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Sexual Behavior

by: Natasha Kozey

Sexual Behavior SOP 2772

Natasha Kozey
University of Central Florida
GPA 3.77

Charles Negy

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About this Document

Charles Negy
Class Notes
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This 11 page Class Notes was uploaded by Natasha Kozey on Thursday October 22, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to SOP 2772 at University of Central Florida taught by Charles Negy in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 48 views. For similar materials see /class/227539/sop-2772-university-of-central-florida in social psychology at University of Central Florida.

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Date Created: 10/22/15
SOP 2772 92409 Love We are quotsocial critters Most of us want to quotconnect with others Early theories positing our desire to connect 0 Freud s psychosexual stage theory genital stage Sullivan s theory of personality we do everything to avoid loneliness Maslow s hierarchy of needs love and belonging level 0 Murray s theory of motivational needs need for affiliation o Erickson s psychosocial stage theory intimacy vs isolation 2 types of love 0 Romantic or quotpassionate o lnfatuation loveobsession quotheadoverheels in love quothaving fallen in love 0 Powerful emotions ecstasyeuphoria anxiety sexual arousal o lrrationality love object person is idealized or romanticized o Probably has existed forever but 0 Never considered the basis for marriage until arguably last 100200 years and primarily in the Western world 0 Basis for many contemporary United States relationships and marriages o Companionate o Probably best conceptualized as quotmature love I Deep feelings of attachment I Concern for partner s wellbeing and happiness I Feeling comfortable with partner 0 In Western cultures 0 ldeally romantic love will transform into companionate love 0 couple will go from quothoneymoon phase to companionate love Common among US couples 0 To conclude no longer in love with person after the quotromantic love fades 0 Now see partner more inline with how partner really is Childhood experiences may set the stageforcompanionate quotlove 0 Sullivan s quotnursing situation gt prototype of subsequent relationships 0 Bad breastgtbad mothergt bad me 0 Good breastgtgood mothergt good me Ainsworth1978gt attachment styles in infants 0 Secure o Anxiousambivalentinsecure and o Avoidant 0 As adults Hazen amp Shaver1987 o Securely attaches to partnersecure o Attaches but insecureanxious 0 Fear of intimacy avoidant o Sullivan s and Hazen amp Shaver s ideas are quottheoriesquot 0 Childhood may only predispose one to a destiny SOP 2772 92409 Love Adult quotLovequot What quotattractsquot individuals to each other Common factors 1 Physical attractiveness a Often cited by individuals as first motivating factor for interest in partner b Weighted somewhat higher for men than women quotthis is my trophy wife c Importance of partner s physical attractiveness tends to fade over years 2 Proximity related to llrepeated encounters a Partners often selected because they Live nearby Work at same place of employment Attend same schooluniversity Belong to same social organization v Go to the same church Hang out at the same clubbar 3 Shared llbig ticket values or characteristics a Ethnicity b Social class c Religionincuding degree of llreligiosity d Political views e Education f Attitudes toward family parents children 4 Appealing quotpersonalitiesquot a Honest b Dependable c Humorous d Opennesssociability 5 Financial prospects a Rarely llhook up with someone significantly quotpoorerquot than we are we will accept someone significantly richer if possible b Weighted somewhat more for women than for men 6 Attraction and liking is quotmutualquot a We like someone more once we see they like us too b Temporarily may tolerate initial milk indifference paying hard to get 239 E S NonWestern Cultures Attraction in other cultures 0 Buss 1989 study Compared 37 cultures 0 Found men across cultures want physically attractive women more than women wanting attractive men 0 Women attracted to power status income Ideas of physical attractiveness varies 0 Women in Thailand add rings to their necks to lengthen then 0 French women having breast surgery more likely to have their size reduced SOP 2772 92409 Love Although all cultures value quotlovequot 0 Culture influences how its members Define love Express love The degree to which they quotfall in love Who they can quotfall in love with How the relationship proceeds fJ39IprNH Culture and Love 0 Romantic love is probably a universal human phenomenon 0 