order from the warehouse and shipping it Finally accounting is responsible for invoicing the customer and collecting payment The following interviews provide the details at University Cellular for an asis process without the support of an ERP system like SAP Your task is to create a swimlane process diagram of the current sales order process for this asis process Use Visio or some other diagramming software If you feel you need additional information feel free to contact me Donna Richards in Sales You Good morning Donna I assume you ve read my email and understand what we re trying to accomplish today Donna You want to understand what we do when customers call their reps to place orders You That s correct Why don t we start at the beginning What are the reasons a customer might call a sales rep Donna Well sometimes they call just to get some information you know prices products stuff like that That happens quite often You Why do you think that is Donna We re really not set up with intemet or other systems to handle some of these inquiries so we handle them manually As a result our salespeople are fairly busy answering mundane questions You OK why else to they call Donna Some customers want a quote You What s that Donna It s like a sales order except they haven t committed to buying the product They just want to see how much an order would cost after quantity discounts promotions and all Sometimes they just want to know when they can get a delivery of products You Tell me about that process Donna Well a customer calls and says they want a quote If it s a new customer the sales rep will enter the customer information into their contact list You Can you tell me how the sales rep enters it into their contact list Donna Yes The contact list is a spreadsheet maintained by each sales rep Most of them probably jot down the information on a piece of paper after talking to the new customer then they enter it into their spreadsheets at a time when it is more convenient so everything is updated You OK what happens next Donna The customer tells us what products they want and how much of each and we manually enter that information onto a sales quotation form You After the sales rep collects this information is there any more contact between the sales rep and the customer Donna First the sales rep verbally provides the customer with the quotation meaning pricing information Then it is hisher responsibility to call the warehouse to ensure the product is in stock If it is the sales rep confirms availability with the customer You Is there a procedure for a case when the product is not in stock Donna Of course If the warehouse informs the sales rep that there is insufficient supply the sales rep then calls the production department to find out when the next batch will be completed This gives the sales rep an idea on when we can promise delivery of the product You What is the next step Donna The sales rep would call the customer letting them know when the product will be available If this is acceptable the sales rep then transfers the information from the quotation form to an order form You What if the customer does not want to proceed with the order because of this Donna Then the sales rep is instructed to file the quotation form for future reference The sales reps hate when this happens They get so made at production if they can t deliver on time You Does the sales order process always start with a quotation Donna No Actually most of the time a customer will call in and knows what they want to buy so we complete an order form instead and skip the quotation form You Is the process of entering a sales order the same whether there is an inquiry or not Donna Pretty much The sales rep still has to check availability with the warehouse and then contact Production if there is insufficient stock The reps also have to con rm the order with the customer to let them know if there are any backorders or delays due to production You Do customers ever cancel their order because product is on backorder Donna It happens but not too often Most of our customers have an understanding of how we work things There are occasions when new customers get upset but that is what the sales people are for They need to smooth these things over After all it s their commissions at stake right You If a customer cancels an order is there anything special the sales rep has to do Donna No They usually shred the order form and hope the customer will call back in the future You Can a new customer call in a sales order without an inquiry Donna Sure we simply proceed with an order form The order form contains contact information so the sales reps enter the contact information into their contact lists when they finish gathering the order information from the customer You So what happens after you enter the order Donna We verbally confirm the information with the customer and send a copy of the order form to the warehouse where we ship the product You Do you send a copy of the order form to the customer Donna No not sales orders Yes Is that it Donna Yep that s it Joe Walsh in Shipping Warehouse You Hello Joe was my email clear about what we re trying to accomplish today Joe I didn t read it Sorryjust got busy You That s OK We re trying to document all of our business processes and today we re talking about how we process sales orders I want to learn from you what happens when you ship an order to a customer Joe OK where do you want to start You At the beginning Italked to Donna in Sales and she took me up to the point where the sales rep sends a copy of the order form to you Joe OK well I wish these order forms would come to us in bulk We get them at all times throughout the day It would be better if they came to us once or twice a day You That is good but let s focus on what happens to a sales order once you receive it Joe First thing we do is start compiling the order forms I would go crazy if I tried to ll each order as it was delivered to us So I make a stack of order forms You What happens next Joe Periodically throughout the day I ll take the stack and start aggregating the orders You Can you explain this in more detail Joe Yeah I have to gure out how many of each item is needed for all the orders Then I create a pick list That s a list of all the products that are in the orders Nothing is organized so I have to create this pick list to make it easier to assemble the order The pick lists are divvied out to our workers and they go into the warehouse and gather all the products for each order and move it to the shipping dock You What happens next Joe Once everything is on the dock then I disaggregate This means I take each copy of the sales order and we have our loaders start packing our delivery vehicles with each order We have several delivery vehicles vans and trucks We just keep lling orders and lling vehicles until we are done You How do you update the inventory Joe I add up the information from the order forms and deduct it from what we know is already in the warehouse I then update this into our spreadsheet You So there is no physical inventory taken Joe Oh we have to take a physical inventory We couldn t survive without doing that We do it every Saturday afternoon That is when things are slowest around here We then update our spreadsheet with the real inventory so when we start up again on Monday we know what we actually have on hand You You mentioned that you compile the order forms periodically throughout the day Can you tell me more about this Joe Sure I obviously can t wait until the end of the day to do this and I don t want to ll out each order as they arrive because we would not be as ef cient as we are By the way we are probably the most ef cient department in the company Ask anyone You Go on Joe Well we repeat this process three times daily Once around 10am then again around 1pm and nally right before we end our shifts at 4pm You Is there anything else Joe Nope That is pretty much it Oh there is one more thing I send a copy of the orders to Roz in Accounting once we load the trucks This way she knows that the order has gone out and she can bill the customers You Thanks Roz no last name she simply goes by Roz in Accounts Receivables You Hello Roz I described what we re trying to do when Italked to you on the phone Do you have questions Roz No Ithink I got it You want to know about our billing process You That s right Speci cally it s the billing process for sales orders Roz OK what do you want to know You Italked to Joe in the warehouse so I understand the process up to the point that the order is shipped As I understand it Accounting is the next step in the process Roz That s right When an order is shipped we get a copy of the order forms from Joe We enter the orders into our accounting system and then print out the invoices to be mailed We send invoices to the customers and the accounting system creates receivables When we receive a payment from a customer we clear the receivable and the sales order is closed You How often do you do this Roz Joe sends over the order forms at the end of his shift so we don t see them until the next morning That is one of the rst things we do We don t want to delay the billing of customers Gotta get that money in You Is there anything else Roz No Thanks for your time


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