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Database Design and Implementation

by: Marco Moen

Database Design and Implementation ISM 4212

Marco Moen
University of Central Florida
GPA 3.74

Lawrence West

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About this Document

Lawrence West
Class Notes
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This 5 page Class Notes was uploaded by Marco Moen on Thursday October 22, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ISM 4212 at University of Central Florida taught by Lawrence West in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 16 views. For similar materials see /class/227440/ism-4212-university-of-central-florida in Information Systems Management at University of Central Florida.

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Date Created: 10/22/15
ISM 42124430 Mi 39 39 pumun uMmesmne v mam uuk hke n usesme Nunthds Tvadevs database Jue 5mm Tvansammn Cusmmev Ovdevs Pvudums By Law West mp mvsms BUS ucF soumm 1 ISM 42124480 Milestone V Submission Sample Load Shipper Combo Box SELECT ShipperTD CompanyName FROM Shippers ORDER BY CompanyName Load Customer Combo Box SELECT CustomerTD CompanyName FROM Customers ORDER BY CompanyName Load Customer Record for Selected Customer SELECT FROM Customers WHERE CustomerTD CustomerTD Create New Orders Record INSERT INTO Orders CustomerTD EmployeeTD OrderDate RequiredDate ShippedDate Freight ShipName ShipRegion ShipPostalCode ShipCountry VALUES CustomerTD EmployeeTD OrderDate RequiredDate ShippedDate ShipVia Freight ShipName ShipAddress ShipRegion ShipPostalCode ShipVia ShipAddress ShipCity ShipCity ShipCountry Create New Order Details Record Load Product Grid With Available Products INSERT INTO Order Details OrderID ProductTD SELECT ProductTD ProductName UnitPrice Quantity Discount UnitPrice UnitsTnStock VALUES OrderTD ProductTD FROM Products UnitPrice ORDER BY ProductName Quantity Discount Update Qty On Hand for Products UPDATE Products SET UnitsTnStock UnitsTnStock Quantity WHERE ProductTD ProductTD Dr Larry West HTTPISYSTEMSBUSUCFEDULWEST 2 ISM 42124430 M Jue 5mm Ouevy Fwd Pvuduct Pm and Avauabw u 5 Salem Emdun smug um m 5m Unns an Order new new um Pnce stcarmnued r 0 and Prnducl Cnmhn an sneer Producch Producc ame Dduccs own By Producc ame Gel Prnducl Details sneer SupplersCumpanVNamE UnlcPrlcE Unlcsln cuck Unlcsonorder By Law Wm HWP mrms BUS ucF soumar ISM 421214430 Milestone v 39 39 Joe Srmth Report Sa es Cate 0 Product for a S ec ed PeHOd VB Screen A e E gramme Wednesday June rum v EndDale Wednesday June rum v Bevan case w Dar r m J Report Layout shown sketchqusrng Exceu V N rmvvrrrd Traders Sa es Bv Ca egory and Product Repan Date mmddyyyy Repan Perrou mmfddyyyy through mnrrdnyyyy Product Tntal Suld Va ue Sold Calegory Beverages Green Tea 35 700 00 Hut ChocuIate W 20 300 00 Beverages Subtotal 55 100000 Calegory Cheese Baby Swiss Wheels 5 240 00 Shredded Parmesan s az 300 2 400 00 Cheese Subtotal 305 264000 Repon Period Total 301 3364000 Page 1 MB Dr Larry West HTTP SVSTEMS BUS UCF EDULWEST 4 ISM 42124480 Milestone V Submission Sample Get Report Information SELECT CategoryName ProductName SumOrder DetailsQuantity AS QtySoId SUMOrder DetailsQuantity Order DetailsUnitPrice I 7 Order DetailsDiscount As ValueSoId FROM Categories INNER JOIN Products ON CategoriesCategoryID ProductsCategoryID INNER JOIN Order Details ON ProductsProductID Order DetailsProductID INNER JOIN Orders ON Order DetailsOrderID OrdersOrderID WHERE OrderDate BETWEEN StartDate AND EndDate Notes on preparing your Report Submission 1 At the time Milestone V is due we will not yet have covered SQL Server Reporting Services for report design 2 You need to design your report using either Word Excel what I used for this report sketch or even hand drawn hopefully using graph paper 3 The reporting tool will automatically calculate subtotals and grand totals for us so we don t need to include those in the SQL 4 The reporting tool can also easily create calculated columns I chose to do my total value calculation in SQL because there was no other reason to query the component values quantity unit price and discount 5 Your SQL only needs to provide all of the data to the report that it needs in order to do the layout and any totals you may need We will learn later how to actually make all of this happen 6 Note that your reports will also need a VB form which must be documented The VB form must include a Report Viewer Control found under the Data section ofthe Toolbox and may need any controls needed to select parameters for the report SQL as illustrated here with two Date Picker Controls Dr Larry West HTTPISYSTEMSBUSUCFEDULWEST 5


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