But it viewed or interpreted differently In many nonWestern based cultures 0 Marriages based on quotfunctionalquot aspectsmutua respect for familiesparents for each other agreement over children 0 Companionate love is believed to develop after marriage not after quotromantic love fades as with US couples Romantic or passionate love 0 Common idea in many nonWestern cultures 0 One ought not marry someone you re quotromanticquot about 0 From men s POV they re quotfunquot to pursue for sex 0 From women s POV they re quotfunquot to fantasize about eg quotBollywood films Emphasis on romanticpassionate love especially within marriage 0 Tends to occur in quotindividualisticquot cultures ie WesternEuropean cultures 0 Tends to occur more often in cultures were quotcasual dating is acceptable ie WesternEuropean cultres According to Shaver et al 1992 0 Americans equate quotlove with joy 0 whereas Chinese equate quotlovequot with sadness and jealousy o Passionate love quotdiesquot and is not stable on which base a marriage According to Chu 1985 o In China quotlovequot is thought of in terms of o How a mate would be received by the family 0 How mate would be received by community According to Kito 2005 0 Japanese generally adhere to rigid gender roles 0 Do not value relatively speaking quotbeing romantically attached to a partner 0 Do not value quotselfdisclosure particularly to conjugal partner Levine Sato amp Hashimoto 1995 o Examines 11 countries US Brazil Mexico Philippines Australia Hong Long Japan lndia Thailand Pakistan and England 0 quotLovequot in marriage was rated highest importance among quotWesternquot countries Lowest in Asian Countries SOP 2772 92409 Love One of Love s Enemies Jealousy o Unpleasant emotional reaction to a relationship that is threatened 0 Very subjective and irrational o Feelings of jealousy vary across individuals 0 Many variables may influence feelings of jealousy quotThreatquot is open to quotinterpretationquot Studies suggest strongest predictor of jealousybased on correlational studies ls low selfesteem 2 Types of quotInfidelityquot 0 Sexual o Emotional Trends among American Heterosexual men and women quotearlyquot in relationship 0 Men and women expect both emotional and sexual fidelity from partners Trends among heterosexual men and women in quotestablishedquot relationships 0 Among heterosexual men 0 trend quotdemandquot both sexual and emotional fidelity from female partners 0 Among heterosexual women 0 trend quotdemandquot emotional fidelity from male partners 0 Sometomany have relatively more tolerance for sexual fidelity then emotional fidelity Trends among American Gay Men and Lesbians 0 Mostly based on clinical or personal observations among writers and researchers 0 Among gay men 0 Generally demand emotional fidelity from partner 0 Sometomany have relatively more tolerance for sexual fidelity then emotional fidelity 0 Among Lesbians 0 Generally demand both emotional and sexual fidelity from partners Genitalia Female and Male Sex Organs In the US and possibly elsewhere 0 Genitals are considered dirty o Shouldn t look at them touch them or talk about them 0 Should wash hands after handling them 0 Vulgar dirty words for genitals External Female Sex Organs o Vulva pudendum overall female external sex organs often colloquially called vagina o Mons pubis pubic region 0 Clitoris or clitoral glans located topnorthern area of vulva 0 Covered by clitoral hood or prepuce 0 Has twice 8000 as many nerve endings for sexual stimulation as penis 4000 0 Many women prefer stimulation of prepuce instead of direct stimulation of clitoris o Labia Majora and Minora outer and inner vaginal lips o Urethrabelow clitoris for urinating o lntroidus opening to vaginal cavity or canal o Hymentissue covering introidus o Perineum perineum area between the vagina and the anus Internal Female Sex Organs o Vagina canal or cavity purpose is to receive a penis or for sexual activity 0 And to serve as a passageway for o Arriving sperm 0 Menstrual fluid 0 Babies from uterus o The GSpot o The Grafenberg spot after Ernest Grafenberg 1050s described it If valid the size of a nickel comparable to male s prostate gland About 23 into upside of vagina Very sensitive to stimulation May result in powerful orgasm and ejaculation o Uterus aka womb o Hollow thickwalled muscular organ sandwiched between bladder and rectum 0 Provides path for sperm to reach ovum o Undergoes a cycle of change once a month leading to menstruation o Nourishesprotects fetus during gestation 0 Provides contractions to expulse mature fetus o Cervix the bottom part of the uterus containing the opening os to the uterus o Fallopian tubes tubes extending laterally from uterus