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History of Western Art I

by: Deshawn Toy

History of Western Art I ARH 2050

Deshawn Toy
University of Central Florida
GPA 3.83

Margaret Zaho

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About this Document

Margaret Zaho
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Deshawn Toy on Thursday October 22, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ARH 2050 at University of Central Florida taught by Margaret Zaho in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 23 views. For similar materials see /class/227522/arh-2050-university-of-central-florida in Art History at University of Central Florida.

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Date Created: 10/22/15
Minos and the Heroes of Homer The Art of the Prehistoric Aegean 0 Homer wrote the Iliad and the Odyssey 0 Heirich Sleiman o Went to Turkey and looked for these stories 0 Discovered city ongamemnon o Proved that a business man can take the work of Homer and find the places in the stories 0 Mycenaean Peloponnesus is mainland Greece Figurine ofa woman Syros Cyclades c 25002300 BC 0 Three types of figurines male female musicians 0 They39re all made ofmarble o 18 inches tall 0 Mostly female and frontal nude with arms folded across middle 0 They are very thin and not very volumetric 0 Features are angular the head rather triangular o Figurines were found in graves Male Lyre player Keros Cyclades c 27002500 BC 0 Also in marble o 9 inches tall 0 Sitting on chair playing lyre o Instrument was embellished and the lyre has a duck head 0 Also found in a grave Aerial view of palace at Knossos Crete Minoan Greece 1700 1400 BC 0 Rise of Minoan culture around 2000 BC 0 Minoan culture is recognized for largescale open palace complexes best example is palace at Knossos Found by British Arthur Evans 1900 In 1921 Evans publishes his excavation report 0 He called it Palace ofKing Minos Son ofgod Zeus and son of woman Europa o Minos marries Pasiphe o Poseidon gives him a white bull to sacrifice o Minotaur is born from Minos39 wife and the white bull o The minotaur was put in a labyrinth o Minos39 daughter falls in love with Thesies 0 She gave him a string to find his way back out ofthe labyrinth 0 Bull d cor around the whole palace o The palace is labyrinth like 0 Double axes symbols around palace 0 Commercial and religious center of Minoan culture 0 Covers about 3 acres 0 Had terraces and spaces reserved for certain reasons 0 No substantial fortifications open palace 0 Not worried about being attacked peaceful community 0 Open central courtyard 0 Buildings are lavishly plastered and painted o Taricotta pots pithos would be storaged in squares underground Stairwell palace at Knossos Crete Minoan Greece 17001400 BC 0 Columns are tapered where base is smaller than top 0 They were often painted red and black 0 Open stairwell o Sunlight shines through Minoan Woman la Parisienne palace at Knossos Minoan Crete 14501400 BC Means Parisian woman but is not Parisian just named that Long dark hair Red lips Large eyes Pleated linen Curly hair Bullleaping palace at Knossos Crete Minoan c14501400 BC 0 2 feet 8 inches Large border Highly decorated Women were represented as pale and males were darker Two women are spotters in this acrobatic feat This event turns up a few times An actual event that occurred Figures are elongated and stylized The man is a younger boy based off his hair style Snake Goddess palace at Knossos Crete Minoan c1600 BC 0 Faince glossy glazed earthen wear 0 Holding snake in each hand and animal on her head 0 Boobs are showing with small waist 0 Long decorative skirts with tiers Corbeled gallery Citadel Tiryns Greece Mycenean 14001200 BC 0 Minoan culture is weakened because of the volcanic eruption and the rise ofthe Mycenean culture


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