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Essentials of Management Information Systems

by: Marco Moen

Essentials of Management Information Systems ISM 3011C

Marketplace > University of Central Florida > Information Systems Management > ISM 3011C > Essentials of Management Information Systems
Marco Moen
University of Central Florida
GPA 3.74

Norman Thienel

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About this Document

Norman Thienel
Class Notes
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This 36 page Class Notes was uploaded by Marco Moen on Thursday October 22, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ISM 3011C at University of Central Florida taught by Norman Thienel in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 49 views. For similar materials see /class/227443/ism-3011c-university-of-central-florida in Information Systems Management at University of Central Florida.

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Date Created: 10/22/15
ISM 3011 The Essentials of Management Information Systems Lecture 1 Instructor Norm Thienel GTA Drew Cutaia What is MIS MIS is the study of Information Systems Information is a vital concern to every business and every department within every business Efficiently implementing and making effective use of IT and IS is the role of MIS Why study MIS Understanding the role of MIS in business provides great insight to anyone learning about business And most organizations value information as a strategic asset MIS is all about solving J business problems In ISM 3011 we wish to raise awareness of the vast opportunities that occur when the tight correlation between business and technology is understood The role of IT is to support the business strategies and processes Why is an understanding of MIS vital to a business manager t To be a successful business manager IS must be effectively employed The need for new and innovative IS must be appreciated A culture of information sharing must be fostered by the MIS group i 5 Two goals 1 Understand lT s role in daily business activities 2 Understand lT s role in supporting and implementing enterprisewide initiatives and global business strategies 7 What is ISM 3011 J A high level view of why the use of Information Systems is vital in the world of business 0 Topics we will cover include How the effective use of information provides a competitive business advantage How IS aids decision making and project management What ERP SCM and CRM systems are and why an increasing number of organizations are adopting their use The acronyms ERP enterprise resource planning a misnomer SCM supply chain management CRM customer relationship management 9 How will we conduct ISM 3011 Webcourses Three exams in the testing centers Main and regional campuses Be sure to check Webcourses for dates The testing center will want to see your UCF ID card Ten smallscale homework projects e Using the Connect software from McGraw Hill httplconnectmcqrawhicomlcasslism 3011 Grading policies for ISM 3011 Exam 1 Exam 2 Final Exam Homework assignments Total Points possible 90 A 80 B etc 100 possible points 100 100 100 400 Extra credit Extra credit can be earned in ISM 3011 by engaging in some detailed problem solving from selected MIS cases Extra credit projects will receive from zero 0 to three 3 points depending upon their quality Extra credit work will be accepted up to the day before the scheduled start of the final examination period Our textbook J Your purchase of the textbook is optional It is a customprint book that contains chapters from several different MIS textbooks It will serve to give us a thorough overview of the MIS field With it we will examine both MIS theory and applications Webcourses content J A copy of the syllabus Course schedule and procedures Grading criteria Powerpoint files Video files of the lectures Exam review documents An email facility for communication Please use Webcourses email for communicating with the instructor and TA The lab sessions 900 AM on Thursdays Will be conducted by our TA Drew Cutaia Meetings will be in this same room BA107 Attendance is not required or generally expected Please feel free to come and go as you please Impromptu discussions in advance of the exams have been reported to be very helpful t Your role as a student Watch the lectures Review the lecture PPTs Use the exam review guides Submit homework projects as required Read the textbook as you feel appropriate The three exams The exams are administered in the testing centers in the various campuses Exam dates are listed on the course syllabus found in Webcourses There will be a study guide posted on Webcourses a week or more before each of the exams What about testing lab hours Exam dates J Monday 221 through Saturday 226 through B15 Monday 328 through Saturday 42 Ch 10 through Ch 2 Wednesday 420 through Tuesday 426 Ch 8 through B12 ISM 3011 topics Enterprise Resource Planning IT Architectures Networks and Telecommunications Business Processes Project Management Ethics Information Security Databases and data warehousing Strategic decision making data mining Supply Chain Management Customer Relations Management Ebusiness Information technology is everywhere in business IT is an important enabler of business success and innovation 0 But IT in and of itself is not useful unless the right people know how to use and manage it effectively MIS is not IT MIS is a business function IT is a set of computerbased tools Most organizations