connecting to ovaries o The goal is to transport ovum from the ovaries to the uterus o Ovaries 2 functions 0 1 produce estrogen important female hormone o 2 is the repository of ova eggs Woman is born with 250000 ova in each ovary Only 300500 will mature 0 Each month only one ovary will release an egg or ovum OOOO Male Sex Organs o Penis no bone some muscles Major sex organ for men analogous to clitoris for women also used for urinating 0 Made up of 3 cylinders composed of erectile tissue Also contains urethra which transportsejects semen and urine Penis glans head of penis Corona rim or crown of penis Prepuce foreskin covering glans Erection erectile tissues in cylinders will fill with blood running thru arteries in penis veins will compress to prevent blood from returning to body 0 Scrotum pouch containing male sex gonads testicles 0 Outside the body because body generally is too warm to foster healthy sperm OOOOO lnternal Male Sex Organs o Testicles produce sperm some androgen and lots of testosterone Cowper s glands 2 small glands that will secret cleansing fluid in urethrea paving the way for sperm to travel without being harmed by urine neutralizes acid from urine Note the preejaculation fluid oozing out of urethra when aroused is this fluid May contain some live sperm 0 Path to Ejaculation o Sperm goes from o Testiclesgt Epididymis inside scrotum where they will mature for 1014 days 0 Thengt pass thru Vas deferens tube leading from epididymistesticlesgt o Seminal vesicles which will envelope the sperm in secretions or fluids to form semen Adolescents and Sex Chapter 8 This class is not about the Instructor s llmoral values And It is not about your moral values Many possibly most llmoral values are generated and maintained arbitrarily and are transient We in the US have changed our minds about these morals Owning quotslavesquot Child labor Aduts living together without marriage nterracia marriage Individuals or society can quotmoralizequot any behavior or belief Examples Eating pork Mowing the lawn on Sunday Dancing Drivingusing an quotautomobilequot Read p 200 in Carroll s text Childhood sexuality among the Muria Most preindustrial cultures consider sex to be an inevitable and harmless aspect of childhood Currier 1981 US Culture and some others Have quotmoralizedquot sex in very arbitrary ways Very difficult in US and possibly other places to study formally child sexuality Regarding the morality of sexexcept for quotrapequot and adults having sex with llchildren In the US All studies last 50 years indicate sexual activity has increased among quotadolescentsquot note small quotdipquot in percentage in the past decade Percentage in US High School who have had sexual intercourse National Survey of Family Growth 2009 In 1991 51 of girls In 1991 57 of boys In 2006 46 of girls In 2008 46 of boys Some ethnic differences 75 of African American males 58 of LatinoHispanic males 61 of African American females 51 of LatinaHispanic females 50 of quotWhitequot males of quotWhitequot females By age 19 7580 of adolescents have had sexual intercourse Over 70 have engaged in quotoral sex Regarding quotoral sex Cunnilingus oral sex on female Felatio oral sex on a male National Survey of Family Growth 2009 Among teenagers age 1519 54 of girls and 55 of boys engaged in quotoral sex quotVirginsquot 27 of quotvirginsquot report having engaged in oral sex 87 of quotnonVirgins engage in oral sex Teenagers 1519 11 of reported heterosexuals engage in anal sex 20 of nonVirgins 1 of Virgins Sex Education AbstinenceOnly Programs AOP Began in the 1990s By 2005 1 in 3 public schools adopted AOP In 2005 alone Taxpayers under Bush Admin Paid 170 million to schools for AOPs AOP Fundamentals Abstain from sex until marriage Sex outside of marriage causes quotpsychological and physical harm Having a baby out of wedlock causes problems for child and society Not permitted to address contraceptives except quotfailure rates Effects of ADP Participation Have been found NOT to delay sexual activity nor number of sex partners Kirby 2007 Students form AOPs less likely to use condoms and contraception Bruckner amp Bearman 2005 Gutmacher Institute 2002 2005studied roughly 30 countries The majority of teens in the world have sexual intercourse some cultural exceptions Countries with quotcomprehensive sex education based on scientificmedical accuracy have the lowest teenage pregnancy rates STl rates and teenage abortions among all developed nations Chapter 4 Gender Development Roles ldentity quotSexquot refers to our anatomy Gender refers to our identity in relation to our anatomy Gender Categorization probably most fundamental way we perceive others Fetuses and new borns