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Comparative Vertebrate Anatomy

by: Peyton Schimmel

Comparative Vertebrate Anatomy ZOO 3713

Marketplace > University of Central Florida > Animal Science > ZOO 3713 > Comparative Vertebrate Anatomy
Peyton Schimmel
University of Central Florida
GPA 3.65

Frank Logiudice

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About this Document

Frank Logiudice
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Peyton Schimmel on Thursday October 22, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ZOO 3713 at University of Central Florida taught by Frank Logiudice in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 49 views. For similar materials see /class/227480/zoo-3713-university-of-central-florida in Animal Science at University of Central Florida.

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Date Created: 10/22/15
1 Basic Terminology For Osteology The following list covers many of the terms that you will come across as you study osteology An understanding of these terms prior to entering the lab should make your study time more efficient and effective 1 Foramen D a hole ex foramen magnum 2 Fissure a long narrow opening in a bone ex superior orbital fissure 3 Meatus meaning OcanalO this is a canallikeopening in a bone ex external acoustic meatus Often the term OcanalO can be used interchangeably with OmeatusO 4 Fossa a depression on the surface of a bone ex anterior cranial fossa 5 Fovea a pit in the surface of a bone ex fovea capitis 6 Sulcus a groove on the surface of a bone ex lacrimal sulcus Often the term OgrooveO can be used interchangeably with OsulcusO 7 Tubercle a rounded elevation on a bone ex pubic tubercle 8 Tuberosity a roughened elevation on the surface of a bone ex ischial tuberosity In certain cases the terms OtubercleO and OtuberosityO may be used interchangeably 9 Line a line on the surface of a bone a shallow linear elevation on the surface of a bone ex soleal line 10 Crest a linear elevation on the surface of a bone ex intertrochanteric crest A crest will be a higher linear elevation than is a line 11 Process an extension of a bone ex zygomatic process of the temporal bone If a process attaches to another bone it will be named for the bone to which it articulates ex temporal process of the zygomatic bone 12 Condyle a ared extension on a long bone that allows for better articulation ex medial condyle of femur Condyles allow for direct bone to bone attachment They greatly increase the surface area for an articulation adding to the strength and stability of a joint 13 Condyloid a condylelike structure found on a bone that is not a long bone ex condyloid process of the mandible l4 Epicondyle an elevation situated on a condyle ex medial epicondyle of the femur They allow for indirect leClConverterInpuUYAWlaJAETSDltt7142010 14634 AM bone to bone attachment by serving as the anchoring point for ligaments and for muscle attachment 15 Coronoid a winglike extension of a bone ex coronoid process of the ulna 16 Coracoid meaning OcrowOs beakO this is an extension of a bone that resemble the bill of a crow ex coracoid process of the scapula l7 Maleolus a attened projection ex medial maleolus of tibia 18 Ramus a bridgelike structure ex superior pubic ramus l9 Ala a wing shaped surface of a bone ex ala of sacrum 20 Facet means an articulating surface ex superior articulating facet of vertebra The terms OfacetO and Oarticulating surfaceO can be used interchangeably 21 Demifacet half of an articulating surface ex demifacet on body of a thoracic vertebra 22 Cornu meaning OhornO it is a hornlike extension off of a bone ex sacral cornu 2 Directional Terminology Directional terminology will also be invaluable to you in your studies You will notice directional terms being used quite a bit in the naming of anatomical structures beginning with osteological features One study method which may speed up your learning of these terms is to consider them in opposite pairs ex superior vs inferior In directional terminology we are referring to the structureOs position in a body in the anatomical position see gure 12 and relative to another structure 1 Superior to be above another structure Ex the head is superior to the neck 2 Inferior to be below another structure Ex the neck is inferior to the head 3 Anterior to be in front of another structure Ex the incisors are anterior to the canines 4 Posterior to be behind another structure Ex the canines are posterior to the incisors leClConverterInpuUYAWlaJAETSDltt7142010 14634 AM 5 Medial to be along the midline axis of the body Ex the nose is medial relative to the eyes 6 Lateral to be away from the midline of the body Ex the eyes are lateral relative to the nose 7 Proximal to be closer to the main axis of the body Ex the shoulder is proximal relative to the wrist 8 Distal to be at a distance from to be further from the main axis of the body Ex the wrist is distal relative to the shoulder 9 Intermediate to be between two structures either between distal and proximal structures or between lateral and medial structures The term OmiddleO can be used for intermediate but middle and medial are not equivalent terms Ex your nger has three bones called OphalanxO bones The one closest to your knuckle is the proximal phalanx The one that your ngernail is on is the distal phalanx The one between is intermediate or middle phalanx 10 Deep to be further from the surface of the body than is another structure to be beneath another structure ex the ribs are deep to the pectoralis major 11 Super cial to be closer to the surface of the body than is another structure Ex the pectoralis major is super cial to the ribs 12 CranialCephalad to mean speci cally Otowards the headO l3 Caudal to mean speci cally Otowards the tailO leClConve1terInpuUYAWlaJAETSDltt7142010 14634 AM


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