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Sexual Behavior

by: Natasha Kozey

Sexual Behavior SOP 2772

Natasha Kozey
University of Central Florida
GPA 3.77

Charles Negy

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About this Document

Charles Negy
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Natasha Kozey on Thursday October 22, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to SOP 2772 at University of Central Florida taught by Charles Negy in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 42 views. For similar materials see /class/227539/sop-2772-university-of-central-florida in social psychology at University of Central Florida.

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Date Created: 10/22/15
SOP 2772 9309 Chapter 2 Theories and Research Methods in Human Sexuality Common theoretical approaches to studying human sexuality Difference between public s usage of quottheoryquot VS Theory that meets scientific standards Public s usage of the word quottheoryquot 1 A hunch 2 A suspicion 3 A guess 4 A speculation 5 An opinion 6 A belief Theory that meets scientific standards 0 Organizes a group of facts 0 Can be tested and thus refuted 0 Established theories have some or lots of empirical support in favor of the theory Traditional theories 0 Psychodynamic or Freudian Behavioral Cognitive Humanistic Biological Evolutionary Sociological or sociocultural More recent theories 0 Feminist based of male dominance and oppression o Queer sociocultural gender and sexual identity even sexual orientation are culturally 0r socially constructed so are relationships Historv of 39 439 394 quot Pxnlnoi t quot 18505bresent o Invariably concerned with quotsexual diseasesquot or quotpathologicalquot sexual behavior 0 Most early studies done by Europeans 0 Today mostly in the US like most psychological research 0 A11 encounter quotresistancequot then and even now A few to mention 0 Alfred Kinsey 1894195 6 0 1947 established quotInstitute of Sex Researchquot at Indiana University 0 Relied on quotfacetoface interviewsquot 0 Sometimes quotquestionnairesquot 0 William Masters gynecologist 0 Virginia Johnson psychologist o Began sex research in 1954 0 Observed and measured 55 in laboratories SOP 2772 9309 Chapter 2 Research Methods for studVing SexualitV Research Concepts 0 Reliability measuring something consistently o Validity if approach to obtaining information is getting at the intended information o Generalizedbility Case study 0 Studying individual casesone at a time 0 Limited generalizeability 0 Re Sex Research chetofdce questions 9 Honesty questionable o Underreporting socially undesirable behaviors Overreporting socially quotchicquot or acceptable behaviors Direct Observation 0 Behavior is indisputable 0 Don t know cause and effort 0 Reactivity 0 Re Sex research very few participants 0 Limited to behavior not emotions attitudes personal history Experimental method 0 May show cause and effect 0 Re sex research questionable generalizeability to real world situations 0 Impossible or unethical to conduct eg does childhood sexual abuse cause adult dysfunction Correlational Study 0 Only assesses ifvariables are quotrelatedquot 0 Can determine ifa relation exists between childhood sexual abuse and adult functioningbut 0 Don t know if variable one causes variable two Honesty Hierarchybased on my speculations o Views of quotgay marriage 0 Frequency or sexthemed dreams 0 Frequency of internet usage for sex sites 0 Age of loss ofVirginity o Masturbation o Samesex activity 0 Extramarital affairs Participants in Sexrelated research 0 Volunteer quotbiasquot I quotVolunteersquot for sexrelated research tend to be 0 More men than women 0 More sexually liberal than conservative o More quotsexually experiences than quotinexperiencedquot SOP 2772 Lo ic mi ht su est re ar ln In or Issue is quothonestyquot in sexrelated research Socially quotconservativequot participants less honest than socially quotliberalquot participants quotReligiousquot participants less honest than quotlessreligiousquot participants quotErotophobesquot less honest than quoterotophilesquot Might also be gender differences in honesty Depends on sexual question Consider o Masturbation 0 Being a quotvirginquot o Victim ofsexual abuse The Fallacies of Psychological Science and possible quotbiasesquot of researchers 0 Group mean differences may or may not be quotmeaningfulquot 0 Group mean comparisons ignore variation within each group 0 Group mean comparisons ignore group s quotabsolutequot position on variables or issues 9309 Chapter 2 ation about 39 Caveats 0 Social desirability o Honesty 0 Volunteer bias in both participation rates and response types 0 Researchers personal biases o Generalizeability 0 Correlation shortcomings o Follies of groupmean comparisons meaningful Variation Absolute terms


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