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Integrated Marketing Communication

by: Retta Stark

Integrated Marketing Communication MAR 3323

Marketplace > University of Central Florida > Marketing > MAR 3323 > Integrated Marketing Communication
Retta Stark
University of Central Florida
GPA 3.81

Huifang Mao

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About this Document

Huifang Mao
Class Notes
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This 8 page Class Notes was uploaded by Retta Stark on Thursday October 22, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to MAR 3323 at University of Central Florida taught by Huifang Mao in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 68 views. For similar materials see /class/227487/mar-3323-university-of-central-florida in Marketing at University of Central Florida.

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Date Created: 10/22/15
STUDY GUIDE FOR EXAM 3 Time and Place 200315pm on April 24 Thursday at our regular classroom Format This is a closedbook exam you are not allowed to refer to class notes or any other materials during the exam Bring a brown scantron for the test There are in total 45 multiple choice questions These questions test your understanding of the concepts and theories we learned in class as well as your ability to apply these concepts and theories to explain IMC related phenomena All questions come from lectures in class discussions and cases To ensure your best performance in the exam you are allowed to second guess two exam questions For these questions mark your rst answer on the scantron and write down your second answer on the last page of the exam You will be required to provide a short argument on why the second answer may also be correct If you give a wrong answer on the scantron but a correct second answer you will receive credits for the question as long as your arguments re ect an accurate understanding of the tested conceptphenomenon You are required to write down your names on the exam and the scantron Only answers on the scantron will be grades however you must hand in both the scantron and the exam after the test Students who fail to submit the exam will be subject to a 20point penalty exam 3 is worth 45 points in total Chapter 10 1 What is a good media plan a Effectiveness amp cost taken into consideration b Enables the marketers to communicate the message in the most effective manner possible at minimum cost 2 Reach and frequency a Reach number or percentage of consumers b Frequency Number of times 3 What are GRPs TRPs and ERPs a GRPreach X frequency i Weaknesses need to reach target market waste coverage is not the best choice but has the highest GRP b TRP arget reach X target frequency i Most likely get a combo of partial amp waste coverage c ERP is effective ratings points Effective frequency X effective reach Effective frequency the number of times the receiver needs to be eXposed to a message for successful communications to occur ii39 Effective reach the numberpercentage of consumers who are eXposed to a message at or above the effective frequency level 4 Full coverage partial coverage and waste coverage a Full coverage reach all consumers more than target market b Partial coverage reach only target market c Waste coverage reach only those outside of target market 5 The different scheduling methods of advertising a Continuity advertise all year b Flighty advertise once a year i EX Halloween c Pulsing Advertise more some months than other months d Depending on consumer behavior choose advertising method that works best 6 What is CPM How to calculate CPM including only target consumers How to calculate CPM after taking into consideration of passalong rates What is CPRP a CPM Cost per thousand index for cost effectiveness used for print media b To reach every 1000 consumers how much will this media be costing you c CPMAdvertising cost d CPRP is cost effectiveness of media 7 used for broadcast media e CPRPadvertising cost Chapter 11 l The advantages and disadvantages of using TV as an advertising medium When is using TV advertising appropriate a Advantages i High creativity potential ii High coverage b Disadvantages i Cluttering problem ii 30 second message that is gone after 30 seconds c Consumers can use zipping or zapping d Cost i Disadvantage very expensive overall ii Advantage relative cost fairly reasonable e TV advertising is appropriate for a large budget and to communicate to a lot of consumers 2 Network advertising and spot advertising a Buy advertising time from national or local networks b National advertising gets your message across throughout the country from one station 3 Program rating and share of audience a Program rating among all the households in the area how many households are watching this particular show b Share of audience among the households watching tv in general how many are watching this particular show 4 Advantages and disadvantages of radio a Advantages i Low cost ii High selectivity iii Create mental imagery among consumers b Disadvantages i Limit creative potential 5 TV and radio dayparts a Don t memorize names for dayparts b TV prime time c Radio aftemoon driving time 6 What are the major rating services for TV programs a AC Nielson Chapter 12 l The three types of magazines a Consumer magazine b Farm magazine c Business magazine 2 The advantages and disadvantages of using magazines as an advertising medium a Advantages i High selectivity ii Permanence iii Prestige iv Receptivity b Disadvantages i High cost ii Low reach iii Cluttering problem The circulation concepts primary circulation guaranteed circulation pass along readership a Primary circulation the number of consumers who will pay for your magazine b Guaranteed circulation the number of consumers who will buy a particular issue of the magazine c Passalong readership number of consumers who do not pay for the magazine but get a copy from family or friends Advertising cost and crossmedia deal a Factors that affect cost i Circulation ii Advertising space back cover iii Size of your advertisement iv Color of your advertisement b Crossmedia deal i Bundle deal if you purchase multiple types of media ads The importance of newspaper as an advertising medium a Newspaper is most important traditional b Advantages i Penetration ii Flexibility iii Involvement iv Ideas receptive c Disadvantages i Low quality ii Short life span iii Cluttering problem 6 The J and J39 J ofusing I I as an advertising medium a Advantages i Extensive penetration ii Flexibility iii Involvement acceptance b Disadvantages i Production quality may be low ii Short life span iii Clutter Chapter 15 l E V39 Different forms of Intemet advertising a Banner ads b Popups c Institutions d Blogs e Online commercials f Webisodes How to make banner ads more effective a Original b Interactive c Playful The role of social media in a marketing campaign a Create social media platforms to encourage consumers to interact among themselves Adwords and Adsense programs a Google programs b Adwords focus on advertisers bid on keywords for searches c Adsense for blogs that google will help you find advertisers for website Advantages and disadvantages of Internet advertising a Advantages i Opportunities to target market the consumers you really care about ii Tailor messages to particular audience iii High interactivity capability b Disadvantages i Cluttering problem ii Consumers have privacy concerns iii Irritating to consumers Chapter 16 I Consumer FranchiseBuilding promotions and nonfranchiseBuilding promotions A CFB objectives 1 Communicate distinctive brand attributes 2 Develop and reinforce brand identity 3 Build longterm brand preference B CFB Techniques amp Practices 1 Contests and sweepstakes that increase involvement and help build equity 2 Frequency programs encourage repeat purchase II When does sampling work best A Products that meet three criteria 1 Low union price 2 The product can be divided into small quantities 3 Product has relatively sh01t life cycle III The advantages and disadvantages of coupons distribution methods of coupons A Advantage 1 Provide low price to price sensitive buyers but charge full price for buyers who are not price sensitive 2 Induce product trial and attract new consumers B Disadvantage l Dif cult to estimate cost for couponing program 2 Expensive program to run C Distribution 1 87 Free standing in newspapers IV Difference between contests and sweepstakes A Winner of contest is selected based on abilities or skills B Winner of sweepstakes is determined purely by luck or chance V Trade allowances A Money provided by manufacturers to be trained by retailers to promote a certain product VI The sales promotion trap A Sales promotion trap describes the scenario when one player in a market relies heaVily on sales promotion the other players will follow suit B No one can back out of it


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