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Western Civilization II

by: Rhianna Rice

Western Civilization II EUH 2001

Marketplace > University of Central Florida > History > EUH 2001 > Western Civilization II
Rhianna Rice
University of Central Florida
GPA 3.6

Lisa Miller

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About this Document

Lisa Miller
Class Notes
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This 12 page Class Notes was uploaded by Rhianna Rice on Thursday October 22, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to EUH 2001 at University of Central Florida taught by Lisa Miller in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 35 views. For similar materials see /class/227513/euh-2001-university-of-central-florida in History at University of Central Florida.

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Date Created: 10/22/15
Chapter 15 The Rise of the State and Absolutism Spielvogle pp 443480 Rise of the State 39 Shift in Economics 39 Change in Populations The Thirty Years War The Thirty Years War Con ict begins between Catholics Habsburg and Calvinists Bohemia Denmark Sweden France and Spain join in Chapter 15 7 Rise of the State The Thirty Years War Con ict begins between Catholics Habsburg and Calvinists Bohemia Denmark Sweden France and Spain join in Peace of Westphalia 1648 End of the Holy Roman Empire Rebellions Peasant Revolts France Austria Hungary Portugal and Catalonia Russia Switzerland Noble Revolts in France French Absolutism Origins of French Absolutism Cardinal Richelieu Weakens Huguenots and Nobles Centralized Government Cardinal Mazarin The FrondeNoble Revolt Reign of Louis XIV 1643 7 1715 39 Restructure the Central Government 0 Versailles 0 The High Nobility Reign of Louis XIV 1643 7 1715 39 Restructure the Central Government 0 Versailles 0 The High Nobility 39 Religion 0 Edict ofNantes 1598 0 One king one law one state 0 Edict of Fontainebleau 1685 Reign of Louis XIV 1643 7 1715 39 Restructure the Central Government 0 Versailles 0 The High Nobility 0 The Sun King 39 Religion 0 Edict ofNantes 1598 0 One king one law one state 0 Edict of Fontainebleau 1685 39 Professional Army 0 100000 men in peacetime 400000 in wartime 0 Four wars between 1667 7 1713 Other European Powers The Decline of Spain Bankruptcy Outdated military The Rise of BrandeburgPrussia Nobles support of Frederick William the Elector Italy From Spanish to Austrian rule The Emergence of Austria Habsburgs Leopold I 1658 71705 Expands eastward Con icts with the Turks Siege ofVienna 1683 Multinational Empire Russia From Fledgling Principality to Major Power Ivan IV the Terrible 1533 7 1584 First Tsar Expanded east Russia From Fledgling Principality to Major Power Ivan IV the Terrible 1533 7 1584 First Tsar Romanov Dynasty 1613 7 1917 Strati ed Society Serfdom The Reign of Peter the Great 1689 7 1725 Visits the West 1697 7 1698 Reorganizes armed forces Reorganizes central government Divides Russia into provinces Seeks control of the Russian Church Introduces Western Customs Book of Etiquettes Positive Impact of Reforms on Women The Reign of Peter the Great 1689 7 1725 Open a window to the West Attacks Sweden St Petersburg England and the Emergence of Constitutional Monarchy 39 James I 1603 7 1625 and the House of Stuart 0 Divine Right of Kings 0 Parliament and the power of the purse 0 Religious policies 39 Charles I 1625 7 1649 0 Petition of Right on taxes 0 Personal Rule Parliament does not meet 0 Religious policy angers Puritans English Civil War Oliver Cromwell and the New Model Army Royalists V Roundheads Charles I executed January 30 1649 English Civil War Parliament abolishes the monarchy England a republic 16491653 Cromwell dissolves Parliament Established as Lord Protector Cromwell dies Restoration of the Monarchy Charles II 1660 7 1685 Declaration of Indulgence Expanded religious tolerance throughout England Test Act Only Anglicans could hold military and civil of ces Restoration and the Glorious Revolution 39 James II 1685 71688 Devout Catholic Declaration of Indulgence 1687 Protestant daughters Mary and Anne Catholic son born in 1688 Parliament invites Mary and her husband William of Orange to invade England James II wife and son ee to France The Glorious Revolution Mary and William of Orange offered throne Bill of Rights Af rmed the right of Parliament The Toleration Act of 1689 Puritans only Responses to the Revolution Thomas HobbesiLeviathan 1651 People have no right to rebel John Locke Inalienable Rights Life Liberty and Property People and Sovereign form a government If government does not ful ll its duties people have the right to revolt 82609 History Chapter 13 The Protestant Reformation amp the Catholic Response Prelude to Reformation a Christian Northern Renaissance Humanism b Chrisian Humanists i Desiderius Erasmus ii Handbook of the Christian Knight 1 Wanted reform within the church iii Thomas Moore 1 mpg Church and Religion on the Eve of the Reformation a Church corruption b Meaning of Salvation i Relics c llModern Devotion Martin Luther amp the Reformation in Germany a Early Luther Law Student Becomes a monk doctorate in theology lll Indulgences iv The 95 Theses v Pamphlets vi Excommunication of the Catholic Church vii Diet of Worms 1 Trial by Diet of Worms viii Lutheran Church still with us today The Spread of Protestantism a Spreads to Switzerland b Calvinists c French Huguenots