t s a boy or quotIt s a girl We have gender based expectations maes rough play rugged etc femaes sensitive and delicate flowers etc Genderambiguous We don t know how to interact with them gender roles and expectations guide us on how to act and how to interact Gender Differences on average in US Males miscarried more often pre20 weeks death Are stillborn more often postweek death Have higher infant mortality Susceptible to more diseases over lifetime Die younger than women Stronger fasterrunning more active more aggressive Have mathematical or visual spatial advantage starts to be visible in middle school more likely to have learningreading disabilities ess quotemotion focused Females More likely to be healthy at birth Less sucesstible to diseases ive longer Verbaly advantaged speak more clearly write more legibly minmal readinglearning disabilities starts speaking earlier than boys do mature faster emotionally often physically more sensitiveempathic nurturing Gender Expectations ie stereotypes Wiliams amp Best Found in 30 countries consistency across cultures in gender expectationsstereotypes eg men should be assertive breadwinners sexual experienced logical Women more nurturing empahtic care takers Buss DM found women across cultures want men to be good financial providers ambitious and industrious hard worker men want attractive women who tend to be younger than they are In Contemporary US Culture Both Men and women receive contradictory messages on how ought they behave For men Should be hardworking provider but don t be too dedicated to job should show interest in sex and be sexually experienced but don t objectify women or be a womanizer should be strong and courageous but show sensitivity and emotions For women should focus on their talents abilities intellect but had better wear make up dress nicely and stay thin should pursue job or career caretaker For both women and men in US Androgyny was promoted for several decades Both sexes ought to manifest and experience qualitiestraits traditionally attributed to the other sex Jungian idea Most nonEuropean cultures disagree Alternative Genders to being quotmalequot or female Trans genderism ndividuas living as or wanting to live as other gender in various degrees either for psychological reasons or sexual pleasure or both may include intersexuals Crossdresser transvestite transsexua intersexuas CrossDresser Enjoy dressing as the other gender for psychological reasons not for sexual pleasure the degree varies is happy with biological sex may be considered a gender identity disorder if a person is distressed about it Transvestite Enjoys dressing like other gender for sexual pleasure The degree varies s happy with biological sex Considered a quotparaphiliaquot sexual disorder Transsexual Suffers quotgender dysphoria unhappy with bio sex reports feeling that way since childhood engage in crossdressing desire to completely change to opposite gender want sex reassignment surgery SR5 To qualify for SRS must undergo psychotherapy and live as opposite gender for specified period of time Psychotherapist must quotcertifyquot individual as quotgood candidate for SR5 For SRS begin hormal therapy would start it SRS is complicated and expensive SRS Male to Female Scrotum and testicles removed Penis is removed but some penile tissue kept intact Vaginopasty using retained penile tissue a vagina and vaginal lips are formed breast implantation using silicone Phonosurgery is optional larynx for voice SRS Female to Male Much more complicated than M to F Option 1 Phalloplasty 9 creating a penis from abdominal skin tissue requires quotpenile implant to obtain erection May or may not achieve orgasm do not ejaculate Option 2 Metoidioplasty 9 Testosterone causes clitoris to enlarge or elongate up to 3 Penis is sculpted using elongated clitoris U rethra is rerouted to tip of clitoris more likely to experience orgasm but no ejaculation Phalloplasty and Metoidoplasty require Scrotoplasty 9 A scrotum is formed from vaginal lips Prosthetic testicles are inserted to give visual and tactile impresson of testicles in a scrotum lntersexed Drag Queen or King Female or Male Impersonators lntersexed rare nterna gonads do not correspond with external genitals could have vulva with testicles or penis with ovaries or external genitals are ambiguous Typicaly but not always live and identify as the sex they were assigned by parentsdoctors as a baby hermaphodite have both male and female internal organs Drag Queen or King Female or Male Impersonators could be cross dresser or transvestite or transsexual but act or perform as opposite sex typically as a job or hobby


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