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Communication Research Methods

by: Jerrod Walter

Communication Research Methods COM 3311

Marketplace > University of Central Florida > Communication > COM 3311 > Communication Research Methods
Jerrod Walter
University of Central Florida
GPA 3.81

John Butler

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About this Document

John Butler
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Jerrod Walter on Thursday October 22, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to COM 3311 at University of Central Florida taught by John Butler in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 22 views. For similar materials see /class/227518/com-3311-university-of-central-florida in Communication at University of Central Florida.

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Date Created: 10/22/15
Chapter Three What is science 0 A field of study that uses the scientific method to investigate phenomena Science tests propositions by the systematic application of the scientific method NonScholarly Methods Tenacity we ve always done it that way Authority because our leaders told us to Apriori we accept it without question Trial and error trying things getting rid of things testing new things ls communication a science 0 When it uses the scientific method it is When it doesn t it s not What is pseudo science 0 Doesn t use the scientific method 0 Makes scientific claims without scientific support Brainstorming doesn t work Personalogy someone with a pointy chin thinks this way doesn t work Application of non verbal research to the detection of deception doesn t work Research done on groups doesn t work on individuals Nuero linguistic programming 0 Looking left and right when lying isn t true 0 Based on one guy doing one study one time Charactersitics of pseudo science 0 Isolated from mainstream science 0 No way to prove it s false 0 Researchers who do it misuse the data 0 Not self correcting 0 Special pleading lltrust us just believe 0 Promises of success and happiness Assumptions of communication science 0 The world is understandable 0 Scientific ideas are subject to change 0 Scientific knowledge is durable ca be modified but is usually improved and remains stable 0 Science can t answer all questions 0 Science demands evidence 0 Science is a blend of logic and imagination Models Laws Rules and Metatheories 0 Models display relationships Works for dynamic concepts 0 Laws are concepts supported by evidence and not open to doubt Law of gravity 0 Rules are social expectations of behavior but can be violated o Metatheories are theories about theories Components of Theory 0 Abstract calculus logical structure of relationships in a theory 0 Constructs broad concepts that include clusters of observable variables Categorizes variables that aren t observed themselves We can t see quotnervousnessquot but we can see observable traits nail biting stuttering etc o Hypothetical constructs things that can t be seen 0 Cognitive disadence can t see it or measure It but believe it to be true llmom loves me 0 Rules of correspondence how well a theory works in the real world Requirements of Theory 0 Be able to prove it s false 0 Tenativness can change Functions of Theory 0 Theories describe explain predict and control human behavior Application of theories 0 Data first approach is induction You gather data and base theories around the data 0 Theory first is deductive You come up with a theory and then find data to support it The problem of definitional clarity 0 You can t interchange scholarly definitions with daily definitions 0 Definitions can t be circular 0 You can t assume mutual understanding Standards to evaluate conceptual definitions 0 Must include all aspects of the term defined 0 Must exclude aspects that aren t in the definition Persuasion is different than intimidation 0 You can t use the term you re defining in the definition 0 Must be more precise than the concept they re defining 0 You have to exclude loaded language Operational definitions 0 Limit conceptual definitions lose richness Every time you gain precision you lose richness 0 Describe what researchers have to do to make observations 0 Need to be used with conceptual definitions Forms of operational definitions Manipulated independent variables Assign variables llyou re a woman you re assigned to the woman group Direct classification variables Occurs when you classify people according to a set standard and then draw random samples from that group Standards for operational definitions They must be empirical observable and specific Have to be consistent with conceptual definitions They should be inter subjective Have to be technically possible Have to be repeatable Should be suggestive of new constructs


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