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History of Western Art II

by: Deshawn Toy

History of Western Art II ARH 2051

Deshawn Toy
University of Central Florida
GPA 3.83

Francis Martin

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About this Document

Francis Martin
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Deshawn Toy on Thursday October 22, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ARH 2051 at University of Central Florida taught by Francis Martin in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 17 views. For similar materials see /class/227523/arh-2051-university-of-central-florida in Art History at University of Central Florida.

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Date Created: 10/22/15
Notes The Dorian Mode Things that are stable grey or severe Pucelle revitalizes manuscript illuminations Velezquez greatest Spanish painter of baroque period Durer portraits are a reading of character 0 First to concern himself with painting the nude 0 Founder of German renaissance 0 First Northern artist to travel to Italy to study art amp theory I Fully understood basic aims of The Renaissance Guercino final Bolonees painter of the early Barroque 0 Aurora inspired new wave of illusionistic celing paintings Etching becomes big deal at beginning of 1600 s 17 h Cent Callot first printmaker to aquire national reputation before Rembrant Bernini king of roman high baroque extremely influential in that time o Collinade of St Peter s implicity One of themost brilliant artists of the baroque period and maybe of of those who originated the syle With architecture Bernini remains conservative Greatest architect of his day 000 French didn t approve because they re dicks and only like French stuff I French didn t like Baroque style because it is associated with taly Bernini s David First great sculpture of the Barroque no sculptor could escape Bernini s influence Rembrant greatest dutch master 0 Greatest etcher quotof all time Classisism became the standard style in France During reign of Louie 14 h French art academy established George de La Tour first important painter of the 17 h century A La Prima technique where paint is applied directly to the canvas no preliminary sketching Las Meninas Velazquez s masterpiece one of the most original of the 17 h Cent 1600s auez uses spots of light and color to create the illusion of form on canvas 0 Supreme Spanish master painter before Goya Peter Paul Reubans paintings contain abundance of physical energy and color 0 Paints with quotthe fury of the brushquot Caravaggio style that revolutionizes European art 0 Work was spectacular because he adds psychological depth 0 Contrasts of light and dark shocked and fascinated contemporaries o Teneebrism emphasizes light and dark Jan van Eyck among first artists to do independent portraits 0 Of all realism painters only Jan van Eyck stood out o Paints atmosphere convincingly realistic 0 Giovanni amp Bride Humans in foreground religion in background Boromeni few artists have created anything as complicated as this EF39 Puget greatest French Baroque sculpture 0 Italian influence did not please French court Van Dyke set stage for England style for 100 years Poussin creates grand manor of baroque classism becomes leader of it in Rome 0 greatest classical painter o develops quotheroicquot landscapes The Burial of Count Orgaz bottom half realistic light top half light radiates from figures 0 Last and one of greatest byzantine artists Holbine last great German painter of high renaissance o Transforms German linear tradition into a major instrument for the conquest of both visual and psychological reality greatest achievement Kalf 1 of little dutch masters 0 Interest in light scientific amp poetic Ribera stark realism was brought on by Spanish realism 0 Most important link between Spain amp Italy 0 One of earliest Spanish baroque artists to work in baroque style 0 Precursor to Spanish art of later periods goya Carriache all 3 works are responsible for a miniature renaissance academic revival o The academy of Balonia is the first significant institution in the history of western art that teaches certain things I Think they can teach anyone to be an artist 0 Bolognese painters were academic painters I Responsible for a new kind of renaissance I Elements from great renaissance painters in Bolognese art Schongauer most influential graphic artist in Europe for the late of the 15 h Cent 1400s 0 Elevated the Print to artistic revelry Vander Weyden leading northern painter of the mid 1400 s Heironymous Bosch Last of medieval painters maybe the greatest Broygal greatest and most original Flemish painter of 1500 s 16 h century Guarini uses new type of brick architecture leaves facade without stucco Great respect for building materials Carlo Maderno first true Baroque facade in Rome 0 Took first definitive steps towards baroque architecture F5 Franz Hals really good at group portraits Albrecht Altdorfer early 16 h century German art quicky became important and good enough to compete with Italian renaissance art but it quickly fell 0 By 1528 when Altdorfer and Grunewald die german art dies with them Honthorst brings Caravaggios style back with him from 0 Holland artist were for the first time on their own to make a living I No commissions by church or state to sustain them I All independent projects 0 Realism of dutch art goes back to Jan van Eyck new stuff with light and dark comes from Caravaggio Joachim Patinier invents romantic landscape painting 0 First dutch landscape painter o Contrasts man s frailty with power of nature very romantic theme


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