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Sexual Behavior

by: Natasha Kozey

Sexual Behavior SOP 2772

Natasha Kozey
University of Central Florida
GPA 3.77

Charles Negy

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About this Document

Charles Negy
Class Notes
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This 5 page Class Notes was uploaded by Natasha Kozey on Thursday October 22, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to SOP 2772 at University of Central Florida taught by Charles Negy in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 49 views. For similar materials see /class/227539/sop-2772-university-of-central-florida in social psychology at University of Central Florida.

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Date Created: 10/22/15
SOP 2772 82509 Tan colored scantron Optional Extra Credit Up to four hours for four points extra credit Or Do write ups about any topic related to course topics one page per topic You can quotmixquot these to obtain up to four extra credit points Sexual Behavior History Chapter One Need to Read the chapter Human have been aroundpossibly for 100k years During the quotAncientquot Times Ancient Mediterranean Egyptians were circumcising boysmen as early as 2000 BCE possibly to minimize masturbation Hebrews 1000200 BCE forbade adultery males with males condemned them to death stoning girls to death having sex before marriage okay with multiple wives Romans 500 BCE 700CE marriage not based on love polvgamv men having sex with men are okay men having sex with male or female slaves are okay men having sex with male or female prostitutes are okay Greeks 1000 2OOBCE men having sex with men very okay men having sex with postpubescent boys okay called pederasty one wife but sex concubines slaves male or female are okay lndia around 4OOBCE beieve in reincarination being born female means must been bad in previous life produced sex manual called kama sutra helping women learn how to sexually please men polygamy quotokay among rulers or upper classes Ancient China 200 4OOBCE sex was considered natural vaued men deferring ejaculation aphrodisiacs penisringsvarious quotsex devices to maximize male and female pleasure polygamy for men including concubines practiced until 1951 Christianity Jesus had little to say about sexuality never mentioned pre martial sex homosexuality when confronted with adulteress 9 let who is without sin cast the first stone john 87 did advocate fidelity within marriage Approximately 50 AD St Paul Christian jew from turkey advocated celibacy as the ideal dedication to god while abstaining from sex if possible some believe first time in human history when chastity was considered a virtue sex started being associated with sin Middle Ages in Europe 5001400 AD Roman influence visavis the church s influence coinciding forces Around 500 AD Muhammad 570632AD influenced by jewish Christian middle eastern ideas along with arab nomadic tribal beliefs advocates a quotlife style 9 only sex within marriage no premarital sex no homosexuality no extramarital sex quotprosex but only within marriage and for men s pleasure Muhammad cont d others wrote Koran reportedly based on Muhammad s teaching contains mized messages about gender relations but women subservient to men poygamy slavery slam Arab society advanced quickly making advances in literature math And science became an empire and expanded into north aferica some parts of china and southwest Europe musims controlled spain for almost 800 years until expelled by spain in late 1400s Back in Europe Thomas Aquinas 1225 1274 taian Roman Catholic Priest advocated sex for only making babies and within marriage The Renaissance 13001600s CE Started in Italy spread through Europe intelectua and artistic reawakening movement away from religious concerns focusing humanity art and science note church and religion remained strong Reformation early 1500s AD Martin Luther marriage was procreation sexual intimacy and companionship all other sex is sinful women still subjugated by men divorce was acceptable 82709 Sex in America mae pleasure people forced a lot on it wonder its meaning rules and regulation made passive partner is less dominant infuentia religions in modern time are influenced by middle eastern culture povgamv Pre Europeans Native Americans varied in sexual beliefs and customsbut nudity or seminudity was natural for most sex was natural part of like poygamy common consenting adultery common rituas involving quotceremonial sex common ncas of Peru yugui of Bolivia incest was okay yanomami adolescent males engage in anal sex especially brothers and brothers in law inuits Eskimos shared wives with traveling strangers swapped wives Hopis and other stroke little boy s penises to calm or distract them Early days in America Colonies formed by Puritans 1600s Brithis immigrants coming to US to establish a biblicallybased society death penalty for sodomy bestiality adultery rape sex only within marriage burned or drowned witches Post Revolution post 1780 Pursuit of Liberty and Happiness was promoted Libera attitudes about sex emerged but shortlived Women concerned about sexual appeal Romantic love within marriage promoted condoms abortions common The Victorian Era influenced by America early 1800s Queen Victoria s rule 18371901 People adovocated to abstain from sex eg doctors Sylvester Graham 9 American wanted to create a bland snack to curb sexual urges Graham crackers Kellog American wanted bland cereal for same purpose The paradox of vibrators for hysteria read about it quotFree Love Movement Shortly lived 1820 Advocated love should be the motive of sex 1800s continued Mormons practicing polygamy despite very conservative sexual values society concerned with health 9 eat bland foods to reduce sexual excitement masturbation pathologized homosexuaity pathologized Anthony Comstock 1870s Saesman 9 moral crusader fought for union during civil ear objected to fellow soldiers using cuss words estabished the New York society for suppression of vice 1873 Comstock Act passed no info about sex in the mail 1864 it was overturned 20 h centuary 1900s industrial revolution in America amid sexual conservatism rampant prostitution and spread of STls bood tests required for marriage license to test for STls in most states to protect women against men s STls Early 1900s Margaret Higgins Sanger 18791966 nfuentia woman involved in Women s sufferage movement mother gave birth 18 times 11 lived advocated that woman should be able to control their own bodies advocated birth control ndicated for violating Comstock Laws fled to England came back to the us as hero and villain estabished American birth control League 9Planned Parenthood 1940s Alfred Kinsey asked to teach course on Human Sexuality at Indiana University Course only open to married university students or students engaged to be married Kinsey examined sexuality from scientific point of view 1960s Wiliam Masters and Virginia Johnson Studied sexual behavior in llscientific laboratories Both Kinsey and Maters and Johnson llcondemned by politicians religious leaders and community leaders Social Revolution of 1960s Playboy magazine published in 1953 Hippies advocating free love not earlier kind but recreational casual sex Civil Rights Movements of African Americans AntiVietnam forces Feminist movement a representing to changes to status quo 1960s cont Antibiotics developed in 1930s and effective at treating STls in 1960s 1930s hormones were discovered to prevent ovulation in rabbits 1950s sanger raised 150K To fund research necessary to create birth control pills for humans NY police raided Stonewall gay bar in Greenwich Village riot ensued Stonewall riots Gay activism flourished in 1970s Gay Activism Gay clubs and bath houses gay organizations gay media sources support groups chalenged Psychiatry Ale comes on the scene 1980s Dampens lsexual revolution and freedom United States 21st centuary Culture divided Conservatives versus quotLiberalsquot is over simplified many individuals in between Conservatives Sex is for marriage only Sex is for adults only Marriage is for one man one woman Abstinence Only for adolescence Restrict or eliminate sexual entertainments media etc Liberals Marriage not a requirement for sex to occur Equality for Gays and Lesbians Minors 9 taught scienficallymedically accurate sex education and permitted to make info decision appropriate to age level But Country as a Whole is antisex Sexless dolls for children abstinence only programs in school vugar words for genitals used as llinsults obsession with genital hygiene movie ratings more acceptable to watch murder than lovemaking


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