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Object Oriented Programming

by: Luisa Beer

Object Oriented Programming COP 3330

Luisa Beer
University of Central Florida
GPA 3.78


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 15 page Class Notes was uploaded by Luisa Beer on Thursday October 22, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to COP 3330 at University of Central Florida taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 41 views. For similar materials see /class/227471/cop-3330-university-of-central-florida in Computer Programming at University of Central Florida.

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Date Created: 10/22/15
Arrays and Collections COP3330 Fall 2006 University of Central Florida H Schwartz Outline Arrays Iterator for loop 0 Searching and Sorting Collections ArrayList and Vector CompareTo Co 3330 Fall 2006 A rra ys A single object made up of elements 0 Definition 7 ltElementTypegt ltnamegt Co 3330 Fall 2006 Arrays To construct an array object new lttypegtltsizegt int numbers new mug ew array of integers stringl sentences new St sy of zefzences to strings the strings themselves have not b 1creates a n rin creates an srr rested yet Co 3330 Fall 2006 Arrays Accessing an element numberszfif numbersIl 3 constucting an array to go into the first element sentences 0 new String This is a sentence 39 if numberslm 1 if the first number is 0 do something Co 3330 Fall 2006 Arrays Explicit Initiation and Constants ltElementTypegt name ltexplgt ltexp2gt ltexp3gt m int sequence 1 7 19 259 55539explicit definition i tant final int binarySequence 2 4 8 15 32 54 128 255 Co 3330 Fall 2006 Arrays 0 Methods with arrays new File 3creates an array of files File files files directories create File objects for given files 0 new File something txt files1 new File homeuser files 2 new File homeuseroop txt perform File instance methods on objects if files 0 exists 0 Systemoutprinln it exists String fNames files 1 list lists contents on directory files 2 setLastModified123154623 Co 3330 Fall 2006 Iterator for loop for ltIteratorgt Array ltActiongt computes how many integers are greater than 50 in intAr int numGreater 0 for int i 0 i lt intArlength i if intAri 5 numGreater eguivalent for int num intAr 39f num gt 50 numGreater Co 3330 Fall 2006 Iterator for loop 0 Advantages over traditional for 7 Stays in range 7 Clear code Disadvantages 7 Do not know index 7 New to Java 7 Not as flexible Co 3330 Fall 2006 Searching and Sorting sequentialSearch 7 order will not help array is unsorted 7 or you d like to check every element anyway binarySearch e exploit a sorted list to nd answer faster 7 checks midpoint Co 3330 Fall 2006 Sean ng and SorUng SelectionSort 7 select the smallest or greatest element until every spot is full for int i 0 i lt intArraylength i selecting for intArray 1 int indexOfLeast i for int check i1 check lt intArraylength check check the remaining indices if intArraycheck lt intArrayindexOfLeast indexOfLeast check swap elements in indexOfLeast and 1 positions int temp intArrayi intArra i intArrayindexOfLeast intArrayindexOfLeast tem Co 3330 Fall 2006 CoHchons Framework for many classes that contain a collection of something and perform more advanced arraylike operations 7 ArrayList 7 Vector 7 TreeSet 7 Priority Queue Co 3330 Fall 2006 ArrayList resizable list Co 3330 Fall 2006 ArrayList ArrayList C new ArrayListIS i quot Type of elements in the collection public class Use sAriArrayLisH Wynn rlvate Arra L15tltInte ergt 1ntL15t P y g wawmwm public UsesAnArrayList cm constructor intList new ArrayListltIntegergt Co 3330 Fall 2006 ArrayList Methods void addint i V boolean addT V T getint i T remOVeint i T V boolean isEmpty T setint i int size 4260fb00k Co 3330 Fall 2006 CompareTo 0 public int compareToT V Used to compare elements of a Collection Must implements ComparableltTgt Common classes which implement Comparable 0 String 0 All Number classes Doublemetc Integer Co 3330 Fall 2006 CompareTo 0 Collections algorithms which use compareTo static void sortListltTgt a max min reverse shuffle Co 3330 Fall 2006 Useful Classes COP3330 Fall 2006 University of Central Florida H Schwartz Outline 0 Generic Classes TreeSet PriorityQueue Enumerations Co 3330 Fall 2006 Generic Classes 0 Classes with type parameters 7 Generic in the sense that we do not know what type we will be working with 0 Also called generic polymorphism Allows a method to do different things does not involve inheritance in this case Co 3330 Fall 2006 Generic Classes 0 Example from book class wrapperltTgt instance variable private 391 tvalue public wrapper39r t tvalue t constructor t and tvalue type are same public 391 get H return tValue accessor method public void setT t tValue t mutator method changes values public string tostring retu n tValuetostring text representation 5m Fahmnildllavn knn Java 5 n my k gn Co 3330 Fall 2006 TreeSet Stores a set of objects 7 Keeps contents sorted in ascending order Takes in a type parameter Performs in good time add remove compare because internal storage is a tree Co 3330 Fall 2006 TreeSet Usage Example string stullamel string stullameZ foo barquot 00 Masterquot Treesetltstringgt classRoster new Treesetltstringgt classRosteraddstullame17 classRosteraddstullame27 00P master decides heshe is not the master classRosterremovestullame2 39 check if foo bar really is in the course if classRostercontainsstu ame1H Co 3330 Fall 2006 PriorityQueue Queue an ordered structure with one item which may be accessedremoved directly 7 FIFO 7 LIFO stack 7 Based on priority comparison Pr i or i t yQueue order based on priority Objects in queue must implement Comparable Co 3330 Fall 2006 PriorityQueue Methods ltEgt is type 7 boolean offerE o 7 boolean addE o 7 E peek 7 E poll 7 boolean remove E o 7 int size Co 3330 Fall 2006 PriorityQueue Example assume we have a class ToDoItem which implements comparable has a string and priority number higher more priority PriorityQueueltToDoItemgt tdList new PriorityQueueltToDoItemgt0 popu1ate with things to do tdListoffernew ToDoItellI Cut my hair 10 39 tdListoffernew ToDoItellI Teach a Course 2 find out next thing to do ToDoItem nextTD tdListp011 while nextTD null systemoutprint1ntdList ca11s tostring to print item waitrorKeyo nex D tdListpoll Co 3330 Fall 2006 Enumerations class EnumltTgt super class of all enums enums are built in as part of syntax Good for storing a list of things which could be a class but wouldn t have methods Comparing with self Co 3330 Fall 2006 Enumerations Example 1ist of topics in on just inside a c public enum 391 1 SS opic IHERITANCE EIICAPSULATIOII OBJECTS CLASSES ABSTRACTIDII when using in me 0d Topic today39l opic TopicElICzPSULATIDII if today39l opic TopicDBJECTS Co 3330 Fall 2006


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