d Scandinavia The Reformation in England a Henry VIII Proclaimed llDefender of the Faith by Pope b Catherine of Aragon wife 1 i Daughter of Ferdinand amp lsabella of Spain financed Columbus ii Niece of Phillip of Spain iii Have daughter Mary iv Henry wants divorce meets Anne Boleyn wife 2 c Henry decides to be Head of Church d Act of Supremacy i Thomas Cromwell ii Head of Church in England iii Thomas Moore good friend of Henry VIII 1 Cut off his head when wouldn t agree e Edward VI i From wife 3 wife died in childbirth ii Throne at 9 years old Thomas Cromwell took care of everything since Edward was so young Vl Catholicism Restored a Edward dies Mary to the throne llBloody Mary Intends to restore Catholicism to England iquot Alliance with Spain marries Phillip of Spain i lt Strong Protestant reactions VII The Catholic Reformation a The Society ofJesus Jesuits i Ignatius of Loyola 9 established Jesuits as group of priests to combat protestants ii Recognized as religious order 1 Absolute obedience to the papacy iii 3 major objectives 1 2 3 See notes Vlll A Revived Papacy a Pope Paul Hi i Reform commission ii Recognized Jesuits b Pope Paul N i Index of Forbidden Books IX The Council of Trent a Met intermittently from 15451563 b Divisions between moderates and conservatives i Conservatives won c Reaffirmed traditional Catholic teachings i Scripture and tradition ii Faith and good works iii Sacraments X Protestantism in France a French Huguenots i French wars of religion ii St Bartholomew s Day Massacre iii Edict of Nantes 1 Catholicism official religion of France but it was ok not to be Catholic could even hold position in office Xl Phillip II and the cause of Militant Catholicisim a Phillip ll of Spain b Importance of Catholicism in Spain c The Inquisition Catholic or die i Torquemada worked with Phillip ii Jews and Muslims out of Spain XII The Revolt of the Netherlands a Phillip of Spain tries to strengthen his control b Resentment against Phillip c Calvinists d William of Nassau formed own country see powerpoint Xlll The England of Elizabeth I a Queen Elizabeth I i Daughter of Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn b Act of Supremacy allow some catholicism c Conflict with Spain i Spanish Armada 1588 1 Phillip wanted England 2 Beaten by storm Discussion Questions 1 Policies of Catholic church led to reformation because a Didn t accept other religions amp ideas 2 Martin Luther s complaints about church a Justification by faith b Don t teach just in Latin gave sermons in German 3 Henry break away from Rome how and why a Wanted divorce b Broke from Rome to become head of Church 4 Catholics reaction to reformation effective a Policies more clear everyone could understand b Effective possible Chapter 14 Europe and the New World Voyages of the New World Spain Columbus Reached the Bahamas Oct 12 1492 Additional voyages Voyages to the New World Portuguese Brazil Ferdinand Magellan Circumnavigates the Earth Voyages to the New World Treaty of Tordesillas Division of the world by Pope Alexander VI The Spanish Conquest of the Aztec Empire Heman Cortes Moctezuma Aztec Empire overthrown The Spanish Empire in the New World 39 The Inca and the Spanish Francisco Pizarro Smallpox Incas overthrown Africa The Slave Trade Sugar Cane and slavery Growth in the Slave Trade Up to 10000000 African slaves taken to the Americas between the Sixteenth and Nineteenth Centuries High death rate during transit New World Economy Slave life in the Americas Varity of tasks including mining farming domestic Slaves encouraged to marry Manumission In uence of African society in the New World The West in Southeast Asia Portugal Spain The Dutch and the English Local Kingdoms Burma Siam and Vietnam The Americas Spain and Portugal The West Indies 0 The British and the French 0 The Sugar Factories North America 0 The Dutch New Netherlands 0 The English Jamestown 1607 Thirteen Colonies 0 The French Canada The Impact of European Expansion The Conquered Devastating effects to local populations in America and Africa Multiracial society in Latin America Ecology Catholic Missionaries 0 Conversion of native populations 0 Hospitals orphanages and schools 0 The Jesuits in Asia Consequences of Exploration Columbian Exchange The transportation of diseases animals and plants from one hemisphere to another that resulted from European exploration and conquest between 14921750 Consequences of Exploration Diseases Plants and animals Beliefs The Impact of European Expansion The Conquerors Impact on European lifestyle Chocolate Coffee and Tea European rivalries New views of the world Gerardus Mercator and his map Psychological impact Toward a World Economy Economic Conditions in the Sixteenth Century The Growth of Commercial Capitalism Joint stock trading companies New economic institutions The Bank of Amsterdam Amsterdam Bourse Exchange Agriculture Mercantilism Total volume of trade unchangeable Economic activity war through peaceful means Importance of bullion and favorable balance of trade State intervention Overseas Trade and Colonies Movement Toward Globalization Transoceanic trade very valuable Intra European trade Trade patterns interlocked Europe Africa the East and the Americas The Impact of European Expansion The Conquered Economic effects Atlantic System Continued association and trade with Europe and Africa Triangle Trade


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