have an IT Department that is responsible for performing the MIS function This is similarto an organization having an Accounting Department that is responsible for performing the accounts payable and accounts receivable functions IT in and of itself may not be useful People information and information technology in that order of priority are inextricably linked If one fails they all fail 21 Information Technology s Impact on Business Operations COMMON DEPARTMENTS IN AN ORGANIZATION OPERATIONS ACCOUNTING MARKETING MANAGEMENT gswg g s PRODUCTION MANAGEMENT MANAGEMENT FINANCE SALES INFORMATION SYSTEMS MIS is a vital part of business Accounting records measures and describes financial Information Finance deals with the strategic financial issues associated with increasing the value of the business Human resources includes the policies plans and procedures for the effective management of employees Sales focuses on increasing customer sales which increases company revenues Marketing the process associated with promoting the sale of goods or services Operations management also called production management includes the methods tasks and techniques organizations use to produce goods and services Management information systems MIS the business function and academic discipline covering the application of people technologies and procedures to solve business problems 23 MlS s Impact on Business Operations J Organizations typically operate by functional areas functional silos Marketing l Sales Operations Functional areas are interdependent A a L 41 quot39I Iquot 39 no I I39 9 Accounting 1 Logistics Human resources Information silos 25 An integrated MIS system brings the organization together 26 and the business Business personnel possess expertise in functional areas such as marketing accounting and sales IT personnel have the technological expertise This causes a communications gap between the two Silos cause a gap between IT 27 Improving Communication Business personnel must seek to increase their understanding of MIS MIS personnel must seek to increase their understanding of the business It is the responsibility of the CIO to ensure effective communication between business personnel and IT personnel 2398 MIS Basics Information Data raw facts that describe the characteristic of an event Information data converted into a meaningful and useful context information is data with relevance added Business intelligence applications and technologies that are used to gather provide access to and analyze data and information to support decisionmaking efforts in t1 I J r V Unit Total lll n Will w 7 Orderlme Pram Mum PM 3quot cm i From Enticing allan 2 04Jan40 Mozzarella cheese 41 24 984 13 738 246 The Station Debbie Fernand 3 04Jan10 Romaineleliuoe 90 15 1350 14 1260 90 TheStaiion RoborlaCross 4 05Jan10 Red onions 27 12 324 8 216 l08 Berl sBislro Loraine Schultz 5 06Jan10 Romaine lettuce 67 1 5 WM 14 938 67 Smoke House RoberlaCross 6 07Jan10 Black ol wes 79 12 9478 6 474 474 Flagsla House Loraine Schultz r 07Janv1l Romaine lettuce 39 Two Bills Loraine Schultz 3 07Jan10 Romaine lettuce Pierce Arrow RoberlaCross 9 Manila Rod onions Miamm39a PastaPalace LoraineSchultz ii 09Jan40 Romainelelluoe 39 The Dandelion Loraine Schultz ll 10Jan10 Romaine letluce Cannons Loraine Schultz g joiJanimEneauoLe mam 39 39 n l l our Information 5 15rFeb10 Chickerr 41 36 1476 25 1025 461 Smoke House Roberta Cross 59 19466010 Chicken 50 36 1800 25 1250 55 Smoke House Roberta Cross rs 03vMar10 Chicken 64 36 2304 25 1600 Y0 PierceArrow Roberta Cross in 12Apr10 Chicken 2 36 72 25 50 2 Laudisio Roberta Cross 2157 08 Jul10 Chicken 91 36 3384 25 2360 1034 Pierce Arrow Roberta Cross us 20Nov10 Chicken 15 36 540 25 375 165 Two Brits Roberta Cross A 26Nov10 Chicken 6 36 216 25 150 6 Laudisio RobertaCmss we 30Nov10 thcken 51 36 1836 25 1275 561 FierceArmw Robertairog 12 51 0mm Pm From39 Custom 1 Silos ep J Q 8 N 0393 i 11111116391 010510irriaiiiibirrii fi ri Business intelligence Distribution A we may ahaiy 5a reefs 3minquot 53 P tzmi f a 391593 was wer immime s 29 E I39giteiiiggg merg m We ew Ear ngnyji 9331 cusmmeg 1 usfmrmc iamhriquot 13 i grew saw 3 gm esiiase i r mgf pummel People use Information technology to work with Information IT Resources Contrasting lT Cultures Organizational information cultures include Informationfunctional culture Use for influence or power Informationsharing culture Others are trusted with information Informationinquiring culture Information can be searched for understanding and with the intent of devising new directions Informationdiscovery culture v Open to new insights and change to create competitive advantages 34 ROLES AND RESPONSIBILITIES IN IT Chief Information Officer CIO oversees all uses of IT and ensures the strategic alignment of IT with business goals and objectives Broad CIO functions include Manager ensuring the delivery of all IT projects on time and within budget Leader ensuring the strategic vision of IT is in line with the strategic vision of the organization Communicator building and maintaining strong executive relationships 35 ROLES AND RESPONSIBILITIES IN IT J Skills pivotal for success in executive IT roles I I 1 Ability to Communicate Effectively St39a egmhmki a Planning 1 Understanding Business Processes and Operations I I NegotiationSales Skills I I Thorough Knowledge of Technology Options I I I I I I I I I I I I Technical Proficiency F I I I I 20 40 60 80 1 00


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