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Introduction to Sociology

by: Miss Terrence Quigley

Introduction to Sociology SYG 2000

Marketplace > University of Central Florida > Sociology > SYG 2000 > Introduction to Sociology
Miss Terrence Quigley
University of Central Florida
GPA 3.81

Fernando Rivera

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About this Document

Fernando Rivera
Class Notes
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This 7 page Class Notes was uploaded by Miss Terrence Quigley on Thursday October 22, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to SYG 2000 at University of Central Florida taught by Fernando Rivera in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 66 views. For similar materials see /class/227512/syg-2000-university-of-central-florida in Sociology at University of Central Florida.

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Date Created: 10/22/15
SYG 2000 INTRODUCTION TO SOCIOLOGY SECTION 0002 T TR 1200 115PM Room CL1 0104 Textbook Brinkerhoff D White LK Ortega ST and Weitz R Essentials of Sociology 8th Edition Wadsw01thCengage Learning Professor Fernando I Rivera PhD Spring 2011 Office 406G Howard Phillips Hall Office Hours Phone msg 8233744 by appointment Email riveramailucfedu Access course webpage webcoursesucfedu or myucfedu Dr Rivera s Facebook Page click here Graduate Teaching Assistant Brittany Minnick 1minnickbrittanyknightsucf edu will be the course GTA Questions in regards to your tests and class assignment scores should be directed to her via email Course Objectives This course is designed to complete three main goals First learn the basic principals of sociology Second apply these principals to enhance your critical thinking and understanding of current and past social issues Third develop your 39 39 39 39 k 39 39g and 39 39 39 imagination These goals are designed to provide you with the tools to understand con rm and perhaps challenge the way you think about how the world functions Ultimately the course will provide you with the tools to understand how you in uence and are impacted by the social world Course Reguirements and Grading You can earn up to 280 points in this course They are divided into Exams 200 points These will consist of 4 50 points multiple choice exams Quizzes 20 points These will consist of 2 quizzes 10 points each examining different topics from material only available in class no notes will be posted on webcourses Make sure you attend class regularly so you don t miss the related lectures The quizzes will be available online on the class webcourses page and you will have 24 hours to complete the quiz after the material is discussed in class Dates will be announced in class Movie Discussions 5 discussions x 10 points each 50 points This activity will be online on the class webcourses page Students must submit a one paragraph long 5 to 6 sentences initial posting based on the moviedocumentary watched in class make sure to revise the syllabus for protocol policies as they relate to plagiarism and discussion postings Remember that your posting is about the moviedocumentary content and ideas not your personal opinion or experiences Reply to the initial submission s of two students Your reply should be based on your interpretation of the moviedocumentary Your reply should consist of at least 2 or 3 complete sentences Short one word replies Yeah I agree etc will not be accepted and you will not be given any points GEP Assessment 10 points You are encouraged to participate in an assessment of this course You will need to complete a pretest on Webcourses from January 1021 Regardless of your score on the quiz you will earn 5 points Only those who complete the pretest will be eligible to complete the posttest during April 1827 You will earn 5 points for taking this quiz Make sure you complete both the pre and post test quizzes to get full credit for the assignment Below are some guidelines to follow GEP Assessment Guidelines The assessment quiz is on Webcourses so your students will have to log on to Webcourses to access it When they log on they should nd a list of all ofthe courses to which they have access This quotcoursequot will be listed as quotGEPiSYGZOOOllSpringquot They simply need to click on this course and then click on Quiz and they will be sent to the pre and post tests Occasionally there seems to be a problem with the accessing of Quizzes so an alternative that has worked for some is to click on the quiz available icon under the name of the course and that takes them directly to the quiz Extra Credit Assignments 10 points Students will have the opportunity to earn up to 10 points on 2 5 points each extra credit quizzes These will be available on the class webcourses page and the available dates are outlined on the course schedule There will be NO MAKEUPS for missing extra credit quizzes NO EXCEPTIONS ScanTrons Test will be graded utilizing Raspberry ScanTrons You are responsible for obtaining them The ScanTrons are available at the bookstore and several vending machines around campus Discussion Topics Many of the quotrules of the roadquot or protocols that apply to email see etiquette below also apply to the use of discussions Use the following conventions when composing a discussion posting During a Discussion assignment deadlines for posting to and replying will be specified with each assignment Use the appropriate Discussion Topic don t post everything on the quotMainquot Discussion Topic If you do not follow assignment instructions about posting to a palticular topic you will not receive credit for your posting Be patient Don t expect an immediate response when you send a message A helpful hint for use with both discussions and email Compose your message in your wordprocessing application in order to check spelling punctuation and grammar then copy and paste your composition into email or the discussion This also saves online time Everyone should feel free to participate in class and online discussions Regular and meaningful discussion postings constitute a substantial portion of your grade Respect each other s ideas feelings and experience Be courteous and considerate It is important to be honest and to express yourself freely but being considerate of others is just as important and expected online as it is in the classroom Explore disagreements and support assertions with data and evidence Use the quotreplyquot button rather than the quotcomposequot button if you are replying to someone else s posting Do not use postings such as quotI agreequot quotI don t know eitherquot quotWho caresquot or quotdittoquot They do not add to the discussion take up space on the Discussions and will not be counted for assignment credit Avoid posting large blocks of text If you must break them into paragraphs and use a space between paragraphs Grading Scale The following scale will be use to calculate your final grade as indicated in the faculty handbook Grade System UCF uses an alphabetic system to identify student grades and other actions regarding student progress or class attendance Beginning with the Fall 2001 semester a plusminus grading system became effective Faculty may choose whether or not to use the plusminus system but should state their chosen grade scale in their syllabus Standardized Scores Final Grade 280251 A 250223 B 222 195 C 194 167 D 1660 F Assignment Percentage of Grade Exams 71 Movie Discussions 18 Quizzes 7 GEP Assessment 4 Note There are no make ups for quizzes or exams unless you have a valid written excuse from your physician or instructor and contact the instructor within 24 hours of missing the exam or quiz M ake ups must be taken no later than a week after missing the quiz or exam If you miss more than two tests you must withdraw from the course Incompletes will be given under extraordinary circumstances provided that the student submits to the instructor the proper documentation to justi v the incomplete The instructor has the ultimate discretionary power Academic Honesty All university policies regarding plagiarism and academic dishonesty will be upheld in this course and will result in zero points for the assignment or test Ifyou are not familiar with the de nitions and consequences of cheating or with your rights refer to your Student Handbook or see an academic adviser You need to follow all the principles and rules of conduct outlined in the Golden Rule wwwgoldenrulesdesucfedu Including among others Academic DishonestyCheating Cheating is a violation of student academic behavior standards The common forms of cheating include o Unauthorized assistance communication to another through written visual electronic or oral means The presentation of material which has not been studied or learned but rather was obtained solely through someone else s efforts and used as part of an examination course assignment or project The unauthorized possession or use of examination or course related material may also constitute cheating Commercial Use of Academic Material Selling notes handouts etc without authorization or using them for any commercial purpose without the express written permission of the University and the Instructor is a violation of this rule 0 Plagiarism whereby another s work is used or appropriated without any indication of the source thereby attempting to convey the impression that such work is the student s own 0 Any student who knowingly helps another violate academic behavior standards is also in violation of the standards 0 Classroom Behavior Please restrain from using any type of electronic device in class ie cell phones ipod s ipad s etc Iexpect you to have an open mind and engage in respectful and honest discussions Iwill not tolerate any disruptive behavior and if you choose to do so you will be expelled from the classroom and will be referred to the proper authorities Finally don t come to class to talk with your neighbor sleep read the newspaper etc On test days you must turn off your cell phones and store them away from your desk Email Etiguette You are welcome to email the instructor in regards to class material and assignments Please make sure to use proper grammar and language Electronic correspondence that fails to meet this etiquette will be ignored along with emails asking for extra credit Emails will be answered Within 24 hours during normal business hours MF 9am to 5pm Tentative Course Schedule Date Chapters Theme Week 1 Jan 11 Introduction Ground Rules Jan 13 l The Study of Society Week2 Jan 18 1 Social Theory amp Research Methods Jan 20 2 Culture Video A World of Gestures Week 3 Jan 25 3 Socialization Jan 27 4 Social Structure Week 4 Feb 1 First Exam Chapters 13 Feb 3 Video Babies First Discussion posting available on webcourses 2pm Week 5 Feb 8 5 Social Groups First Extra Credit Quiz available on webcourses 1230am 1 1 30pm Feb 10 The Mass Media First Discussion posting due 1159pm Week 6 Feb 15 6 Deviance Feb 17 Video or guest speaker TBA Week 7 Feb 22 Video Unnatural Causes Second Discussion posting available on webcourses 2pm Feb 24 Second Exam Chapters 46 Date Week 8 Mar 1 Mar 3 Week 9 Week 10 Mar 15 Mar 17 Week 11 Mar 22 Mar 24 Week 12 Mar 29 Mar 31 Week 13 Apr 5 Apr 7 Week 14 Apr 12 Apr 14 Week 15 Apr 19 Apr 21 Week 16 Apr 28 Chapters 7 Theme Stratification Second Discussion posting due 1159pm Race and Ethnicity SPRING BREAK Video Food Inc Finish movie and discussion Third Discussion posting available on webcourses 2pm Sex and Gender Health and Health Care Third Discussion posting due 1159pm Third Exam Chapters 710 Family Second Extra Credit Quiz available on webcourses 1230am1130pm Education and Religion Video The Lottery or Waiting for Superman Finish movie and discussion Fourth Discussion posting available on webcourses 2pm Politics and the Economy Video Why We Fight Fourth Discussion posting due 1159pm Finish video and discussion Population and Urbanization Fifth Discussion posting available on webcourses 2pm Final Exam Chapters 11 14 1000 1250PM Fifth Discussion posting due 1159pm Note Although it is not noted in the class schedule there is a probability that the instructor will fail to come to class due to travel related to research activities In that situation the class GTA will assume the instructor s responsibilities Key Dates Jan 21 PreTest Quiz Due Feb 1 First Exam Chapters 13 Feb 3 First Discussion posting available on webcourses 2pm Feb 8 First Extra Credit Quiz available on webcourses l230amll30pm Feb 10 First Discussion posting due 1159pm Feb 22 Second Discussion posting available on webcourses 2pm Feb 24 Second Exam Chapters 46 Mar 1 Second Discussion posting due 1159pm Mar 17 Third Discussion posting available on webcourses 2pm Mar 24 Third Discussion posting due 1159pm Mar 29 Third Exam Chapters 710 Mar 31 Second Extra Credit Quiz available on webcourses 1230aml 130pm Apr 12 Fourth Discussion posting available on webcourses 2pm Apr 19 Fourth Discussion posting due 1159pm Apr 21 Fifth Discussion posting available on webcourses 2pm Apr 27 PostTest Quiz Due Apr 28 Final Exam Chapters 11 14 1000 1250PM Fifth Discussion posting due 1159pm


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